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FANFICTION A Forsaken Heart - A Supernatural Fanfic

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    Part 1 - End of S1E1 "Pilot"

    The shaggy haired younger Winchester closed the passenger door of his big brother's prized 1967 Chevrolet Impala, "Maybe I can meet up with you later, huh?"
    Dean Winchester shrugged, "Yeah, alright." And Sam, smiled, patting the door twice, as his way of saying "Goodbye" to his older brother. Dean revved the engine, then turned to look out at his baby brother, who was walking away. "Sam, you know we made a Hell of a team back there."
    Sam smiled sadly, and nodded, "Yeah." Knowing that was as good as it was going to get to a touching goodbye, Dean drove off, leaving his brother at the front of his apartment complex, looking for a fiery red Mustang, that he knew would probably be waiting around the corner. As soon as he saw it, a smirk appeared across his face, and he shut off his car and went to go see the occupant of the Mustang.
    "Ya know, being this predictable for a hunter could be a death sentence..." He leaned against the passenger door, before the occupant opened it for him.
    "And being a dick will get you nowhere." The driver said, and flipped her long, dark brown hair out of her face. "I'm glad he chose to come back. But I'm assuming not without you badgering him to go with you. I told you, he wants this. He doesn't want our life. He's gotten out, let him stay out."
    "Em, you know it's not that easy. Dad's missing, he's the only other family I got. And it's not like I could take you off of your job."
    "Doesn't mean you can go and mess up everything for him. He's got a life here. A girlfriend. Grad school options. I.. saw him looking at engagement rings.... Dean... He wants this. More than anything." Emily Brooks, the young, female driver, said.

    Just then, the female's dark brown eyes traveled to the younger Winchester's apartment. "Fire." Her eyes went wide.
    She and Dean rushed out of the car running up the stairs to Sam and Jessica's apartment.
    They heard Sam cry out for his lover, as Dean kicked in the door. "SAM!?!" Dean shouted, trying to figure out where his brother was. Emily pushed past him."Bedroom!" She shouted to Dean.

    "NO! JESS!" Sam was shielding his face from the fire, and the sight of his girlfriend burning on the ceiling. "NO! NO!"
    Emily and Dean ran in, and grabbed Sam from the bed. "NO! NO!"
    "We've gotta get out of here!"
    "JESS! JESS! NO!" Sam pushed back against the two people pulling him out.

    They finally managed to push him out, just before the room exploded into flames.
    Sam was in full panic mode. The moment he realized Emily was there, his face turned from panic, to anger. "Who the Hell are you? Did you do this?"
    "Sam..." Dean was on the other side of Sam. Sam wasn't listening.
    The younger Winchester grabbed the girl by her shoulders, taking Emily a bit by surprise. He didn't recognize her? That kind of stung. "Answer me!"
    "Sam!" Dean grabbed Sam, and puled him away from her.
    "You really don't recognize me... Do you?" She was brushing off her leather jacket, checking the damage he did.
    Sam looked befuddled, then it hit him. His long time childhood friend, a girl he thought was killed almost ten years ago, was standing there in front of him. "You're dead."
    "Yeeeeah, no."
    "What are you doing here?"
    "Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you... It's all one long story."
    "You'll hear it sooner or later."

    Sam wrapped his arms around his shorter, female friend. He felt tears rolling down his cheeks, as he rested his chin on her shoulder. Nothing was going to be the same now. Not ever. They needed to find their dad. Sam was as bullheaded as his father, and wouldn't stop until he found the thing that killed his girlfriend, and his mother. He knew his father must be closing in on the thing that did it. Maybe that's why Jess was killed?
    "I'm so sorry, Sam." The female brunette murmured, and reciprocated his hug. She'd been keeping an eye on him for four years, and could never tell him she was alive. If she did, that could have distracted from his normal life. He didn't need that. But now? There was no going back.

    They heard firetrucks roaring, coming to put out the apartment fire. Emily stood by Sam's side, as Dean decided to go off and make sure everything and everyone else was ok.
    Emily didn't need to talk, she knew Sam probably didn't want to talk or listen to anything she, or anyone else, had to say right about now.
    After a few minutes of silence between the two of them, as the fire department was taking care of the fire and Sam was checking the inventory of their arsenal, Sam asked, "Are you coming with us?" He looked down at Emily.
    "Do you want me to?"
    "Yeah, definitely." He knew it would be better than her going off on her own, or having him stuck alone with Dean. He'd just gotten her back and he wasn't about to lose another woman in his life.

    Dean drifted over to them as the fire was dying.
    Sam cocked a shotgun, and felt another tear fall down his face. Emily could feel the pain radiating from him, and couldn't help but feel pained herself.
    "We've got work to do." He said, and dropped the gun into the Impala's trunk, and slammed it shut.
  2. S1E02 Wendigo

    "So, where are we headed?" Emily said, as she drifted off to her own car, her shiny red Mustang. She'd follow in tow, it wasn't like she could just leave her own baby behind. Yes, it wasn't the most practical car for being an inconspicuous hunter, but then again, neither was the 67' Impala next to her. Aside from the huge trunk that could hide a body and an arsenal.
    "Blackwater Ridge, Colorado." Sam said, no emotion in his voice at all, as he slipped into the passenger side of the Impala.
    "Colorado? You're sure?"
    "Dad left us a note with the coordinates in his journal." Dean said.
    "Is it like an SOS? I mean, I know being cryptic is a hunter's number one priority, but..."
    "Hey, I just go where the man leads me."
    "Alright, alright. Just text me coordinates, so I can plug it into my GPS." Dean opened his mouth to make a comment about how she should be working with a map instead, especially to conceal her location, but she was already in, and starting up her car. "I'll see you guys when we get there." She said, over her music, making Dean roll his eyes, and she pulled out from the parking lot of Sam's old apartment complex.

