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ARRIVAL Comment t'appelle tu?

Discussion in 'Orientation' started by Jaylen, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Hi there everyone! My screen name is Jaylen or feel free to call me Jay or really make up any nickname for me...

    Anyways! I am quite excited to begin roleplaying on a site with mature writers and a place I don't need to censor myself. I have been writing for about 9 or 10 years now and I have always loved writing. I love to create new worlds, scenarios, characters, etc.

    Along with writing, I draw, paint, do ceramics, and several other artistic things. I am currently (as off Feb 2018) finishing my last year of 4-H in which I have reigned Champion every year in ceramics for the past 9 years and hopefully I continue on to complete all 10 years with champion.

    I also collect weapons... I have a couple swords, several knives, a tomahawk, a couple bows, a couple sets of throwing knives, a set of sais, a bo staff, a taser... Anndddd my collection continues to grow :):)

    Along with that, I game on XboxOne and a bit of computer... I only really have minecraft and free games on computsr but on Xbox I have Minecraft, GTA V, Rocket League, CoD BO3, CoD BO2, Outlast... And a few other games.

    I plan to start college in the fall of 2018 and major in video game design and hopefully double minor in blacksmithing and criminology. :) I may change my second minor to ASL or art or something... Not sure yet.

    Anyways, I'd love to make some friends so feel free to message me and we can chat or maybe game or something :D:D
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  2. Je m'appelle Archangel, et je suis tres fiere de vous recontrez. Bienvenue!

    Welcome to Amor!
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  3. Welcome, Jaylen!

    I hope you find some great partners here on AMOR. Your weapon collection sounds impressive ... I'm a closet axe collector, so you are in good company. :)
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