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BULLETIN Amor's Avatar Policy - The hows and whys of needing them SFW!

Discussion in 'Proclamations' started by Divinatas, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Recently in May we posted a list of updated site policies and one of them was that all avatars need to be safe for work. Mods have been trying to contact people who may have borderline avatars, but we've had more than one person be a bit confused about WHY we have this rule when we still allow some risque images in posts and spoilers. Hopefully this PSA will shed a little light on that!

    Amor's primary goal is to be a safe and accessible space for erotic roleplayers. We are designed for people who love sexual content, but do not like being drenched with it. Our approach to our community is that we might love sexy stuff, but we don't want it shoved in our faces at every turn. Consider this mental image: You really LOVE cats and they are your favorite animal ever, but when you walk in to a crazy cat lady's house where every wall, piece of furniture, floor, and even the lady herself is covered in cat shapes, prints, fur, hairballs and poop... it's TOO much. Extreme cat lovers would be happy, but the average person is overwhelmed.

    We decided that Avatars specifically need to be safe for work because they are your identity on this site - and your identity creates OUR identity! They appear EVERYWHERE. On posts, in private messages, in new post emails, in the side bar, on profile posts, even in links shared off site in places like Discord. Unlike the content threads where people have the option of choosing to view the thread or opening up a spoiler, avatars cannot be easily hidden. Where we could just say "use ad block to hide what you don't like!" your avatars still have an affect on what our community looks like to current and future users. If a bunch of our members have avatars with giant milk tiddies and jizzing dragon dongs, that's not going to create the right kind of atmosphere for the site.

    By adhering to our avatar policy you are helping us make a very special place for people who have a hard time finding an erotic site they can feel comfortable in. <3 If you've never heard of image or visual psychology, go look it up! It's a really cool subject! That's basically what we're trying to apply here with our policy.

    We know that "safe for work" can be VERY SUBJECTIVE. It's really hard to know what counts as what doesn't. When you're choosing your avatars, consider: Is this avatar sexually suggestive? That is the biggest issue. For example, a picture of a girl in a bikini is no big deal, but if she's sitting there with her legs spread and her Blow-Job face on, that's too far. Likewise, anime art skimming the nether regions of a dude's Sin Triangle could get away with being on the border, but if you're seeing cum splatters in the background, again that's too much.

    If you need a little visual help, we have a handy NSFW Image Guide complete with examples!

    In the end, sometimes you think an avatar is okay, but it might get reported by a random member anyway. In these cases, if an avatar gets reported, the staff usually takes a quick vote on whether or not they feel it's nsfw and then send you a polite message if it's a decided yes. No one ever receives a warning or gets in trouble when this happens. You're just asked to change it and all is good!

    I hope this has answered everyone's questions and concerns about the subject! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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  2. This entire post could have been condensed down to "We want to be tasteful" >_>;
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  3. But why be satisfied by the stroke of a brush when you can convey so much more through an entire painting :D
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  4. My avatar is carnivorously suggestive.
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  5. If giving people one sentence explanations EVER worked, we'd never need these bulletins in the first place! 8D People like to know the reasoning why certain rules are the way they are, so they can decide if they're going to follow those rules, argue about those rules, or book-it to a site they are more aligned with.

    It'd sure be nice if I could just go "Because I said so." and people would obey. ;___; What a simple, easy world that would be. All of the tacos I could have.
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  6. I feel like my Konafaces are probably ok :p
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  7. plz report mi avi


    (Fuck, that physically hurt to type.)

    Thanks for the bulletin, Di! I feel all safe and cozy here with my weird flesh-texture discomfort. 8D
  8. Are animated GIFs allowed as avatars?
  9. I believe they are allowed. If they work is another story.
  10. 200 x 200 pixels is the requirement for a gif to work.
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  11. 200x200 exactly, or up to?

    Also, is it possible to run it by somebody to make sure it adheres to the site's rules? I believe it does, but I want to make sure. Breaking the rules on the first week is bad luck :)
  12. I believe you can message any staff member with questions. I can verify that every member of staff I've met, I've gotten along with. ♥
  13. Thanks!

    I guess the person who created the thread is the obvious choice.
  14. @Lurker

    If I recall correctly from my time on Staff on Iwaku (which uses almost the same base XenForo forum structure as Amor), gifs need to be sized exactly 199x199 in order to be animated when used as avatars. I had an animated avatar for a while and remember struggling with it quite a bit before realizing it had to be 199x199, not 200x200.

    I'm also not sure if there is some kind of other requirement. For example, I think on Iwaku only donators and staff are allowed to have animated avatars. Dunno about Amor though.
  15. As stated in the resource in our resource section under avatars.

    "What are the requirements for .gifs in avatars?
    In order for a .gif avatar to display it's animations correctly it needs to be UNDER the 500000 bytes file limit AND have a max width of 200 pixels."
  16. Thank you all for your advice. I will play with the GIF and try it. May take some time since i am away on vacation.
  17. I would not mind getting eaten out by that thing!!! *dies laughing!*
  18. And it worked!
    Width = 200 pixels, size < 500K

    Will likely be resized for mobile and won't animate. Oh well...