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Unavailable Teague Foxwell

The louder you scream, the faster I come.

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    Info:Teague is currently affiliated with Of Space and Sundry.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Teague Denali Foxwell
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Heterosexual, demi-romantic.
    Race: Martian Colonist Human
    Age: 27
    Hair color: ☷☷☷☷☷
    Eye color: ☷☷☷☷☷
    Complexion: ☷☷☷☷☷
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 119lbs
    Notable Features: Fire-engine red hair, tattoo of a syringe on her right ankle. Most commonly seen in a black bodysuit, wearing a retrofitted data reader helm (black with red accents) and ankle-length black trench coat.

    Marital Status: Single.
    Immediate Family: Tauhn Foxwell (Deceased, father), Aura Calloway Foxwell (Mother), Tesla Foxwell (Deceased, oldest brother) Topark Foxwell (Deceased, second oldest brother), Tonka Foxwell (Deceased, fourth oldest brother), Tibalt Foxwell (Third oldest brother), Taxxon Foxwell (Fifth oldest brother), Tennick Foxwell (Sixth oldest brother)
    Allies: Devereaux Valantin, Folter McCann, Cosimo Rasmus, Donnie Bodanicci, Zasz Fenris, Harper "Rocket" Winchcombe, Raj, The Foxwell Clan, Micah Regal, Kiuza Braza, Phylo Za'an.
    Enemies: The Hutts, The Terran Empire, The Martian Terraforming Coalition, the Zydrosi Center for Disease Control, Cyprus Hybrid Boutiques, Darkside, etc.
    Followers: Folter...? Maybe Folt.
    Friends: Folter McCann, Devereaux Valantin, Raj
    Heroes: Telsa Foxwell
    Pets: N/A

    Lures: Drugs, punks, street vendors and dark alleys, nightclubs, overcrowded megacities
    Savvies: Chemistry, first aid, medical training, keeping cool under pressure, networking, software development, matters of future tech significance, using a blaster, selling drugs, making underworld connections, counterfeiting currency, modding power armor/battle tech, etc.
    Ineptities: Making friends, keeping promises, standing up for others, picking up on someone's emotional state, dealing with men, dealing with kids, dealing with women, dealing with people, dealing with anyone when not wearing her suit.
    Temperament: Choleric.

    Profession: Biochemist - field medic - drug dealer.
    Education: Degree in Medical Biochemistry, Degree in Organic Chemistry from Greater Mars University (GMU).
    Hobbies: Tinkering with electronics, video games, getting high.
    Religion: Agnostic.
    Located Currently: The Sidhe, Deep Space.
    Location of Birth: Gehenna Colony, Mars
    Location of Death: N/A

    Superstitions: Teague refuses to light a candle near a grave.
    Virtues: Wit, Justice, Diligence.
    Vices: Pride, Gluttony, Sloth.
    Likes: Drugs, meaningless sex, androids, tall men, licorice, dance-based VR enclosures, rabbits, her family.
    Dislikes: Being nude, being nude with someone else, most forms of government, most wide-scale criminal organizations, hot climates, hangovers.
    Affiliations: The Foxwell Clan, Crew of the Sidhe, Micah Regal's Warband, Zasz Fenris' personal doctor.

    Addictions: You name it.
    Handicaps: None worth noting.
    Medical Conditions: Anxiety, Depression, Agoraphobia.


    • Beskar'gam (Martian series) - Teague's personal beskar ( iron armor, though she chooses only to wear the helmet portion, which works as a genetic scanner, visual computing device, vital signs regulator, lingual interpreter and voice distorter. The job it does is a simple one in her opinion. So long as she wears it, she's anonymous to most. They don't know her face to recognize her, nor do they know her voice, making catching her a task harder than the average goon is willing to tackle.
    • DE-10 Blaster Pistol - The DE-10 blaster pistol fires distinctive blue laser bolts, and its hefty weight gives it the feeling of a formidable weapon in trained hands. The majority of the weapon's body has a silver-gray color with a black grip. It has a maximum range of sixty-five meters. Hers was a gift from her older brother, though why he gave it to her remains a mystery.

    The deets/bio blurb:

    • Teague Foxwell was born on Mars in the Gehenna colony to a family already crowded by her six older brothers. It was assumed Teague would become a miner or work with the terraforming crews out in the craters, but she ended up getting a full ride to GMU on an academic scholarship. Years of hard work paid off when she finished with a degree and was offered a job opening at the local clinic, which was her goal all along. Yet, as the old saying goes, nothing last forever; soon to be experienced first hand by the budding chemical medic. A mineshaft collapsed and killed three (Tesla, Topark, and Tonka) of her brothers, which triggered her father to have a fatal heart attack in the wake of the family's loss. Left with only three brothers and a mother was hard for Teague to handle, so she found herself relying on various drug cocktails to get through the days. Two of her brothers, Tibalt and Taxxon, joined the military, leaving Teague and her brother Tennick to care for their mother. It was eventually discovered that Teague was using, which triggered a dispute between the remaining family members, and Teague's eventual departure from Mars.

      When she arrived on earth, it was only natural she began working harder on her strange endeavor, which eventually turned into a profitable business.
    • Later, Teague took up with a resistance movement led by the young heir to a colonist house, Micah Regal. During the conflict, Teague fought for the rebellion until most were snuffed out by the greater galactic authorities. Rather than be taken a prisoner, Teague fled to the megacity Metropolis and lived rather happily with her longtime friend, Donnie. The two split ways when he was flagged for a hacking attempt against Vesper Corporations International, leaving Teague free to sling drugs and experiment with various combinations.
    • Later, Teague headed back into space, living on the space station Euphrates with a small band of Naki rebels. It was while traveling with the marauders that she earned a bounty on her head, leading to her capture by the bounty hunter Cosimo Rasmus. The two hit it off after several long months in space, and when it came time for her bounty to be cashed in, he opted she pay it off any way she was able. Reluctantly, she struck up a deal with a Hutt in the quadrant, providing him with a few choice recipes in exchange for the credits she needed.
    • When released, she parted ways with Cosimo, and headed back to Euphrates to work for Zasz as his on-call physician, and when he returned to his slaving ambitions, Teague looked into hooking up with a small smuggling operation in need of a medical professional.