1. Amor has finally locked the doors as per the very sad [Closing Announcement]. You should still be able to read threads and conversations (just in case you are late to getting things saved) up until AUGUST 1st. All subscriptions have also been cancelled so no one is donation billed for a dead site!

BULLETIN Alas Amor, We Must Close Our Doors

Discussion in 'Proclamations' started by Divinatas, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Last year when I opened Amor, I had just retired from Iwaku and I was hoping that a new scene and challenge would help reinvigorate my love of being a roleplay community admin. We started off with a bang and Amor has been the very picture of everything I envisioned!

    ...and then a couple months in I realized I'm still not happy. Over the past year I've barely checked in more than once a month and have been relying on the staff to run the site on their own without clear direction. And though they have done an amazing job in keeping to my vision, having an absent boss is not fair to them OR to the community that is seeking a reliable and consistent place to live. For someone who has always believed that a community needs a present and active admin to flourish in the long term, this has been a source of stress and guilt for me. Ò,Ó I've not been doing my job.

    It's taken a lot of thinking, and it's well past due for me to admit my heart is just not in it. After 18 years of running roleplay sites, my interests have evolved in new directions. If you want to be a good leader you have to have passion for what you're doing and you've got to recognize when you've lost your spark and you need to drop something.

    With this I am announcing that registration is now closed Amor will be shutting down the site for good on August 1st.

    This choice didn't come easy. Amor fills a special hole (ahem) that is so hard to find in adult roleplay communities. I considered leaving it open as is, but over time as our beautiful staff slowly retires, there would not be a boss to replace them. The community would eventually degrade in quality of life. I'm also not comfortable allowing someone else to take over my project. It is better to pull the plug now, than allow things to decay in to chaos. Ç , Ç

    I 100% absolutely apologize to all of the people who had high hopes for Amor and who are being inconvenienced, displaced or lost because of this shut down. If I had known I was going to suddenly have a mid-life crisis only a few short months after debuting, I wouldn't have started the project. Ç◇Ç But alas sometimes you gotta be ambitious, take the risk, and see what happens.

    Now it's time for some hype ambitious person to start their own roleplay empire! I highly encourage people to take this moment to consider giving it a shot! It's a lot of hard work and you will make a lot of mistakes, but nothing is more awesome than creating a home with your bare hands and tailored to your wishes. Feel free to use Amor for inspiration with the things we did right and the things we did wrong. There are a lot of options out there both for broke ass people who want to use free services, or people who have the cash to invest in their own domain and software. I'll be happy to give advice on services I used if you ask! And if you launch a site before Amor closes, I'll link to it on our closure page so people can find you. ⊙,◡


    • Registration is now closed. No new people can sign up. The site is going to remain online for a couple of months so everyone can make arrangements to find a new roleplay home and save their content.
    • You can continue to roleplay as you please until July 1st. At that point posting capabilities and Private Conversation sending will be turned off. Any remaining Vassal subscriptions that are still active will also be cancelled. Make sure you swap contact info or new website links before July 1st so you can stay connected with partners! The site stays open for one more month so people can still save their content.
    • ON the day of August 1st the entire site is shut off and you will no longer be able to access ANY content. SO SAVE YOUR CONTENT BEFORE THIS DAY. Get your roleplay threads, your private messages, your character sheets. (I am a huge fan of using something like Wordpress to create your own little roleplay storage blog. It's a great way to save character sheets, roleplay logs, plots, etc and be able to migrate with you across different rp sites.)
    • The Amor Discord Server is going to remain open! Though I don't want to run a roleplay forum anymore, I still want contact with all my roleplay peeps for social fun and connections! We'll have a channel so you can advertise links and roleplay sites.


    For you peeps who like to migrate with me through my internet journey - I am now going to be focusing on writing my first solo novels and running writer resource websites. I post daily writing prompts, guides, and tools on Muse Inspired. I host a random generator site called Mix Vixen. And lastly, I'm working on a serial novel called Silent Pines with my co-author.

    If you want to follow me directly:
    https://www.space-kitten.org/ <- My personal website. It will always have a link to my projects.
    https://www.facebook.com/diananotacat <- My facebook is full of memes and my family embarrassing me.
    https://twitter.com/diananotacat <- I tend to forget twitter exists.
    https://www.instagram.com/diananotacat/ <- Instagram is filled with gratuitous pictures of my cats.
    https://plus.google.com/+DianaNotacat <- I don't even know who uses this.
    http://divinatas.tumblr.com/ <- I also often forget I have a tumblr.
    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/ <- I still live on Iwaku Roleplay and continue to support it and it's admins!

    Thank you so much for taking a chance with Amor!

