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ART Here is my artwork

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by GothWaterHorse, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Here some of my abstract paintings. 20180204_134925.jpg 20180204_134856.jpg 20180204_134906.jpg 20171225_083318.jpg 20171110_145752.jpg 20171110_145703.jpg IMG_20171225_072423_597.jpg
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  2. I have seen that style before, but I cannot place it. I am surprised no one responded yet. If you were imitating this one person's famous artwork (I forgot who), then you did a great job! Yay!

    I studied art at TroyUniversity-Sumpter Campus years ago, but transferred and switched majors. I was crazy to think I was an artist. The only intricate stuff I painted were football jerseys worn by Danny Ford, Dabo Swinney, Phil Simms, and L.T. (all Gifts). Personally, I hate the Giants. I am a Cowboys fan. YAY, DAK!
  3. Very well done! A different style but executed amazingly. Keep up the good work!