    "She hasn't changed much." Sam said, pawing through their father's journal, already in the impala. It had been a good eight or nine years since he'd seen her last.
    "Nope. Not in the slightest." Dean plopped into the driver's seat, and got the engine going, "Her parent's 'd be pissed she's out hunting." He said as he pulled out onto the street.
    "I always remember them saying they didn't want her anywhere near the hunter's life. It was probably a mistake to have us over as often as they did.... Especially whenever Dad would pick us up drunk... Going to her house always did feel like we were part of a normal family.... Like the one Christmas we spent there... Dad was gone, for most of the day... They'd gotten us presents..." Sam's voice was quiet, their mom was gone, her parents were gone, and now Jess was gone. Any hope he had at a normal life was gone with them. "They were good people.... Does she know what killed them?"
    "No. Em says she has no idea. Bobby even looked into it too, but he couldn't be sure. It had the earmarks for a couple of things. It was probably something that sought them out. The worst thing, Bobby said, it coulda been just a human..."
    "Humans? Really?"
    "They were cops, they coulda pissed something or someone off."
    "Or something that wanted revenge for something her parents killed."
    "That's why Dad always said, it was never a good idea to stay in one place for too long. It puts a target on your back."
    "They were cops," Sam said, like his brother, "It's not like they could've picked up and moved every so often-Turn left here." Dean did as he was told. "Is that why Dad had Emily looking out for me?"
    "I don't know, probably, but I think it was his way to keep her away from really hunting." Dean said, "She was never really trained the way we were. Sure Dad taught her the basics and she's had some crash courses, but it's not really the same thing."
    "She's always been a quick learner. I bet she'd do fine with whatever came at her."
    "I still think Dad feels some responsibility for what happened. And when Emily wound up at Bobby's... I think Dad wanted to repay her parents for looking after us so often."
    Sam was quiet for a moment, "Does she know it could've been humans?"
    "No. And Bobby said not to tell her."

    Nine hours. It took nine hours to get to Black Water Ridge, which was a small part of Lost Creek National Forest. Sam wasn't particularly chatty, not that Dean could blame him, even with his attempts at easing how his brother was feeling. Sam wasn't dealing with it, so he eventually drifted off to sleep, to just wake up covered in sweat from a nightmare.

    The red Mustang was already waiting for them at the ranger's station when they got there, they had all assumed it was the best place to meet up and get some background info. The brunette girl, leaning against the car with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, tapped her black combat-boot against the gravel driveway. "Took you two long enough. I almost thought you weren't going to show up."
    "Now who would stand up a girl like you?" Dean mused, a smirk on his lips.
    "Shaddup." Emily rolled her eyes with a small smile on her lips.
    "How long were you waiting?" Sam asked, it couldn't have been that long.
    "Like a half a hour," A smirk appears onto her face, "Did you guys need potty breaks?" She said in a baby-voice.

    "Ha-Ha, very funny." Dean said sarcastically and his expression turned from sarcastic to flirty in about a second. Sam almost immediately felt uncomfortable, like there was something going on between them that he didn't know about. The girl he'd known years ago was always so annoyed by Dean. If the older Winchester would tease the younger, Emily would help Sam stand up for himself. She wouldn't let Dean give Sam any shit.

    But things change. Sam, himself, wasn't the small little kid he was. And here Emily was, more or less, letting Dean get away with comments that she never would have let slide when they were kids, but she still had a sharp tongue, and an apparent badass attitude. Sam still wanted to know what happened all those years ago. Why she'd disappeared for so long? And why was she back? One thing was for sure, she wasn't the little kid he had known years ago.

    "This place looks pretty remote." Sam said, to change the subject.
    "Yeah," Emily agreed, "Whatever's happening out here must be happening to hikers or campers..." And they started their way into the ranger station.
    Sam and Emily went over to the 3D map of the area.
    "Here's Blackwater Ridge." Sam pointed out, "It's cut off by these canyons here, rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and gold mines all over the place."
    "Abandoned mines would be a great place for something to hide out." Emily said, slightly muffled as her knuckles pressed against her lips.
    "Dude, check out the size of this freaking bear." Of course Dean wasn't paying attention. Sam moved next to his brother, who was looking at a picture of a man and a bear.
    "And a dozen or more grizzlies in the area. It's no nature hike, that's for sure." Sam said.
    "Are we sure it isn't a bear that is bringing us out here?" Emily walked over to the two of them.
    "I'm pretty sure Dad would know if it was just bears."
    "Or like some mutated bear or like some possessed bear? I don't know. I just think we shouldn't count anything out as long as we don't know what's going on or what we're dealing with."
    "You kids aren't planning on going out near Blackwater Ridge by any chance?" The three whipped around as a ranger, standing behind them, spoke.
    "Oh, no, sir, we're environmental study majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper." Sam said, playing a fake student would apparently work for at least two of them, Dean he wasn't so sure about.
    "Recycle, man." Dean said, raising a fist for emphasis.
    The young hunters froze.
    "You’re friends with that Hailey girl, right?" The ranger said.
    "Yes... Yes we are, Ranger..." Dean looked at his name tag, "Wilkinson."
    "Well I will tell you exactly what we told her: Her brother filled out a backcountry permit saying he wouldn’t be back from Blackwater till the 24th, so it’s not exactly a missing persons now is it?" Dean and Emily shook their heads, "You tell that girl to quit worrying, I’m sure her brothers just fine."
    "We will. Well that Hailey girl’s quit a pistol, huh?" Dean smirked, so Emily nudged him, and Sam made a mental note of that.
    "That's putting it mildly."
    "Actually, you know what would help is if I could show her a copy of that backcountry permit, you know, so she could see her brothers return date?" Dean said.
    The ranger gave Dean a look for a split second, and shrugged, "Yeah, sure. No problem. Just give me a second."
    "Thanks." Sam and Emily said in unison.

