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DISCUSSION Goofy question probably

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by L'AngeDeBisexualitie, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Is this place usually more bumping on the weekends? I work 8 hour shifts pretty much every Sunday and Saturday and I have been wondering why nobody seems to be on, then realized that my days off are most people's "guuuuh I have to go back to work!" days.
  2. I'm not sure there is an answer ... folks have wildly individual schedules, with members in time zones across the globe. Personally, I'm on whenever I have downtime ... which can be highly variable.

    I might suggest that you add a poll and try and get a sample?
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  3. Mayhaps, I was just wondering if there was a general answer. I am still just poking about and testing the waters though.
  4. Also keep in mind we're also only just reaching the first year mark of being open :) Winter is usually a dead season for even crazy active sites because students are still in school. Working people get busy with holidays. Summer is usually a wave of more activity. I myself work a 7am-3pm job Mon-Fir. But then there are also crazy time periods, people who are just on all hours of the night. I personally find mornings are the quietest. Most activity happens as my ass is crawling in to bed at 9:30PM XD
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