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Unavailable Liesel Morgenstern (WIP)

"I don't have time for your nonsense, excuse me."

  1. Shitsuren
    5'4" | Black Hair | Grey Eyes | FC by Mayumi Konno

    15 years of age | 1st Year, Second Grade Secondary School System (Senior High Equivalency)

    Brief History:
    Born to a family with money and strict rules, Liesel could be said to have lived a life with privilege, if it weren't for her lack of actual freedom. Her grandfather and grandmother fled their birthplace of Germany when the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler rose to power, along with thousands of other German and Jewish intellectuals and workers who were alarmed at the changes in their country and sought refuge and safety in the United States. The story of how Leon Morgenstern crawled and persevered his way to provide the Morgenstern family with a good and affluent life has been told to Liesel enough times for her to know it by heart, and secretly, to become sick of it. Her family could be said to pride itself on efficiency and discipline and it shows in how Liesel, along with her elder brother, have been raised.

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