    It took about a minute for the ranger to get the papers. Then, the three were out the door and Dean chuckled happily at successful coning the ranger.
    "What are you cruising for a hook-up or something?" Sam said, slightly frustrated with his older brother's upbeat attitude and the fact he actually wanted to go find Haley, since the girl's address was on the papers her brother had filled out.
    Dean and Emily stopped, "Whadda ya mean?" Dean's playful mood was soured.
    "The coordinates point to Blackwater Ridge. So what are we waiting for, let’s just go find dad. I mean why even talk to this girl?"
    "I dunno, maybe we should know what we’re walking in to before we actually walk into it."
    "And since when are you all shoot first ask questions later anyway?"
    "Since now."
    "Really?" Emily glared at the older Winchester as he spoke. Sam was still grieving, and Dean was being an idiot. "What?" Emily rolled her eyes at him, and slipped into her Mustang.
    "I'll see you both at her house."

    Both cars arrived at the house at approximately the same time. "Very quaint." Emily muttered, letting the door to her car close behind her, and slipping her fake ID into the pocket of her leather jacket.
    "Yeah, if you like these kinda houses." Dean retorted as he stepped up to the door, with Sam and Emily right beside him. He knocked, and a young brunette answered the door. "You must be Haley Collins. I'm Dean, this is Sam and Emily, we're, ah, we're rangers with the Park Service. Ranger Wilkinson sent us over. He wanted us to ask a few questions about your brother Tommy."
    "Lemme see some ID." She quipped, and Dean held up a fake ID. "Come on in."
    "Thanks." Dean smirked.
    "Are those yours?"
    "Yeah." Emily and Dean responded.
    "They're nice cars." Haley said as she turned to lead them in to the kitchen. Dean looked over to his younger brother and gave him a smirk, and mouthed "Oh my", he was so in. Sam and Emily both rolled their eyes.
    "So if Tommy's not due back for a while, how do you know something's wrong?" Sam asked Haley as they entered the kitchen. where a young boy sat at a table.
    "He checks in every day by cell. He emails, photos, stupid little videos—we haven't heard anything in over three days now."
    "Well, maybe he can't get cell reception?" Emily suggested.
    "He's got a satellite phone, too."
    "Could it be he's just having fun and forgot to check in?"
    "He wouldn't do that." The young boy said, but kept his eyes away from the trio.
    "Our parents are gone. It's just my two brothers and me. We all keep pretty close tabs on each other."
    "Can I see the pictures he sent you?" Sam asked.
    "Yeah," Haley said, and grabbed a laptop, starting to pull up picture of her missing brother. "That's Tommy." She pointed out, as a video came up on the screen.

    "Hey Haley, day six, we're still out near Blackwater Ridge. We're fine, keeping safe, so don't worry, okay? Talk to you tomorrow."
    Emily blinked. Was that a shadow? She looked to Sam, and he nodded. He saw it too.
    "Well, we'll find your brother. We're heading out to Blackwater Ridge first thing."
    "Then maybe I'll see you there. Look, I can't sit around here anymore. So I hired a guy. I'm heading out in the morning, and I'm gonna find Tommy myself."
    "I think I know how you feel." Dean agreed. And Emily gave him a look, he shouldn't be telling her it was a good idea for her, a civilian, to go out there.
    "Hey, do you mind forwarding these to me?" Sam asked.
    "Sure." Haley said.
    "Well, I think we've got everything for now." Emily said, and forced a smile. "We should let you guys eat."
    "OK. And thank for looking into this. I think the other ranger thought I was over reacting. But I do know when something's going on."

    The three left the house, and stood around the cars for a moment. "What'sa matter, Em?" Dean tilted his head a bit.
    "Nothing." She was almost too quick with her response. "Let's just get moving."
    "Wanna go grab something to eat?"
    "Sure. Just text me where we're going."

    The brothers got into the impala, and Emily got into her mustang.
    "Dude, you really pissed her off." Sam said with a small smirk on his lips.
    "What? Emily? Hah, she's fine."
    "If looks could kill, you'd be dead."
    "What I do?"
    "You were totally flirting with that Haley girl."
    "Why would she care?"
    "You're an idiot."
    Dean frowned.
    "Were you two, like, a thing?"
    "Us? No. No way."
    "She's obviously got a thing for you."
    "Yeah right." Dean snorted, "She has a thing for you. She's always had a thing for you."
    Sam's voice got quiet, but it was sort of hopeful. "Really?"
    "Yeah." Dean replied, "I mean, she and I got drunk one night and...." His voice trailed off and he let out a chuckle. "But nothing really happened. She doesn't want me like she wants you."
    "You two got drunk?"
    "Like two years ago. It was one of your exam weeks. And while you were up all night in the library studying, we held up in a motel and hung out." He said.
    Sam opened his mouth, then shut it. He took a moment before he said, "It's probably a good thing you two aren't going for each other then. She'd destroy you."
    "Whadda mean?"
    "I mean, come on. Would you ever be able to tame her?"
    "I tame girls like her all the time."
    "Girls who hunt?"
    "I've been with a few hunters. And at least Emily's sane... Unlike a few girls I've been with."
    "That's more than I needed to know." Sam mumbled. "Can we go?"
    "What? No more probing my sexual history?"
    "Just drive, Dean."

    The three wound up at a local bar. Dean wanted a drink, while Sam and Emily wanted to go over some info.
    Sam and Dean got there first, and grabbed a table.

