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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Meritae, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome!


    First of all, hello and thank you for clicking onto my thread! If the tea gif wasn't enough to make you want to stay and continue reading, I'm not too sure what will. ;) (don't be afraid to message me and tell me all about your favourite tea lmao)

    The Wants

    -- Long term partners. I enjoy a lengthy, engaging plot, in which the story continuously hits new bumps in the road. I very much love to keep the story going!

    -- Literate, lengthy responses. I tend to write a minimum of 500 words per post, but often linger around 1000-1500. But when overly inspired, I have written upwards of 3000, which may be daunting for some. So definitely looking for someone who is interested in the same!

    -- Detail, detail, detail. I thrive off detail, and what to know what your character is thinking, how they are feeling. What they can see, what they can smell. Every little juicy detail. I LOVE it!

    -- A couple of posts a week. Due to my busy schedule, I would prefer a couple of posts a day, however I am super flexible with the needs/wants of my partner, and am happy to wait longer if life gets in the way, or if you just need a break! On the flip side, if my schedule permits and the muse is there, daily posts may definitely be on the cards!

    -- Communication. I love making friends with my partners, and treasure them dearly. But, if making friends isn't what you're into, then that is totally fine. I appreciate lots of plotting (input from the both of us, not only one of us doing the hard yards), and just general communication. Tell me if you're having a rough week and won't be posting, tell me if the role play is going stale and you want to amp it up/drop it. Communication is key!

    -- Supernatural themes. These are by far my favourite themes to role play. I love werewolves, vampires, hunters, witches, hybrids, angels, demons, shifters and everything far and between. All that type of stuff, so I'm always down for something along these lines!

    -- Dark, violent and gory. If these are within your hard limits, we probably aren't going to be compatible. 99% of the time, my role plays are often dark, and have a lot of action/gore within them. Love me some action!

    -- Male and female characters. I tend to play both genders (MxF only), and enjoy them equally. However, there are some instances where I have a preferred gender, and it is usually one of my cravings, or plots. Sometimes I'm feeling one gender more than the other, so I will definitely let you know!

    -- Limits. I have very few limits, but those are inclusive of: incest, beastiality, furry, anime, scat, golden showers, extreme age play and overly submissive characters. I definitely will not budge on any of these.

    -- Pairings. If there is something that is not listed up here, but you feel like the both of us would enjoy, feel free to chuck me a message. I promise I don't bite... hehe.

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  2. Craving inserted into the original post! <3
  3. I'm interested in the bounty hunterxCriminal rp
  4. Still on the hunt for a couple more! <3
  5. Just a little bump here! Added a new fantasy craving plot/idea. :D
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    I can't help myself.
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  7. want to do a master x human rp or something like it?