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  1. Demon Rot
    The devil whispered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.” Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, “I am the storm.”
    Backstory: It started with hurricanes and thunderstorms. Then the volcanic activity began. Next thing they knew, the world looked like Pompeii. After that, it just got worse. The government fell, the citizens rioted. You could’ve called it anarchy, but then they appeared; creatures of unimaginable speed and strength. They smelled like rotting flesh, and their skin looked like slimy oil. Their flesh was pulled taught over skeletons, and they looked like they’d just come back from an oil spill where’d they had gone years without food.

    At first they were taken to the hospital and treated, but then those who touched them began to get sick as well. It started with a cough that escalated to them coughing up blood. Next came the bloodshot eyes and cravings for flesh. If they managed to not succumb to their cravings, they’d advance to what’s called the Rot Stage. At the point their skin has begun to rot and thin till it looks as if they’ve been starved as a means of torture. When their eyes become a milky white, they’re no longer human.

    The hospitals were quickly overrun by what the people had begun to call, “Forsaken.” It was in the middle of April when the screams of the terrified nurses filled the streets of Aracaju, Brazil. Metallic, foul smelling, crimson liquid filled the streets as a river with no end in sight. People panicked, the governments issued nationwide emergencies. Survivors were quickly taken behind the safety of military walls, but sadly some children had been with their parents as they experienced the illness that caused everything. It infected and killed the children, then proceeded to infect whomever had come into contact with them.

    It’s been three years since then. The military bases have crashed and everyone has been forced to fend for themselves. But rumors still spread like wildfire, and lately a particular rumor of a group of soldiers who managed to survive the outbreak have been going around collecting survivors.
    No guts, no glory. No legend, no story.
    Plot: A group of soldiers struggle to survive the outbreak of a lethal sickness that produce beings called a Forsaken. Coming into contact with a Forsaken is almost always fatal, it’s rare when someone doesn’t come down with the sickness they’ve named, “Demon Rot.” Back at the headquarters for the soldiers there are scientists working on a vaccine that may just save millions of lives. The goal for the group of soldiers is to gather as many uninfected survivors from across the globe, using the military equipment provided in their headquarters. But Demon Rot spreads faster and faster every hour. The Forsaken are doubling in numbers, and what survivors are left are either hiding in a tree or dying from natural causes.

    The soldiers are tasked with finding survivors, even at the cost of their lives. There’ll be difficulties along the way, such as Forsaken getting smarter and beginning to move in hordes, rather than just on their own. The soldiers will struggle and lose hope, but because of their orders, they’ll continue on. No man left behind after all. There’ll be some who betray their mission, and some who decided it’s too much and simply end their life before the Forsaken can get a bite out of them. Those who stay loyal to the cause will continue on looking, using the technology from the lab to determine if someone is infected or not.

    Back at headquarters, twenty scientists are working relentlessly on finding a cure for Demon Rot. They use the survivors brought back as test subjects, infecting them with Demon Rot before trying out their vaccine. Even if the vaccine doesn’t work, a good amount of medical attention can put a stop to the disease before it spreads and worsens. Even though the previous vaccines produced unsatisfactory results, the scientists will continue to stubbornly work to defeat this virus.
    Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.
    Soldier Ranks
    Leaders(Two left): Me
    Deputies(Three left):
    Heavy Hitters:
    Snipers: Me

    Can you see the “fuck you” in my smile?
    Scientist Ranks
    Leaders(One left): Me
    Healers(Five left):
    Journalists: Me
    She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them.

    Side Note: I'm fairly sure I did this right, but let me know if I didn't :3
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  2. Ohhh this sounds really cool ^^ I'd love to join.
    Is there a character limit?

    Gonna post first CS's here - let me know if I need to add anything to them.

    Name: Dr Kathy Robinson
    Age: 28 - Looks to be in her early 30's.
    Role: Lead Scientist
    Appearance: Kathy stands at just shy of 6 foot. She has red hair that falls down a little past her shoulders but she always keeps it tied back. She normally wears quite simple clothing with a lab coat over the top, where she keeps a packet of very treasured cigarettes. She wears glasses when she is working as she's long sighed but when off duty she tends to let her eyesight relax. Kathy has a slim build and is of average strength. She keeps on top of her condition and diet but doesn't train excessively.
    Personality: Normally quite a cold person, she doesn't tend to get along well with people she sees as beneath her but that's part of what makes her very good at her job. She doesn't feel any remorse in testing their drugs on people; healthy, sick, young, old. It doesn't matter to her. What matters are results. She is very distant and extremely focused on her studies, always has been. A part of her kinds of enjoys this apocalypse as it allowed her scientific freedom that no one else would when humanity was still standing.

    Name: Harley Osiris
    Age: 23
    Role: Assault
    Appearance: Harley is a small and muscular girl. She stands at 5'2 and had a toned body. She always wears combat appropriate clothing along with a leather jacket. She had messy ginger hair, shorter than shown in the picture. Since then she had cut it to a choppy bob. Less hair to grab. Harley always has a pair of dog tags on her as well as at least one sort of weapon.
    Personality: She's quite a vocal yet sinister person. Always eager to speak her mind she tends to be brutally honest but doesn't intend to be harmful really. She is skilled in a range of close combat fighting styles as before everything began to fall apart she was a UFC fighter and becoming quite a successful one at that. Her knowledge on weapons comes from her father who was not only a hunter but in his prime served in the army. He taught her how to handle guns and knives when hunting and she paired that with her fighting knowledge to guarantee herself an asset to the group. She knows the risks and takes care of her own agenda, unfortunately she's not as noble as to lay her life down for some idiot who doesn't know what they're doing so she tries to avoid that when she can and has before left people to die when they proved to be more trouble than they were worth.
  3. Demon Rot sounds amazing! :)