    "Dude, I'm starving." Dean said, feeling his stomach growl.
    "You're always starving."
    And Emily quietly slipped in, and seated herself next to Sam, pulling out her phone. Obviously she was still a bit angry at Dean.
    "You hungry?" Dean asked, hopeful to get back on his female friend's good side.
    The female looked at him for a moment, then back down at her phone.
    "Looks like they have good burgers. You want somethin' Sam?"
    "I'm not really that hungry." Both Dean and Emily looked at each other then over to Sam, worriedly. He hadn't eaten much since they left Stanford. And a guy his size needed sustenance.
    "Don't baby me, Dean."
    And that was that.

    "Anyways, any theories about what's goin' on? Or even what's we should expect?" Emily asked, and Sam pulled out John's enormous journal.
    "Blackwater Ridge doesn't get a lot of traffic. Local campers, mostly. But still, this past April, two hikers went missing out there. They were never found." Sam opened his father's journal. "So, safe to say whatever is out there is doing something with the bodies. If it was just an attack, the bodies would've turned up by now."
    "Any before that?"
    Sam pulled out newspaper articles and showed them to the other two. "Yeah, in 1982, eight different people all vanished in the same year. Authorities said it was a grizzly attack." Sam got out his laptop, "And again in 1959 and again before that in 1936." He opened his laptop to the video of Haley's brother. "Every twenty-three years, just like clockwork. Okay. Watch this. Here's a clincher. I downloaded that guy Tommy's video to the laptop. Check this out." He played the video frame by frame, and suddenly a shadow crossed the screen.
    "Do it again." Dean said, and Sam played the video again.
    "That's three frames. That's a fraction of a second. Whatever that thing is, it can move." Sam said.
    Dean hit Sam. "Told you something weird was going on."
    "Yeah." Sam agreed and closed his laptop. "I've got one more thing." He gave them another newspaper clipping. "In 'fifty-nine one camper survived this supposed grizzly attack. Just a kid. Barely crawled out of the woods alive."
    "Is there a name?"
    "A Mr. Jeffery Shaw." Sam replied.
    "Does he live anywhere around here? I mean, generally, if something like that happens to your parents when you're a kid, it's traumatic, so you get the hell out of Dodge." Emily said, looking over Sam's shoulder as he started looking up Mr. Shaw's records. Sam looked back at her for a second after she spoke, but she kept her gaze on the laptop, then Sam looked to his older brother.
    Dean looked away from his brother, so Sam went back to typing.
    "Yeah, he's local.... Looks like he's not too far from here either."
    "So, let's go pay this guy a visit."
    "Dude, my burger..."
    "Get your burger." Sam said and looked to Emily, "Can we talk, maybe outside, for a minute?"
    "Yeah, sure." The taller male and the much shorter female then made their way outside.
    Once outside, Emily's features hardened slightly. "What?"
    "You okay?"
    "Peachy. Why?"
    "You seem a little... Tense.."
    "I'm fine."
    "Is this something to do with Dean?"
    "It's just, after we met with Haley..." He paused.
    " "After we met with Haley" what?"
    "You're lashing out."
    "I'm not lashing out." Her voice was quieter.
    "Look, if you have feelings for Dean-"
    She snorted, "One. I don't have feelings for Dean. Two. This has nothing to do with Dean-"
    "Then what does it have to do with?"
    "Nothing, because I'm fine." She pulled on her jacket, "We done here?"
    "Yeah, I guess." He said reluctantly. It wasn't like she was going to tell him anything anyways.
    "Good, then we have a case." Emily drifted over to her car, "I'll meet you guys at this Shaw guy's house. Text me the address."

    Sam watched as his friend pulled away, and he rubbed his forehead. And he thought he was the one with issues right now.
    The younger Winchester begrudgingly went back into the bar to see his brother happily munching on a bacon cheeseburger. "Where's Em?" Dean asked with his mouth full.
    "She's on her way to see Jeffery Shaw."
    "Without us?"
    "She said she'd meet us there." Sam said, packing his things, "So either eat it, toss it, or get that to go, ok?"
    Dean whined, and quickly got a server to get him a box. "Thank God, this thing's delicious."
    Sam rolled his eyes, "You know those things will kill you, right? Especially when you eat nothing but garbage?"
    "So sue me. Let's roll." Dean chomped on a fry as he headed out to his prized impala.

    A half an hour later, both the impala and the mustang were parked outside an old apartment complex. "It's 207." Sam said, as he saw Emily get out of her car. "You good?"
    "Fine. Let's go."
    "Dude, what'd you say to her?" Dean half-whispered, making sure Emily was out of earshot.
    "Me? Nothing."
    "Whatever you say." Dean said, as he began to follow Emily to the apartment.

    Emily was the one who knocked on the door. It took a few moments, but soon there was an older man standing before them. "Can I help you three? I ain't buying nothing."
    "We're not here to sell anything, Mr. Shaw." Emily said, "We're rangers, from Lost Creek National Park, and we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions."
    "I ain't done nothing neither."
    "No sir, this is about an attack," Sam said, "From 1959."

