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BULLETIN Amor's Verified Adult Option

Discussion in 'Proclamations' started by Divinatas, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Running an adult website always comes with complications. One of those is that no matter how reasonable your rules are and understandable your begging is, underage people are still going to occasionally sneak in.

    Amor values privacy so we decided against a forced approval process of your adultness. It's silly and inconvenient. We trust that most people are cool, and we're capable of handling that tiny percent of sneaky babbys.

    However, we know that for many adults, having that FOR SURE confidence that their roleplay partner is of age can be important. Amor offers a totally optional verification process for all members who want to go that extra mile.

    All you have to do is upload pictures of you and your photo ID with your birthdate clearly readable. Have a piece of paper with your username scribbled on it in all necessary photos so we know that's you. Blur out all private data on your ID - we don't need that stuff!

    As soon as your birthdate and identity is confirmed, your account is marked as verified and the photos get DELETED. There are only 5 people with access to the verification process, (The official verifying person, site owner, staff manager, tech support, and account fraud investigator) so your info remains as private as possible. If you're still super, super paranoid you can send your pictures directly to @Divinatas.

    For as long as you have an account on Amor, you are all set. As an added bonus for Verified members, your account will never get deleted during our yearly dead account sweep. That way, unless you delete your account yourself, you never have to worry about needing to verify again.

    Many of you have already been given verified accounts since I had the blessing of meeting you in person, or other wonderful circumstances. 8D As for the rest of you: Submit away if you so desire, and if you do not... NO ONE REALLY CARES BUT YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON A SHINY BADGE.
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  2. Ohhh nice. I am surely going to apply this... later.. at home :3 .
  3. *I need an adult*
  4. *raises hand* Do I have verified status? Am I a special people?
  5. Bums, I'm rumbled.
  6. I appreciated the option to so this so much. It helps that you have a way to gaurantee extra protections for members looking to ensure that they only roleplay with adults and not minors dressed up as adults. While I am sometimes trusting without the badge, having the badge is a definite plus for me when it comes to choosing who I will roleplay with. Thank you so much for offering this option as a safety net for those that wish to be 100% certain.

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  7. The upload form is broken. I will send it to you via alternate means, Diana.
  8. Hehehehe I'm an adult *goes back to her blanket fort*
  9. ALAS. Looks like I must selfie, after all. -wince-

    I want a shiny badge...

    I also want this option on Iwaku. lmao
  10. I will do this in a moment.
  11. I'm stupidly lazy and also hate my photo ID photo (like it's genuinely so bad?) but I might have to do this. For posterity. Eventually. Maybe.
  12. Forgot my name. I have a brain I swear

    *image removed by Touch of Insanity*
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  13. Hey @Hydrovixen I removed the image before anyone else could have seen it. There is a form below to correctly submit your photo ID, username and an actual picture of you in it where only a few select staff can see. If you have more questions feel free to PM me as I handle the Verification.

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  14. Do you REALLY want a selfie of me thou? XD
  15. If you want your nice little badge then yes :D
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  16. I've hired Cerulean to do actual work. I can confirm that he's a legal adult in at least some states.
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  17. Is it possible to do this via Skype and just show my ID next to my face vs. sending a copy of my ID?
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  18. Seconded.
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  19. @Ree and @Laviter I am afraid not! Privacy for the person (or persons) who do the verifications is just as important. People are not always comfortable giving out their personal skype or discord names, and it's also incredibly inconvenient for the verifyer. What is a quick two minutes for you, turns in to the verifyer having lots and lots of people with their contact info and trying to get face time. O_O
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