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DISCUSSION Guilty Pleasures

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by Weaver, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. We all have them - or if you don't you're either an absolute saint or shameless!

    Those little delights that we'd never own up to our family or most/all of our friends, but get a small wriggle of joy whenever we do.

    Not aimed at being sexual (although, if the thread rolls into the gutter I'll follow it), semi-innocent guilty delights only for sharing with your fellow Amorians.

    What's yours?

    For me, there's:

    -Listening to soppy romantic audio books when I'm out in public or on my lunch break.
    -Going to the local beach at night.
    -Pine-Mango smoothie for dinner.
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  2. Insane Clown Posse.

    Though tbh I don't feel that guilty.
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  3. - watching hedgehogs float on their backs and other associated random hedgehog videos
    - playing old Pokémon games because nerdiness
    - being obsessed with stuffed animals. As an adult. They're soft, sue me.
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  4. -Cat videos when I love dogs more
    -Despite this reality show ruining my life, I'm constantly rewatching clips from Produce 101...from both seasons
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  5. Advice columns - mostly Savage Love and Dear Prudence.
    Godawful romantic comedies when I'm sick.
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  6. Nickelback.
  7. - Roleplay, of course, along w what's fairly innocent flirting and playing at flattery online
    - Snarky self-satisfied commentary on various online forums, often while literally sitting on the toilet
    - Cookies/cake/ANYTHING baked w a cup of tea or coffee
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  8. Watching the 1995 film, Hackers.
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  9. Oh, here's one I definitely feel bad about.
    Buying a thing of Nutella and just eating it straight out the jar with a butter knife.
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  10. I play silly games.
    Also, when I'm sick, I like to watch dumb chick flicks because I don't want to have to brain.
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  11. A lot of Kesha's old music. Like this song. If you know me, it's not the usual type of music I listen to.

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  12. My guilty pleasure is the entire website of tumblr.
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  13. old Disney movies. what can i say i loved as a kid as i do now
  14. Almond joys and strawberry ice cream, 'nuff said. XD
  15. Yeah, that's like life-without-parole guilty.
  16. Shitposting.

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  17. Soppy, cheesy, drama-filled romance novels that make me cringe while reading them. Yet, I can't stop!
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  18. Celebrity gossip
  19. I would stay masturbation ("Squishing"), but I sure as Hell do not feel guilty for it! X'D

    Hmmm ... pulling for the N.H.L. Team with the black guy on it.