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GAME Guilty or Not Guilty

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by Cielx, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Any fellow lurkers want to play while we wait for rp responses?

    This is one of my favorite games to play on a forum. Pretty simple: post an "ever...?" question, and the next person will say "guilty" or "not guilty" and ask their own "ever...?" question. For example:

    Post 1) Ever broken a bone?
    Post 2) Not guilty!
    Ever crushed on the same sex?
    Post 3) Guilty as charged~
    Ever accidentally spit your drink all over someone because you laughed too hard?

    And etc. Let the games begin!

    Ever licked something simply out of curiosity?
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  2. Soooooo guilty.

    Ever started spontaneously singing in public while listening to a favorite song?
  3. Absolutely guilty! All the time, much to my friends' embarrassment lol

    Ever sneezed while eating skittles? (hint: it hurts like crazy)
  4. Not guilty, that sounds awful!

    Ever laughed at something someone says out of nervousness and then realized it wasn't a laughing matter at all?
  5. Lol guilty ^.^"

    Ever spent way longer on the character creation part of a game than the actual tutorial part of a game?
  6. Guilty, I've spent way longer in the character creation part of a game than the actual game period. xD

    Ever made yourself enough food to last 3-4 meals just because your stomach vastly overestimated it's appetite?
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  7. Lol guilty! At least I had 3-4 meals still left over, though!

    Ever forgotten your own name?
  8. Not guilty.

    Have you ever ran around your house looking for your car keys when you were holding them the entire time?
  9. Semi-guilty, they're usually in my coat pocket.

    Ever made up an illness to flake out on seeing friends because you'd rather stay in?
  10. Guilty ... although I stopped doing so a few years back and have just been honest about not wanting to socialize ever since. And thankfully they understand.

    Ever started cooking and then forgot yourself doing something else... resulting in food being ruined?
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  11. Guilty. I caught the microwave on fire by doing that exact thing. 8D

    Have you ever been at a restaurant and when they give you your food they say "Enjoy your food," and you respond with something like, "You too"?
  12. All the damn time, though now I catch myself halfway through so it comes out "Yoot--mumble mumble".

    Ever been late to meet someone, make an appointment, get to work because you just needed to finish that one little thing or finish just one more round in a video game?
  13. Absolutely guilty! And probably too many times than is healthy.

    Ever come face-to-face with a large animal in the middle of the wilderness? (Moose, bear, etc.)
  14. Guilty. It WAS a bear, and it was in Colorado when I was fifteen. It was in my cabin eating my cookies. The choir director chased it off ... (so he said). I was not sure if the fucker saw me, but I got out of there. Scared me shitless.

    Ever been around someone who farted but you took credit for it? X'D
  15. Hahahahah. No, never done that. Why would...? I don't know. Honestly, now I totally will, just to say I have.

    Guilty or not guilty: ever got someone else onto one of your bad habits (smoking, going out to bars on weekdays, playing too much Fallout, whatever) just so you wouldn't feel like you were totally shitty for having that bad habit?
  16. Not guilty of part, but guilty by accident. I accidentally got a couple friends hooked onto Minecraft and on creative mode as well as getting them overly invested in their DA2 characters.

    Guilty or not guilty; Have you ever watched someone on a site just to see where the train would wreck at? (Meaning, to watch them lose their crap and rage quit, you know they will eventually)
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  17. Let's Plays of "I Am Bread" are perfect for that, guilty. Oh my gosh, I've never seen two people more frustrated than trying to co-op play that game.

    Guilty or not guilty - have you ever trolled a friend or your partner to see how long it would take for them to figure out what you were doing? (My relationship is going to end when one of us has an aneurysm from all the trolling)
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  18. If we can interpret "being intentionally shitty to your partner because you have commitment issues and want them to just dump you for being heinous instead of having to confront the possibility that you're just not good at being with someone," then, yeah, I've done that. A lot.

    Guilty or not guilty: passive-aggressively tormenting your roommate/partner with the thermostat.
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  19. Not Guilty (I think). The thermostat stays at a balmy 95 in the winter, and 75 in the summer...
  20. Guilty of what? Everything. Not really.

    Guilty or not guilty; broken more than four bones?