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CHARACTERS Character Collection Drop

Discussion in 'Laboratory' started by Caerthynna, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Jackson Delaney
    Name: Jackson Delaney
    Nickname: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Age: Nineteen
    Birthday: May Third
    Gardiner Delaney. Father.

    Lo Delaney. Mother.

    Tanner Delaney. Younger Brother.

    Delilah Delaney. Younger Sister.

    Sexuality: Open to many possibilities

    Birthplace: Hayden's Landing
    A small costal town on the northeast side. Before college, he spent his entire life here.
    Occupation: A courier
    Status: College student

    Height: Six one
    Weight: One eighty three
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Build: Athletic
    Eyes: Blue
    General Appearance:
    Personality: Pretty calm and determined
    Fears: Losing his family