    Mr Shaw opened the door and let the three "rangers" in. "Look, rangers, I don't know why you're asking me about this. It's public record. I was a kid. My parents got mauled by a—"
    "Grizzly? That's what attacked them?" Sam asked. Knowing that wasn't the truth. Not even close.
    Mr. Shaw took a puff of his cigarette, took it out of his mouth, and nodded. "The other people that went missing that year, those bear attacks too?" Mr. Shaw paused.
    "What about all the people that went missing this year? Same thing?" Dean asked. Mr. Shaw paused again. "If we knew what we were dealing with, we might be able to stop it."
    He scoffed, "I seriously doubt that. Anyways, I don't see what difference it would make. You wouldn't believe me. Nobody ever did." There it was.
    "Mr. Shaw, what did you see?"
    Mr Shaw paused a third time. "Nothing. It moved too fast to see. It hid too well. I heard it, though. A roar. Like...no man or animal I ever heard."
    "It came at night?"
    Mr. Shaw nodded.
    "It got inside your tent?"
    "It got inside our cabin." He corrected Sam. "I was sleeping in front of the fireplace when it came in. It didn't smash a window or break the door. It unlocked it. Do you know of a bear that could do something like that? I didn't even wake up till I heard my parents screaming."
    "It killed them?"
    "Dragged them off into the night. Why it left me alive...been asking myself that ever since. Did leave me this, though." He pulled down the collar of his shirt to expose huge gashes. Emily eyed them, plenty of supernatural things had claws. She pursed her lips. "There's something evil in those woods. It was some sort of a demon."
    Not quite. All three of them thought. Demons wouldn't do something like this. Then again, demons weren't ones to exactly follow a rule book. But more than likely, not a demon.
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  3. ((I had a dream about something like this and needed to write it. not the next part, just what i couldn't get out of my head.))

    S4E22 "Lucifer Rising"

    "Damnit boy, if you ain't gonna to do anything about Sam, I've been leaving messages for Emily for over a week now, an' I ain't heard anythin'." Bobby said.
    "You too?" Dean turned to the man who was practically his father.
    "An' you' sure she wasn't with Sam?"
    "Positive. She's more pissed at 'im than I am."
    "If you're not going to work with Sam, work with her."
    "Yeah, ok." Dean said, "I'll see if Cass knows anything."

    The elder Winchester walked outside, thoughts swirling in his head. About his brother, about his friend, about the impending apocalypse.
    Dean leaned on his precious impala, his hands folded and he looked into the clouds. "Hey Cass," He said, "If you've got a minute.... We haven't heard anything from Em, and we were just-" With the sound of fluttering wings, Cass appeared behind Dean.
    "Uh, yeah, I was just saying.. We haven't heard anything from Emily in a while, and we were just wondering if you could check on her, and let her know what's going on?"
    Castiel nodded and disappeared.

    Moments later he reappeared.
    "I found her."
    "And? I know you couldn't have talked to her that quick."
    "I think you should come with me."
    "Cass, what's going on?"
    "I believe it would be easier to show you."
    "Fine, whatever. Let's go." And Castiel gently grabbed his friend's shoulder and the vanished from the Singer Salvage Yard.

    Dean was immediately disorientated as they arrived in a strange building.
    "Where the hell are we?" He grumbled, straightening up.
    He saw the tile and white brick walls. His first thought was prison. But then he noticed the lab tables.
    "Cass, where are we?" His voice more urgent.
    "Castiel, tell me we're not in a morgue." Dean demanded, "Where is she?"
    Castiel's glance went behind Dean, and he quickly looked around. The mortuary cabinets. Dean's heart stopped.
    "No. No. Cass, you're wrong."
    "I'm sorry, Dean."
    "No. She's not dead."
    Dean slowly moved to the cabinets. Each one that was occupied contained a name, if they had one, or was labeled Jane/John Doe.
    "Emily Bianca Brooks..." He read. "No. It's a mistake. It's not her."
    "You don't understand, Cass. She can't be dead. I promised her." He was visibly shaking. He wasn't there for her. He had to know. He quickly opened the metal door, to see a body covered in a white sheet. He flinched. But there was still a possibly it wasn't her.
    He pulled out the sliding table, still shaking.
    "Dean, you don't need to do this."
    "Yeah, I do." Dean's jaw was clenched, he hadn't looked at Castiel since he knew where they were.
    He moved as slow as humanly possible over to get the top of the sheet, now violently shaking.
    Dean slowly pulled back the sheet, just to the breast bone, his eyes drawn first to the face. The extremely pale, waxy face, and he let out a laugh, relieved, "It's not her."
    "Look, Cass! It's not her!"
    "It is her, Dean." Castiel said softly.
    "No." His momentary smile vanished, and turned into a shaky line. He was on the verge of tears. "No."
    "I'm sorry, Dean."
    Dean looked back at her, and that's when he noticed the cleaned gash across her throat. Now he wanted to throw up. Castiel helped steady him. "What the hell happened to her, Cass?"
    "I don't know, Dean."
    "Can you get her back?"
    "I don't know."
    "Well you brought me back, why not her? Doesn't she deserve the same as me? Doesn't she deserve better?"
    "That was different. You are different."
    Dean's turned around and chucked a small table with tools through a glass window.
    "Damn different!" Dean roared, "For all I know, she died alone. Terrified. Maybe even looking for me, and I didn't save her."
    "You can't save everyone, Dean."
    "I can try. And I owe her. For everything." He felt tears rolling down his cheeks, "Cass, I will..." He wanted to tell him he'd never ask for any other thing, but that probably wan't true. "Cass, please."
    "I will do my best." And he was gone.

    Dean knelt down by the sliding morgue table. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "I shoulda been lookin' out for you..." He reached for her hand under the cloth, and held it. But he did notice gashes along her arm. It didn't look like a monster or creature did this to her. The cuts looks clean. It had to have been a human, or some form of a human, who did this. He needed to see the extent of what happened.

    Dean pulled the sheet back completely. There were deep gashes and stab wounds everywhere over her slender form. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. "Oh Em..." He felt a lump in his throat, "Baby girl, what happened? Who did this? What did you go through?" He sputtered.

    The last time he'd seen her, she had been fighting with Sam about his relationship with Ruby. He had to remind himself that Sam wouldn't do this. Even though Sam had cheated on her with a demon. Even though Sam had left the both of them to be with a demon. Even though Sam was using powers neither of them agreed with. And even though Sam was drinking and getting high off of demon blood.

