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Bang Bangs Up

Discussion in 'Laboratory' started by Bang Bang, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Flee this realm, for it is terrible and filled with errors
  2. Lowood Institution for The Mentally Disturbed

    • Constructed in 1617, Lowood Asylum was once much smaller and much darker. After the fire of 1780, the once dreary place was burned to ruins, and has since been restored by Mr. Lloyd, a wealthy patron with a mentally insane wife. She, along with many patients, now reside here in what could be deemed relative luxury for the the time, for people in their condition. Of course, there are the frequent rumors of the patients who died in the fire haunting the place, but in a building of lunatics, what else would you expect?

      Doctors and nurses are employed, though in the minority; The general governance of the institution is given to the priests and nuns who run the day to day happenings of the place. Servants populate the sculleries and kitchens, whilst patients are kept to their rooms in the upper floors, or allowed to socialise in some of the public rooms.

      Most patients meet with a doctor between once or thrice a week, or when resources are short, a priest instead.

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      The wealthy among the patients (as most are, for Lowood is one of the more upper-class of its kind) live in a modest version of the luxury to which their were previously well-acquainted. Of course, these are held at ransom if they misbehave - those deemed disruptive are stripped of their privileges and often left with nothing but four walls and isolation.
      Bathing was done by nurses or nuns. Ice baths were often forced upon the more disturbed patients, viewed as a therapeutic treatment.
      Confinement, solitary or otherwise, is frequent, with most outbursts resulting in patients being restrained to their beds until calmed and beyond. This is one of the tamer punishments.


      The best behaved patients acquire certain privileges. They are allowed to wonder the gated grounds freely, without an escort, during daylight hours, and are given access to the public areas. In return, they are expected to help out with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and to assist in the libraries and in the nuns duties. Certain patients are appointed 'monitors' and charged with keeping watch over other patients and to report back to the nuns.

      The Isolation Block is a small out building from the main institution where particularly disruptive patients are isolated for a range of times. Also, it is here that lobotomies, ECT, waterboarding, and 'therapeutic' torture is carried out. Underground, glorified dungeons serve as hovels for the 'lost causes'.

      Public Areas
      Recreational Hall: Here, music can be played, along with tables for card games, a chess board, a small selection of books, and plenty of space for indoor exercise. This hall is watched by at least four nuns at all times.

      Theater: Lowood possesses a rather large theater hall and stage, where a selection of well-behaved patients are permitted to put on a play twice a year to which the general public is invited to raise funding.

      Gardens: Though most patients must be escorted on ground excursions, some may roam freely among the quite beautiful grounds of Lowood, though never to pass beyond the high walls and gates.

      Dining Hall
      Rest Rooms

    • Lowood is located on a tiny island off of the coast of North London. Within the small confines of the cliff-edges, a few other outcrops lie beyond the walls of Lowood.

      Bleak Fort Lighthouse

      Laurel Cemetery

      Berkcroft Bay - From here, a small motorboat comes to deliver supplies one every other week.

      Laurel Woods

      Lowood Cottage and Lake