1. A letter from the Sovereign

    I enjoy writing about sex. Sometimes just to enhance a story with a single scene and sometimes just because I want to write pages worth of pointless smut. An interest like this comes with a few issues. If you want to avoid playing with underage people, you have to go to 18+ adult sites. But on many sex-focused adult sites, it's ONLY about the sex and not about the stories you want to tell. Sometimes they make you uncomfortable and feel like all they want is hot cyber lovin'. They hit on you and make inappropriate sexual comments. You have to deal with players who blur the line between writer and character without respecting personal space.

    I just want to play and giggle about butts without feeling uncomfortable!

    I know there are a lot of writers out there just like me. Amor was created for us!

    So if you LOVE:
    • Playing. Just plain old having fun playing.

    • Creating worlds, stories, plots and more.

    • Living in the shoes of your characters.

    • Having the freedom to write about anything you want to write.

    • Sex scenes, be it in brief encounters or pages and pages of smut.

    • Making real friendships and connections with people.

    But you HATE:
    • Getting shamed for your sexy or kinky interests.

    • Players who blur the line between writer and character by treating partners like lovers or property.

    • Feeling uncomfortable because your partner keeps making sexual passes at YOU the writer without consent.

    • Being asked personal questions about the real you, that are unnecessary to your ability to roleplay.

    • Being judged by your word count, amount of paragraphs, and writing style.

    Amor wants to be that place for you. Help us create a safe adult roleplay community so we can all enjoy butts.

    P.S. Are you a teenager considering lying about your age to get in? Don't. Please don't. Some of us are old enough to be your Mom or Dad. This is SUPER GROSS for us. Not to mention could get us in serious trouble. You ARE mature enough to write about sex, we know this. But WE need to feel safe too. Take yourself to Iwaku, where you CAN write. Come back to us when you're old enough, we'll still be here. Promise! Consider our feelings and respect that. Because if we catch you lying, our trust is broken and you will be banned for life. Even if we loved you.

ART Foggy's Art - Commissions Available!

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by Foggy, Aug 29, 2017.


Do you think my prices are okay?

  1. Too high

  2. Looks good (but I have no money for art right now)

  3. Looks good (And I'd love a piece!)

  4. Actually, you could charge more

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  1. Welcome to Foggy's Art Thread!
    This is where I shall be posting my art, be they sketches or completed works,
    as well as information for commissions.
    Feel free to look around!

    Commission Info

    Payment through paypal only.
    Busts or headshots at shown prices; waist-up available for an addition $5.
    Full bodies currently available only for furry/anthro characters. +$10
    (I'm trash at drawing human legs.)
    Full color/shaded art available for $20. Shading will be simple gradient style.
    Black and White or grayscale art for $13.

    Will do: Humans, anthro/furry, OCs or canon characters, gore, candy gore, cartoon nudity, full nudity, NSFW
    Will not do: 2+ characters in the same picture. Well, I'm willing, but I'm trash at it, so if you wanna pay for it, I won't stop you. Each additional character would be +1/2 of the base price.

    Smooth or pencil lines (Pencil shown)
    Backgrounds: gradient, flat color, simple design (like stars or flowers), white, or transparent
    Gradient eyes/clothing/accessories/etc
    Closed bottom or Open Bottom

    (Open shown - no bottom line to the sweater and color of last article of clothing is the same as the background, or one of the colors if a gradient.)
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  2. [​IMG]

    Completed work, plus some post-production edits

    The character he was modeled after:
  3. [​IMG]

    Benjamin "Benji" Alvis
    Owner of an Occult Shop
    Total Cinnamon Roll​
  4. [​IMG]

    Grayscale Commission!​
  5. Quick progress sketch on next work.

  6. Hey foggy, i love your cute stuff. If you can make some manly characters im willing to hire a commision outta ya.
  7. Well, I mean, my style is my style. I can try something more realistic but I'm not practiced in it.