    "Did you leave and meet up with a serial killer or something?" He was basically talking to himself. "Were you working a case? ... Why wouldn't you tell me before you went off on your own? Especially if you started workin' a case... If not me, then Bobby..."

    Castiel reappeared next to the hunter, and Dean didn't move from his hunched position next to the corpse, or even look up at the angel. "Well?"
    "She's not in heaven."
    "How the hell is that possible?" He demanded, "What could she have possibly done to deserve..." Dean's voice trailed off.
    "She's not supposed to be there. She was predestined for heaven."
    "How is... How's she down there then?"
    "I don't know."
    "Can't you do something?"
    "I've let other angels know. They're not supposed to take souls that don't belong to them. Someone must have specifically wanted her down there."
    "Who would..." It clicked in Dean's head. "Ruby."

    "It had to be Ruby." Dean said, "Emily, being as pissed as she was at Sam and even more at her, woulda gone looking for her. I don't blame Emily one bit." He turned to look at the angel, "You have to get her out of there. And if a deal needs to be made, I'll make it. I'll give anything."
    "I'll try my best, Dean."
    "Don't try, Cass. Do."

    As soon as Dean was left alone again, he slammed his hand down on the metal table, making it bounce, and her body move. He quickly regretted it, and apologized to her. He moved and covered her body again with the sheet.

    If Ruby had killed her, tortured her, like that. She was an enemy of theirs.

    While Dean was lost in thought, the sheet moved, and he heard her gasping, loudly, for a breath.
    "Em?" Dean quickly pulled back the sheet, and saw the big blue eyes he knew staring back at him, and all of her wounds gone.
    He grabbed her and wrapped her in a tight hug. "Don't you ever leave me again. You hear me?"
    "Dean..! Can't..! Breath..!" And he quickly retracted.
    "What the hell were you thinking?"
    "Give me a second to be alive before interrogating me." She breathed, putting a hand to where her throat had been slit, still astonished she was back. "I am alive right? ... This isn't a trick?"
    "No, no trick. You're not in Hell anymore."
    She breathed a shaky breath of relief. "It felt like an eternity.."
    "She dragged you down, didn't she?"
    Emily nodded, "Yeah..." And quickly realized she was naked, and pulled the sheet back up over herself.
    "Why would you be stupid enough to confront her without me?"
    "Because I'm a big girl and I don't need you watching me twenty-four seven."
    "Obviously you do."
    "Don't patronize me." She snapped, "Look, we've got bigger problems, now."
    "Yeah, obviously." Emily said, "She's going to start the apocalypse."
    "By killing Lilith. She's the final seal."
  4. ((This is so out of order, but I just rewatched this episode, and wanted to write for it.))

    S2E01 In My Time of Dying

    Sam sat upright, it had been hours and he still felt like his ears were ringing from the crash. He looked at his broken arm and stared at it for a moment, they'd really been in that crash.
    He quickly got up, he needed to find Dean, and their father.

    He'd gotten directions to Dean's room almost immediately, after all it wasn't every day they got a family that was mowed down by a semi.
    His heart stopped when he saw his older brother, completely intubated. "Dean...!"

    Sam wondered how he got off so easy. Everyone around him always got hurt. This time, it was his older brother, whom he adored. "I'm sorry... If I'd just killed that thing..." He set his jaw and just looked at his older brother.

    Sam's head snapped around when he heard the door, "What the hell?!" Emily snarled, as she stormed in and smacked the younger Winchester across the face.
    Shocked, Sam sputtered out "Em, how'd you-?"
    "The hospital called while you morons were unconscious!" She snapped. "You promised me you guys weren't going after that demon! Family vacation my ass!"
    "Em, pl-"
    "No, no, you don't get to tell me to do anything. You promised me. I told you I wanted to be there. I should've known... You didn't want me to fight the demon. I'm not weak. I should've been there."
    "No, you shouldn't've. Besides, we didn't kill it."
    "Maybe if I'd been there you would've."
    Sam sighed, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't've lied to you." He wasn't about to say he still thought she shouldn't have come with them. She could've ended up worse than they were."
    "And Dean, who didn't even want to put you or your dad in danger with this shit, ends up the worst off of all of you." She grumbled, and sat down dramatically next to the hospital bed, drawing a hand over her face. "You guys are idiots." She had a chill run through her body. "I'm never leaving you idiots ever again. Especially if that thing is still out there."

    Emily bushed tears from her eyes. "God, what would I've done if I lost you guys..? And what if I never found out...?" She looked at Dean laying comatose before her. "Did you ever once think about me while you guys were fighting the demon? Did you wonder what would happen to me if I lost you?" She asked Sam and the unconscious Dean.
    "I'm sorry, Em." Sam murmured, he gently took her arm, with his good arm, and pulled her up so he could hug her.
    She grumbled, but hugged him back. "You're idiots." She sniffled.

    When they pulled apart, Emily's gaze went back to Dean, "What are the doctors saying?"
    "I dunno. I haven't seen them yet."
    She looked down, "What if we do lose him...? I mean look at him..."
    "We're not gonna lose him. We're gonna find a way to make sure he's ok."
    "Where's your dad?"
    "I haven't seen him either. We could go look?" He suggested.
    "I'm going to stay here, with Dean." She said, "I don't wanna leave him."
    "Admit it," Sam said, with a sad smile, "You love him."
    "I love him, but I'm not in love with him." She murmured. "He's like my brother..." She paused for a moment, exhaled through her nose, then looked back at him, "Go look for your dad. I heard he was in pretty much the same condition you are."

    As they spoke, Dean's spirit roamed the halls of the hospital, he had to find his body, and he had to find his brother and his father.

