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MxF Collection of Things

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Garner, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. At partner capacity (8 Jan 2018).

    I am requesting a female to play the female characters in the following ideas. The details of all of these ideas can be discussed. Take some time to read them through.

    My work is seasonal. Spring is the worst. This means that the otherwise one post a week minimum might be bumped every now and then during that time.

    These premises are not listed in any particular order. I want to do them all, equally. I have no other rules, if you could call this a rule.

    I do want reciprocity. What I give you, I expect in return—vice versa.

    Red are unavailable.

    The aging mother of a man has passed away. He has not spoken to her in many years. It did not strike him, back then, when he left the seaport town in Maine, that his mother engaged with individuals of occult nature. Years later, he learned from his sister that Esther, his mother’s name, had an unhealthy interest in alternative religions. He dismissed it as no importance to him or his family, but the sister felt his choice to be mistaken. The man married and had two children.

    The man has been called to take care of the funeral arrangements. He is the new patriarch of the family name, as his father passed away in his youth. Reluctant to make the trip, he convinces his wife to leave the children with her parents, as requested and advised by his sister. The adults of the family meet again in their native town, a few days later. Upon learning that their mother has left them a small fortune, and the extent of her involvement with a peculiar group of people, strange and ominous things begin to happen. As the nightmare unfolds, the man and his wife have to make some grim choices if they ever want to see their children again.

    This is a drama piece with elements of Lovecraftian horror. I do not intent to go overboard with the supernatural aspects, as I want to focus on the characters. My role in this would be ‘the man’ of the premise, and yours would be his wife. There will also be a lot of non-player characters, which is essential to stories such as these, so be prepared for that.

    In a futuristic socialist dystopia, the highest currency is a Geisha. These a young girls trained in all manner of hostess arts, who remain pure until their first buyer. The girls are either abducted or freely given away at the tender age of six. They learn proper manners, emotional manipulation, rhetoric, classical education, and liberal arts such as dancing and musical instruments. As they come of age, they also learn the many secrets of sexual pleasure. However, such training has one important requirement: the girl must remain pure. Wealthy, traditional men, who stand above all other degenerate scum of the future, work hard in order to be able to pay the astronomical cost for the ownership of their chosen Geisha.

    A man has recently risen from nothing to one of the wealthiest in the world. He, as a core founder, has made a fortune on the success of a new kind of crypto-currency. Being introduced to all the high tables of his native city, he has been slightly taken back by the Geisha phenomenon. He knew of it before, but never really believed it until he saw it himself. And, of course, he becomes mesmerized by what most say to be the most beautiful, talented, and youngest Geisha to ever hit the market. Everyone is bidding on her, but nothing has been settled yet.

    While this is set up for plenty of adult writing, it is not the sole purpose. I imagine there to be a deeper connection between the two characters, other than just being contractual. The man, my character, will have a difficult time with the whole concept of Geisha, the age difference in particular.

    The monarch of an empire is assassinated during a coup. The heir to the throne, a coming of age girl, manages to escape the chaos with the help of the court’s foremost protector, a hardened military man. They flee northward and into hiding, where they recover from the devastating betrayal and tragedy. However, they are not giving up without a fight. The rightful heir to the throne is trained in everything she will need to know in order to raise an army and reclaim her birthright. In this endeavor, the two survivors discover an unlikely bond.

    The policies of the late monarch were despised by high positions within the empire. Influence from the east corrupted their minds in an effort to break down the strong, intimidating unity of the monarch’s rule. Propaganda stated that the monarch put too much emphasis on the nation, its people, family values, and undying loyalty and love for the benevolent ruler. The east could not grasp this concept or understand why the people accepted it. They advocated that a distinct ‘group of people’ does not exist, that the family unit is a form of oppression, and that pledging allegiance to a nation is a severely pathological behavior.

    This idea can be set anywhere between the 1400s and 1800s. It does not have to be historically accurate, however. There will be a mystical element to it all. The heir to the throne will eventually discover a strong connection to the occult and become exceptionally powerful. There will almost be a ‘divine’ aura around her, towards the end, that people will follow. This would be your character in this. I would play the man that she escapes with, the man that trains her.

    There is a city that has been completely consumed by vice and sin. Unspeakable acts of violence, sexual endeavors, and corruption is widespread. There are even rumors of an occult presence, cults and madmen performing rituals and sacrifices within the bowels of the city. The utterly lost claim to have seen creatures of nightmares during the dark, rainy nights. There is no telling what is true and false in this place.

    A man and a woman have recently escaped some unimaginable horror. They have no memory of how they arrived in the city. As they try to recover and make sense of things, they realize that getting out will not be an easy task, that they will have to become the worst of themselves in order to survive, that they must surrender all morals in order to have salvation.

    The setting of this is a near future. I imagine the city not only being horizontally vast, but also vertically. However, I want to make something clear, that this is not a ‘just lose yourself’ kind of thing. It is about testing your goodness in the face of absolute evil, and holding on to that goodness even when it is a necessity to surrender it. The name of the city is a biblical reference.

    A deadly pathogen has plagued the world for the past years. The only apparent cure is genetic in nature. Thereby not a cure at all, but immunity at birth. However, people are desperate and stop at nothing to harvest the organs of these individuals who are immune.

    A newly wed man and woman had a child. Much to their horror and delight, both at the same time, the child turned out to be immune to the disease. The parents paid a great amount of currency to the medical facilitators at the hospital in return for their discretion. It was not uncommon that such people sold information about newborns.

    Life seemed fine for a few years. The child grew up to be six years of age. However, this is when the abduction happened. The parents did not know how, as they had been extremely careful, but someone had sold information about their child.

    The man and woman completely lost their minds after the loss. They realized that there was an extremely limited window of time between abduction and organ harvest, so they had to act fast. They sacrificed and sold everything they owned in order to become what they needed to be to save their child. With their newly acquired prowess, they proceeded to seek vengeance.

    This setting is either science-fiction or fantasy. In the former, the man and woman would acquire augmentations and prosthetic implants in order to become killing machines. In the latter, it would involve magic. I imagine their marriage being a bit stalemate, but they rediscover love and passion in their shared rampage and bloodlust.

    There is a group of individuals who secretly influence the world of men. They have done so ever since the Black Plague in mid-1300s Europe. Not only do they whisper in the ears of the meek at high tables, but they also wage war against the more feral of their kind. There are strict hierarchies and regulations to follow. All who resist are removed.

    Recently, a young girl has been embraced by a rogue agent. The man acted alone and stood outside of all established covens. Normally, both he and the girl would be executed, but one of the elders sensed an extraordinary presence in the newly embraced. She was spared and assigned to a trusted individual for mentorship.

    It will soon be realized that the bastard kindred, the young girl, possess the most powerful gift ever recorded in coven history. Only once has it been seen before, and that individual was quickly removed. The girl has the ability to mimic the gifts of other kindred she meets. Some will believe that she is the future of all covens, and follow her dearly, but others will not accept this fate as easily. It is up to the trusted mentor to teach the girl the ways of the coven, so that she may survive the coming struggles.

    This is similar to MONARCH, but with a familiar spin to it. Nosferatu and Lychan are the most prominent factions, but there are also other types of ‘were’-creatures in this mythos. This idea can be set from the 1800s and forward into near future.

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