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MxF Daughter Pays the Debt

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Tempest21, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Hi there!

    I'm interested in trying out a bit of roleplaying. I have a prompt that I'd really like to try out. Essentially, its about a girl that is slowly seduced and made into a whore for a black man (who I'd prefer if he was rather unattractive and a bit big - also open to having a black female in the RP as well!) as a kind of 'revenge' on her father for having failed to uphold his deal. The way I imagine it is that the father himself is a lawyer and he failed to get a client cleared of his 'crimes' so to speak. After getting out of his punishment for the crimes, the man would be demanding the debt to be paid and shows up at the house, but her father isn't there (having been called to the office), so instead he decides to take his payment in a different way: By seducing his gorgeous daughter into becoming his whore.

    I'd like someone who can write for both the father and the black man preferably!

    Favourite kinks include interracial, raceplay, dirty talking, spanking, collars, seduction, vaginal/anal virginity.

    Note: I prefer to RP through PMs!
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  2. Bump! Still looking!