    When he finally found Sam, he was just about to leave, what he assumed was his hospital room, when a doctor came in, going right through Dean.
    "That's just wrong." Dean said, and followed in after him, he was only lightly surprised to see the female sitting beside his bed.
    "Your father's awake. You can go see him if you like." The doctor said to Sam, and a look of relief spread over Sam, Dean and Emily.
    "Doc, what about my brother?" Sam asked softly.
    "Well, he sustained serious injury: blood loss, contusions to his liver and kidney. But it's the head trauma I'm worried about. There's early signs of cerebral edema."
    "Well, what can we do?"
    "Well, we won't know his full condition until he wakes up. If he wakes up."
    "If?" Emily and Sam asked in unison, they both looked horrified and heart broken.
    "I have to be honest —" Dean interrupted the doctor, even though no one could hear it."Oh, screw you, doc, I'm waking up." "Most people with this degree of injury wouldn't have survived this long. He's fighting very hard. But you need to have realistic expectations."
    "Come on, Sam. Go find some hoodoo priest to lay some mojo on me. Sam...? Emily...?"
    "Thanks, doc." Sam said softly, even though, that wasn't the kind of news he wanted to hear. And with that, the doctor left.

    "What do we do?" Emily asked as tears began to roll down her cheeks, and she gently held Dean's limp hand.
    "Like I said, we'll find a way."
    "We're not going to be able to find another healer that works miracles... Like the doctor said, be realistic."
    "Don't say that."
    "It's true...!" She snapped, "Just go find your dad. I'll wait here." Turning her attention back to Dean.

    "Don't give up on me, Em." Dean said, and sat down beside Emily's chair. "I still got more fight in me."

    Emily caressed the back of Dean's hand with her thumb. "Why would you of all people not want me there for that fight...?"
    "I didn't want you to end up like I did." He knew she couldn't hear him, but he needed to say it, in case he wouldn't get the chance.
  5. Mid season 2

    "Sam? Dean? You back?" Emily strolled into the small motel room, throwing her bag onto one of the queen beds, and heading to the fridge to get a beer, as she heard the shower going. She hadn't seen the impala outside, so she assumed it was Sam in the shower.

    She grabbed a book from her bag, cracked her beer open and flopped onto the sofa. With their hunt done, they had the chance to relax, if only for a moment.
    After two chapters, she heard beeping and she recognized Sam's ringtone instantly. She sighed, and moved to check the phone, seeing if it was Dean or anyone else important, when she realized it wasn't, she moved back to her spot on the uncomfortable couch.

    Minutes later she heard the water stop and movement in the bathroom.
    "Oh, hey, Em."
    "Mm?" She didn't look up, but her brain registered Sam's voice.
    "I said, "Hey"."
    "Oh, hey." She mumbled, briefly looked up and tossed him his phone, "You got some texts or calls, or somethin'."
    She stopped, and did a double take. Sam was standing there in a towel, looking at his phone, and swiftly texting whoever it was that had contacted him.
    Emily had never seen him without his shirt on in the year or so she'd been with them. She, unconsciously, bit her lip.

    Sam chuckled, "Like what you see?" Emily snapped out of it, and quickly looked away blushing.
    "I-I didn't see anything..." She sputtered, quickly.
    He laughed with a smirk plastered on his face.
    Emily pursed her lips, and and started hard at nothing, making sure she didn't look anywhere near him, even as he moved closer.
    "You can look, ya know."
    "I'm... I'm ok."
    "Why are you so nervous?"
    Emily opened her mouth to say something, and then quickly shut it, swallowing hard.
    "You're acting like a blushing virgin." He smile faltered, he really hadn't even considered it. "Wait.. Are you...?"
    She didn't look at him. "Technically... No. But.. I mean.. Kinda... Look, I'm gonna let you get changed..." She got up, still not looking at him. But Sam grabbed her chin and quickly pressed his lips against hers.

    "Sam!" She grunted against his lips.
    He cupped her face with one hand and with the other wrapped around her neck.
    "Sam, stop!" She pulled away, "Why?" She asked softly, not understanding the kiss. "I.. I thought.. I thought.."

    "You don't want this?"
    "I didn't say that." She breathed, "I want to be with you.... Look, this is a lot more complicated... I'm a lot more complicated..."
    Sam rolled his eyes, "Oh, shut up." He half-growled. Again, he smashed his lips against hers, but this time, Emily went with it. Their lips moved in sync, and Sam's hands snaked their way up her shirt, gently caressing her soft breasts.

    Sam felt the hesitation in her kisses, but guided her through it, as he helped her slide her top off. Sam admired the beautiful see-through black lace bra, and he prayed for matching underwear. "I didn't think you liked lace," He murmured into their kiss.
    "There's a lot of things you don't know about me."

    The kiss became more desperate, and Sam walked them back to the edge of the bed.
    Emily could feel his erection through the towel, she pulled away momentarily, and her hands slowly crept down his cut abs to the top of the towel at his hips.
    "Do you want this?" He asked, huskily.
    She nodded in response, and let the tips of her fingers brush against his burning skin. She looked back up at him, and let their lips meet again, as she swiftly undid the towel from his waist. She broke away to see him fully naked, she let out a breath, and now Sam was the one blushing.
    "You're so beautiful, Sam..."
    "No, that prize belongs to you."
    "I'm not shaped like a Greek god."
    "You don't need to be. You're already perfect." He cupped her face, knocked her back onto the bed, and they kissed. His hands moved to her bra and worked it off her slender shoulders almost instantly. Normally, Emily would have asked how he was so skillful at such a task, but her brain was somewhere else.

