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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Lohiel, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Hello! I'm new to ashmoonowl and this is my first post, so please forgive me any mistakes. Let's get down to business! Please PM me if interested after reading through.

    I am looking for a short term roleplay partner to explore an incestuous father/daughter relationship. My ideal approach is a dark roleplay showing the overwhelming feeling of shame and degradation caused by thoughts of incest, while simultaneously fighting the animalistic urge to sleep with each other. With that being said, here are a few scenes I've thought of, though I'm open to other ideas too.
    • (Kinks: Forced, Public Sex, Forced Orgasms, Dirty Talk) After leaving for her first year in college, a girl returns home for the summer break. Her father, however, has developed an unhealthy affection towards her in her absence and may end up acting on his feelings now that she's back. During the first few weeks, she tried to ignore the way her father has been looking at her, which culminates in the father taking her by force in a room full of her sleeping friends during a sleepover.
    • (Kinks: Forced, Public Sex, Breeding) During a family vacation, a father and daughter find themselves on bus so crowded, she's forced to sit on his lap. As the bus vibrates and bumps over the rough terrain, the father can't help but respond to her soft skin pressing against him. He tries everything in his power to think of something else, but the daughter has other things in mind. Unable to fight against her baser instincts, she forces herself on him. He tries in vain to get his daughter off him, while also not alerting the others on the bus.
    • (Kinks: Exhibition, Forced, Forced Orgasms, Dirty Talk, Breeding) One night, a father returns home early to catch his college-aged daughter having sex with her boyfriend through a window with an open curtain. Despite the shame he feels for seeing his daughter like that, he watches through the window the next night, and the night afterward. Eventually the daughter realizes someone is peeking at her and her boyfriend. Aroused by the idea of someone watching, she decides to put on a show, unaware that the voyeur is her own father. But her teasing has a price, as one night, he's pushed over the edge and decides to claim his daughter for himself.
    With those scenes out of the way, let me tell you a little about myself and what I expect from a roleplay partner.
    • 18+ only, male characters only.
    • PM me if interested.
    • OOC talk is welcome. I like to become friends with roleplay partners.
    • I'm a mostly submissive roleplayer, and my characters are too. I prefer a partner who can take charge, and whose character is the same.
    • Potential partners should be fairly literate and write in 3rd person.
    • I write a minimum of two paragraphs, but can write more when in the zone. I expect my roleplay partner to meet my minimum.
    • One post a week, at the very least.
    • I don't participate in the following kinks: scat, watersports, furry, bimbofication, gore, torture, beastiality
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