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Advertising Rules on and off Amor

Discussion in 'Elsewhere' started by ASH MOON OWL, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Would you like to help spread the word about Amor and kidnap invite new members? Fabulous. When you go out to share our site, please be a polite and respectful advertiser! Obey the advertising laws of other websites. If they have an ads forum - use it! Don't spam their members with mass messages, post the link in the wrong places, or constantly link it to the same five people in chat. A spammer is a huge turn off and it could accidentally get you banned.

    What are ways you can safely and effective advertise Amor?

    • Add our link or button to your forum signatures where you can.
    • Share our link in chats you participate in where it's allowed. Remember, don't spam it!
    • Post our link in every roleplay forum you see - in their ad forum of course! We've even provided a copy paste code and button below.




    <a href="https://www.ashmoonowl.com/"><img src="https://www.ashmoonowl.com/images/buttons/amor-88x31.jpg" border="0" title="AshMoonOwl.com"></a>

    You can advertise almost anything you like here on Amor, but we do have a few requirements.

    • Do you have a place we can link-back on your site? It's only fair!
    • You can bump your topic once a month if you really want to bump.
    • You can advertise any kind of site you like, but roleplay and writing sites are the best.
    • Do not post links of offensive content, illegal content, or SPAM.
    • Registered Members that aren't robots are allowed to advertise their businesses or commissions.
    • Old threads get archived every three months. You're welcome to post up a new thread!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.