    Sam's hands cupped her breasts, and moaned, softly, into her mouth. "I want you."
    "Want you too."
    He slowly felt his way down her stomach, making sure she was ok with each action.
    When he reached the button of her jeans, he paused. "You really want this?"
    "Yes!" She moaned as his fingers painfully, slowly unbuttoned her jeans.
    "Fuck yes," Sam breathed when he saw a matching black, lace thong.
    "There's a cute bow on the butt too." She panted from the kisses.
    He immediately flipped her over, making her grunt. "Fuck..." He saw she was telling the truth; there was a little black bow in the middle of her butt.
    "I take it you like it?" She smirked.
    He pressed his full weight against her back, and she could feel his erection pressing against her. "Hell yeah, I do." He purred into her ear, then let his lips and tongue trail down her neck.
    "Saaaaammmm..." She moaned softly, wanting him to flip her back over.
    He knew what she wanted, but he wasn't going to let it happen. He wanted control of her. Not like he didn't have it already.

    He reached down and grabbed her ass, "I'm gonna destroy you..." He purred and let his fingers hook around the lacy fabric.
    "Don't I know it..." She breathed in response, and he bit down onto the soft skin on her neck.
    Emily gasped, she had to admit biting was a turn on. "Sam...!"

    Sam flipped her back over, "This is temporary..." He murmured, and started licking his way down her body, and stopping at her underwear. He looked up at her. Her breathing was heavy, her pupils were dilated, and she was biting hard on her lip. Sam smirked, and let his mouth scoop up the thong. He let his teeth drag the fabric off her skin, and she squirmed.
    "Sammy!" Emily whined, through biting her lip. She'd never called him that before, generally it was just Dean to patronize him. But he liked it coming from her as she begged for him.

    Once he got her underwear down to her knees, he quickly pulled them off with his hands, growing impatient himself.
    He quickly flipped her back over and she let out a frustrated whine again.
    Sam grabbed her wrists, and held them above her head as he crawled on top her to straddle her hips. When she started to struggle, Sam's grip on her wrists got tighter.
    She started to shake, and he thought it was all part of her increasing arousal. "Sam, stop!" She whimpered.
    He buried his face into her neck, "What's wrong, don't like it when I take control?" He teased right into her ear, and she started to panic.
    "No! Not like this!" Emily eyes welled with tears, and he could hear it in her voice.
    "Whoa, hey," Sam pulled himself back, and released her wrists. "What's wrong?" His voice soft, full of concern.
    She pulled herself away from him and crawled to the other side of the bed. "I don't want it like that." She was on the verge of hyperventilating.

    He reached out, and gently put a hand on her cheek, and he could feel her shaking. "Shh, hey, it's ok." He moved close and wrapped his arms around her. She'd been hurt before like this, he just knew it. "This is what you meant when you said you were abused... Isn't it?"
    Emily let out a sob, and buried her face into his shoulder. "I'm sorry...!"
    "You don't have anything to apologize for." He whispered, and rested his head against hers. "I'm the one who should be apologizing. You were trying to tell me earlier and.. I was stupid."
    She shook her head, and wiped a tear from her eye, "You're not stupid. I should have told you, straight up."
    Sam just held her close. "I didn't know it would trigger you, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry."

    Emily looked up at him, and gently let her lips meet his. This time, the kiss was soft and sweet. This was natural, and their bodies moved just as sweetly.
    Sam gently laid her down, "Do you still want any of this..?"
    Emily hesitated, but nodded. "Yes."
    "Do you still want me?"
    She kissed him, deeply. "Yes."

    Sam moved so he was straddling her as he was before, but this time, she was looking up at him, unrestrained. "You ready..?"
    She nodded, and bit her lip, in anticipation.
    Sam slowly pushed in, and Emily let out a shaky breath.
    "This ok?"
    "Yes...!" She breathed. He was so big. It felt like he had pushed his fist inside of her, and he wasn't even fully in her yet. "Sam.."
    "You ok?"
    "Mhmm... You can... You can move.." Her face turned pink as she said it.
    Sam chuckled, and pressed a kiss to her lips. "You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about."
    "I've never done this before... And you look like Adonis. So how am I not supposed to feel inferior and self-conscious?"
    "You never have to feel that way with me." He said, wrapping his arms around her, and kissing her. "I'm gonna move."
    She bucked against him, before he started. Making Sam grunt then let out a small laugh.
    His thrust were gentle, but powerful. Strong, yet sweet.

    She leaned her head back, and moaned, as Sam buried his face back into her shoulder, kissing, biting and licking her neck and shoulder. "So good, Sammy...!" And a stray tear fell down her cheek.
    He started to pick up speed, making sure she was ok with it all.

    Emily wrapped her legs around his waist, and kissed him, moaning into his mouth. He smirked, he could tell she was slowly getting used to it.

    When he felt her tightening around him and heard her moans getting louder, he could tell she was close. Already. Sam smirked again, and kept speeding up and strengthening his thrusts. She arched her back off of the motel bed. Sam let his hands caress her body, he wanted her to feel amazing.

    It didn't take much more for her to get her release. When she did, Sam was shocked to feel himself releasing moments later. He'd been so focused on her and making this experience a good one, that he hadn't felt his climax coming.

    He collapsed next to her, they both crawled under the sheets, and she snuggled against him. "Thank you."
    "You don't need to thank me for anything."
    Emily was quiet for a moment, then said, "I love you".
    Sam's heart fluttered, and he blinked. "Me?"
    ".... Maybe you are stupid. Yes. You." She said, smiling, tiredly.
    He leaned in and kissed her. He hadn't expected her to say that. This was the most romantic thing they'd ever done. Yes he had feelings for her, but love? He didn't know yet. Jess' death was only a year earlier, and he didn't want to feel the pain of losing a loved one, or getting hurt. But he held her close.

    Emily didn't expect him to say it in return, she'd been in love with him for years. It was only natural for her to tell him after what they'd done. She needed to say it.

    "Can I come in now?" They heard a voice from outside.