1. Amor has finally locked the doors as per the very sad [Closing Announcement]. You should still be able to read threads and conversations (just in case you are late to getting things saved) up until AUGUST 1st. All subscriptions have also been cancelled so no one is donation billed for a dead site!

BULLETIN Apply to be Amor Staff! Now taking new and refreshed applications!

Discussion in 'Proclamations' started by Divinatas, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Amor needs a couple people to do some jobs that probably suck! You'll get a rewarding position that you'll receive next to zero training for, a boss you have to chase down and occasionally jab sticks in to her tree hollow to get her attention, and no one will notice all the hard work you're doing to make sure Amor isn't a sex dungeon full of teenager perverts and sexual predators!

    If this sounds like something you can do, we have a few positions available:

    Tag Master: Your entire job would be deleting stupid tags, making sure good tags have informative definitions, and tagging all the roleplay threads that need some tags so members can find stuff easier. There are a lot of tags in every flavor of genre and kinks.

    Loli Hunter: We do not allow sexual scenes with children under the age of 13. No children in sex scenes, that is bad. No lolis or shoutas. You'll be skimming through roleplay threads looking for people sneaking in child porn with shady-ass bullshit like "they look 11 but they are a vampire and 10000 years old" or "They're 13 but behaves like they're 6".

    Thread Moderation: Basic site tidying. You'll move expired and dead roleplays, handle thread move requests, etc. (Note that all new staffers generally start with this job so they can learn how to use the buttons, anyway. So look forward to that, nerd.)

    Tiddy Police: There is a fine line for NSFW images on Amor, sometimes people have them in their avatars or in their roleplay threads. You gotta keep an eye out, make decisions if something gets reported, etc. As much as we love our naked people, too much graphical sexy images on the site prevents many members from being able to hang out as much as they like.

    When you send in your app (or update your app with a new send in to show you're still available) let me know what job you're hoping for in the app! You may not get that specific job, but it's good to know. 8D I will hopefully be grabbing a couple people in January after the holidays.

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  2. I can't apply due to my life getting more hectic, but you should know that you made me laugh so damn hard over the job titles soda came out my nose.
  3. Hey owlmom. Is it still closed to current iwaku staff?
  4. Currently yes! Iwaku needs all the staff it can get, they have ten bazillion people to chase around with tasers. Ò◇Ó
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