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ART Commission advice

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by jyncka, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. I've recently started doing commissioned illustrations again and something I've always felt was a good idea was providing a rough draft of the finished work to the client so they could right away let me know if changes needed to be made. However, it seems like a good percentage of the time "rough draft" is ignored in my message and I get back "this doesn't look detailed enough, can you add more shading to it?" which...of course I will. So now I'm rethinking even providing that unless I know the customer already and feel like we could have a good back and forth.

    To any artists that provide commissions, do you provide a rough draft or do you follow the request and description as best you can and hope for the best? My worry is that I'll deliver a finished product and they'll have a lot of revisions because they weren't able to give me input sooner.

    To any customers that buy commissions, do you prefer the chance to give input earlier in the process?
  2. When I do commissions if it a more detailed work I normal send a few WIPS and they are informed of such.
    I state, they will get a pose with with a few poses for them to select once selected, they get a cleanedsketch/line art which then has to be approved then flat colours and then final work.

    If the commission does not want to see wips, I inform them that any over the top revisions will come at an extra cost. While revisions in the process are free. Once you say words with money they tend to listen a little more.