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DISCUSSION How do you sleep?

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by Enigma, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. No, I don't mean in what clothing, or lack of!

    I mean how do you get to sleep? Do you have a little routine?
    I personally have a bad habit of getting into bed late then wanting to do a little routine of reading a bit, scrolling some funny sites and checking on my games. So long for not having screens around...

    Most of the time I'll think of RP replies or a story I'm writing in my head for a mini bed time story. That works better than the above, I just need to get away from using screens entirely before bed. xD

    How do you guys do it?! Movies, books, just plain closing your eyes? SHARE WITH ME YOUR SECRETS.
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  2. As someone with insomnia I have a very ritualized way of going to bed.

    A sleeping pattern and habit is key to keeping more good nights then bad nights.

    I'm not allowed to be in bed unless I'm sleeping or well having sex. That way my bedroom is associated with sleep. I try very hard to be in bed around 12-12:30. Once I'm in bed I set an alarm for 8 and a half hours from the time I got in bed. Giving me 30 minutes to fall sleep, in order to get 8 hours of sleep. However, if I'm bad and stay up later then I should. I don't set my alarm later then 9:30. My goal is to be up at 8:30 everyday but that doesn't always happen. No matter how much I do or do not sleep I must be up before 9:30. No naps allowed. Not even ones that are 'five minutes'. You just gotta get through the day until bedtime. No playing on my phone in bed, no looking at the screen in the dark. Because it 'wakes up your brain'. If about two hours has passed and I'm still not a sleep. I'll finally take a sleep aid to help me get to sleep.

    To fall asleep, I usually think of my stories. Otherwise my brain gets to crazy and overthinking.
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  3. I have pretty terrible sleep hygiene, unlike Insanity, which could be why I have trouble falling and staying asleep some nights. I used to write parts of an ongoing story in my head to help me fall asleep. These days I put on soft music or a podcast like The Truth or Sleep With Me which is designed to help you fall asleep or go back and listen to Jeff Bridges' "Sleeping Tapes" which are great.

    I used to be a hypersomniac, but I seem to be only able to average 7 hours on a good night and more often than not it's restless sleep. If only I lived on a boat where the water would rock me to sleep...
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  4. I only need about five to six hours of sleep to function properly, so naturally I'm sometimes more lenient when it comes to my sleeping schedule. I have a history of having trouble sleeping, though, so nowadays I try to hit the bed around midnight to get those six hours.

    As for my routines, apart from the oh-so-interesting skincare one, the key for me to sleep well is to have my bedroom cold(ish) and ventilated. Most nights I'll be opening the window, even if for a moment, to let the fresh air in. Doesn't matter if it's summer or winter - I'm a natural furnace.

    Oh, and fancy silky sheets since they don't get as hot!
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  5. I sleep when I'm tired, and never a second sooner. I've given up trying to keep a schedule, or sticking to any kind of routine. I'm very exceptional at waking up for important things, because anxiety wakes me up every hour or two. I'm always afraid of being late, so if I need to be up for something, I'm not going to sleep much anyway.

    I hate sleeping when it's very cold and very dry. I always get this jet of air that hits the back of my throat. It acts as an irritant that both makes my nasal passage and throat sore. I also can't stand sleeping when it's very hot, because I end up spending all of my time seeking the cool spots on the bed. I'm also kinda poor at sleeping next to someone else, because I'm very warm. Our body heat makes it too hot for me, and I end up having to move as far away as possible. For some reason I noticed I sleep better during the day, and my ideal sleeping season is spring and fall. There's just something extra comfortable about an afternoon nap with a breeze coming through the window.

    I also like the tactile sensation of a warm, dry bed after I've been in a cold pool for a few hours-- granted I haven't been in a pool in over a decade.
  6. How do I sleep?

    With my eyes closed.

    In all fairness, it takes me two hours to fall asleep. My routine is brush my teeth, go lay in bed until I pass out. If I do. Depends what is on my mind that night.
  7. MAAAN LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SLEEP. ((Since i am sitting around on a slow day))

    Sleep is what I work for. You ever wake up and say "boy I can't wait until I go back to sleep 12 hours from now"? That's how the weekdays usually go.. But on weekends I be sleep the whole day.

    It's not like I'm sleep deprived... Heck I get 8 hours on weekdays... Sure it's stressful job, but I just think I am naturally addicted to more sleep.
  8. At home: I tend to toss on a movie and just let it play in the background with the volume very low. That tends to help me fall asleep. For a long while now I have been passing out to Mad Max: Fury Road; seen it so much I know it by heart. Occasionally I toss on Ghost in the Shell [live action 2017].

    At the boyfriend's: I just curl up with him and am passed out in no time. Seriously! Something about him makes me fall asleep with no problem. No need for tunes, movies, or anything else. Just him curled around me or vice versa. And my mother wonders why I spend so much of my damn time over at his place. Plus he has an awesome AC unit that keeps the room so cool.
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  9. