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Fiction Factory

Discussion in 'Laboratory' started by Somnium, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Main Base: The Underground

    Name: Phineas Abess
    Nicknames: Finny, Fin, the Ant
    Role: Criminal [Chattering Coughs]

    Character Pitch: Within the Underground many brothels are run. Places of sin and pleasure for the wealthier to enjoy. It was their little scandal, between a prostitute and a customer, and sometimes between the sheets promises were made when they were riding high on euphoria. Promises the customer would forget about soon enough once they dressed and paid and every prostitute with some common sense would know to ignore. Not Rosalie, young and naive she was she truly believed her patron when he promised her a place next to him in the Sky. Starry eyed and in love She impregnated herself with his child to fasten up the process. However, the young man rejected the idea of the child being his, as a whore bedded many men and there was no way knowing if it was truly his seed that made the fruit. Rosalie was left alone and a child was born. Phineas, with the surname given to signify his mother’s profession. A child of shame.

    Phineas grew up to be independent. While he was doted on by his mother’s colleagues the boy was often left to his own devices when the rest had to work. Work that he wasn’t allowed to be near for, as the presence of a child could give their patrons a scare. As such the boy was sent out of the brothel to ‘play’, wherever that could be in the Underground.

    Appearance: For a boy in his early teens Phineas managed to grow at a decent rate, making him taller than most kids are in the Underground, but shorter than the average is in Golden City. Without ever seeing a decent amount of sun he is rather ghoulish in complex, his skin a grayish unhealthy tint and his build scrawny. However, that can’t be seen in the rest of his demeanour. With dark twinkling eyes there is always mischief written over his face with a sparkle of the rapid wit he is so known for. With his messy dark hair he looks like any other young prankster on the Land, but one far more cruel than most of them are.
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