    As much as I hate doing this, just posting the announcement is already a huge stress relief. @,@ Though it didn't get to last, I learned a lot of useful and cool things about running an adults only site! I will always remember the random penises and shirtless dudes and reading some seriously amazing smut. A huge shout out to the wonderful staff people present and past that helped shaped a happy lil community. I REALLY appreciate how much care you put in to this project despite frustrating leadership. If you ever want to use me as a reference for jobs on other sites I will be happy to give it. <3

    In the meantime.... SHARE SOME ROLEPLAY SITES YOU LOVE. Peeps are lookin for a new place!
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  2. For the little time I spent on Amor I loved it. It is a shame to see it close its doors, but I wish you lots of happiness and luck in all your projects! You know I’m reading (on my own slow pace) Silent Pines, so I will be bothering you for a bit. 8D

    Can we get the snazzy ratings moved over to Iwaku? I love them and I miss them already. ;;;;
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  3. I feel kind of silly for that inspiration piece I wrote earlier. Haha.

    Well, I had a wonderful time with this community of writers, and I'll do my best to find alternatives and share them. So many of you have been wonderful friends to me, and for that, I can't thank you enough.

    Now I just have to manage to carry the lot of you on my back in a big ol' move elsewhere.

    Thank you, Diana, for giving us AMOR for as long as you have. With this heads up, we'll have plenty of time to find new stomping grounds, and I really appreciate not feeling rushed. Good luck with all your future endeavors. <3
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  4. Im so sad to read this! It was such a great site Im greatly saddened but thank you for the amazing time!
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  5. Is there even a place as good as this one around? Most other RPing sites look and feel like they're still stuck in 2007. This site had the perfect blend of features and style. I also never had to deal with fucking creeps looking for hawt cyberz.

    I'm probably not going to bother role-playing anymore, unless I can find a site on the same level as this one.
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  6. Iwaku is certainly as good, if not better than this one in terms of technology. It could use with a little better organization in terms of LFG stuff. But its still pretty much the best place for it.
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  7. I don't like the way Iwaku is organized, and it also doesn't appear to be an adult community. Not interested.
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  8. Well, time to move back to Iwaku and delete all my PMs to make some space.

    ... oh boy, moving back to Iwaku. I never thought that this was even remotely possible.
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  9. I will probably just keep Iwaku to find partners and store all my RPs on Discord. I prefer having control over my content.
  10. Upon getting the sad news about Amor, a place I adored and made my home. After dealing with the aftershock and some talk with our owlmom she inspired me to do just what she did. Make my own site. Although it is not open yet, due to only recently learning the news. I want to create a culture much like the one here at Amor. Where you feel safe, and comfortable and respected. I'll make my own home. I'll have a discord server for updates on the progress of our work. In the meantime I encourage people to keep writing as they were as I have until July first to get some close to being ready to open if not totally open.

    There will be some differences as it will not be a carbon copy of Amor but inspired by it.

    If you are interested on coming with me please PM me for the discord link.

    Touch of Insanity
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  11. Thank you for the experience. I'm sad it will end. I'll wait to weigh options. I'm still a member of another site which is somewhat dormant (where Villians pulled me from out of the dust).

    I wish there was something we could do to keep you here or to keep the site open...
  12. I know I don't post here much but I still always loved the idea of a super casual adult-oriented roleplay site, and the execution has been nothing short of amazing. I'm definitely sad to see it go. That said, I can definitely relate to losing passion for a project and wanting to pull the plug on it. Best of luck with your next endeavor!

    You might want to pull the ad from the banner rotation on Iwaku. :o
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  13. Believe me, If I could have resparked my passion and kept going I would've. It's been a long year of trying to force myself to be present, and that's no good for any of us. ;_; Roleplaying has been a huge part of my life and really developed me as a person and a writer and it feels really weird stepping away from it. Sadly, we all eventually evolve and grow out of interests and I don't regret a single moment of it!

    I can promise though, if I ever find my way back to roleplaying you'll know me and my new site real fast. It'll be the one kicking all the other site's asses. Ò◇Ó
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  14. Coming on to find this was a bit... Sad, but I can understand needing to move on and all, so, thanks for the wonderful experience (or for the Creepshow fans; Thanks for the Ride Lady! :P).

    While I might not have been on here as long as some I've thoroughly enjoyed it, now it's time to go find something else...
  15. It's unfortunate, but it's life. After bouncing around several other sites I was happy to find this one and call it home, for the most part.

    But the show must go on.

    I'm on the discord site if anyone wants to touch base, plus I'll be here right up until the end.

    Best of luck to all, and especially to you Divinatas!
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  16. Not just going to let me use it as a memberless playground for 3 years again? Drat.
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  18. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
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  19. I’m certain I’m not the only one who thinks this, but this is bullshit. Instead of trying to find a new owner, you’re simply going to delete the entire thing? Your apology is so obviously half-hearted. Off to bigger and better things — what are all of us? What was this community? These members have put their hearts and souls into this and you aren’t even offering to let someone else take it over? Server transfers aren’t that difficult.

    I’d be sad for anyone who decided to follow you to another forum, after you find your motivation again. It’s very apparent that you don’t think that highly of the hundreds of people who have made AMOR what it is. Your absence proves that you weren’t what was driving this place. This is a childish and petty way to back out.
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  20. What makes a community is the people, not the technology.

    I haven't been able to integrate here due to lack of time, but it feels a shame to dismantle it. Passing the reins to somebody trusted would have arguably been a better solution.
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