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ART fin's commission thread <3

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by f i n, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Hey all!
    Currently on break so figured I might practice drawing till the semester starts.
    You might've seen me on iwaku's art thread. This is all pretty much copy-paste l m a o :')
    Pretty bored these days, tbh, pls give me something to draw <3
    Anyways ~
    Here are the rules:

    • I reserve the right to refuse any request.
    • Do not edit, plagiarize, or use my work without credit
    And I think that pretty much sums it up.
    Now the prices:

    • headshot . $8
    • bust . $10
    • half-body . $20
    Not sure of prices, honestly. I think this might be in an appropriate ball park though ???????????????

    Payment can be sent through paypal and/or venmo. Not sure why you'd need to do paypal and venmo, but everyone has their own issues, I guess.

    I bet you're dying to see some good 'ol samples now. <3

    SAMPLES (open)


    So! What do I draw????? I know that question is lingering in your head now.
    Here's what I draw:

    • people
    • one character per drawing
    Now I'm sure your asking yourself, "what does fin not draw?"
    • complex designs/outfits/backgrounds
    • animals
    • furries
    • nsfw
    • armour
    • gore
    • weapons
    i just realized there's more don't than do's. l m a o
    im trying my best ok :')

    Some notes before we get started:
    • the default background is transparent with a white sticker outline.
    • you may request for a different background so long as it's simple

    The form:
    name: [doesn't even have to be ur real name]
    type: [headshot/bust/halfbody]
    payment: [pp/venmo]
    reference: [images/description]
    other: [anything else you'd like to include]

    You can post below in the thread or PM me.
    Dropping my tumblr here while we're at it <3
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