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ART Foggy's Art - Commissions Available!

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by Foggy, Aug 29, 2017.


Do you think my prices are okay?

  1. Too high

  2. Looks good (but I have no money for art right now)

  3. Looks good (And I'd love a piece!)

  4. Actually, you could charge more

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  1. Welcome to Foggy's Art Thread!
    This is where I shall be posting my art, be they sketches or completed works,
    as well as information for commissions.
    Feel free to look around!

    Commission Info

    Payment through paypal only.
    Busts or headshots at shown prices; waist-up available for an addition $5.
    Full bodies currently available only for furry/anthro characters. +$10
    (I'm trash at drawing human legs.)
    Full color/shaded art available for $20. Shading will be simple gradient style.
    Black and White or grayscale art for $13.

    Will do: Humans, anthro/furry, OCs or canon characters, gore, candy gore, cartoon nudity, full nudity, NSFW
    Will not do: 2+ characters in the same picture. Well, I'm willing, but I'm trash at it, so if you wanna pay for it, I won't stop you. Each additional character would be +1/2 of the base price.

    Smooth or pencil lines (Pencil shown)
    Backgrounds: gradient, flat color, simple design (like stars or flowers), white, or transparent
    Gradient eyes/clothing/accessories/etc
    Closed bottom or Open Bottom

    (Open shown - no bottom line to the sweater and color of last article of clothing is the same as the background, or one of the colors if a gradient.)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Completed work, plus some post-production edits

    The character he was modeled after:
  3. [​IMG]

    Benjamin "Benji" Alvis
    Owner of an Occult Shop
    Total Cinnamon Roll​
  4. [​IMG]

    Grayscale Commission!​
  5. Quick progress sketch on next work.

  6. Hey foggy, i love your cute stuff. If you can make some manly characters im willing to hire a commision outta ya.
  7. Well, I mean, my style is my style. I can try something more realistic but I'm not practiced in it.