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Character Sheet 35: Eli Dane Sterling

Character Sheet 35: The Male Witch

  1. Bryce
    Name: Eli Dane Sterling

    Age: 25

    Height: 6'5"

    Body Type: Athletic/Muscular

    Species: Witch (Male)

    Abilities: Premonitions, Controlling all four element, Telekinesis, Astral projection, Aura Reading, Teleportation and Freezing time.

    Birthday: October 23

    Sign: Scorpio

    Hobbies: Writing, Training, Boxing

    Occupation: News writer (advice columnist)/Writer and Author/Witch (Male)

    Personality: He is known for being rebellious however he always does the right thing when it is very important. He has a creative mind and incredible smart. He is one hell of a fighter. Though he is short tempered and sarcastic always having jokes. Once he lets his guard down he is incredibly sweet and protective. He can be a romantic if he is interested.

    Bio: Sure male witches are rare but they are not unheard of. Eli is one of those men. He comes from a long line of powerful witches. He is the first male in generations.

    Being the first male in generations of course he was surrounded females influences. Despite his influences he grew up rather masculine. His fathers and grandfather proved to be great make male role models. Of course don't get him wrong he adores his mother and two little sister's. He proves a great point that not just females can be witches.

    Looks: Both Anime and Real Version. Idc which one I get to RP as! :)

    Tattoo(s)/Piercings: Left Side of Chest

    Right Upper Arm: