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BULLETIN Alas Amor, We Must Close Our Doors

Discussion in 'Proclamations' started by Divinatas, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Just remember, I told you that you fucking suck before it was cool.
  2. Bitch, please. My writing was getting criticized while you were still in your training kilt.
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    I am on a different level to you.
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  6. I am a bit sad that as soon as I found this amazing forum that it will shut its doors in a few months. None the less, by far it is the sort of community for one who loves to write smutty stories with awesome people. I can only hope that I can get to meet you all better in discord.

    @Divinatas if we do use Amor as inspiration, how would you like us to cite content to give you and Amor proper credit? I love your etiquette guide and the Effectively using Ignore and Report guide and think these are spot on and would love to use it and make sure folk know you made them. :)
  7. Well then
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  8. I DID.
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  10. I registered an account on Tales Untold, but I am about to PM the site's admin and ask to cancel it. Here's why:

    The site instituted a mandatory "age verification" procedure, which entails a video chat with the staff.

    While I understand their motives, I keep a strict separation between my online "Lurker" persona and my real identity. This is done for my own protection and I am not considering making an exception.

    Obviously, you will make your own decisions, but this tidbit of information should factor into your consideration.

    Apparently the age verification is no longer mandatory. Please disregard the above.

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  11. I never had to do a video chat, I just sent them a picture of my ID and a picture of me holding it. But it's not for everyone, there are many other sites including one that members here have made that you can check out.
  12. I did look at that site too. They offer other ways other than Skype for you to verify yourself but if you don't want to do that don't do it. The decision has been made.
  13. Call me paranoid, but this is something that I refuse to do.
  14. That's understandable, I'm not telling you that you are awful or anything for choosing that. Good on you for keeping comfortable boundaries and I hope you find a good place soon.
  15. Thank you GrunkleLogic, I appreciate it.
    And likewise I do not claim that what they are doing is wrong in any way, just that it doesn't work for me.

    I have ongoing RPs on 4 different sites (Elliquiy, Iwaku, House Eros, and Rachel's Haven) so I am not exactly homeless :)
    I just like to maximize my chances of finding compatible partners by branching out to other sites.

    My list contains about 10 "eclectic" sites and several others that cater to more specific fetishes. I mentioned the most relevant here.
  16. Diana wanted to do that for a while, back in the old days. A video chat with all new members. If we could jack off to your image without a sense of shame, you would be in. But then Rory did the numbers, and plotted a diminishing return line chart, showing how the pleasure of masturbation would decline as applications remained consistent. Factor that in with the lube/battery costs, and you've got a dead-end initiative. We ultimately scrapped the idea, despite considerable objections from Grumpy, who wanted to retroactively assess all existing members, including the staff, and subject them to the jack-off judgement. But when me and Diana secretly assessed him, and failed to jack-off, we deemed his opinions unworthy and vetoed his objection.
  17. You, sir, are a god among men.
  18. Jesus man, don't make his ego expand further it'll kill us all.
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  19. Dunno if this changes anything for you, but I followed your link and apparently yesterday they made age verification not mandatory anymore. I'm not a member myself, though, so I don't know what spurred that decision.
  20. Possibly a PM conversation I had with the site's admin in which I pointed to that post.
    That is a pleasant surprise. I will amend my posts.
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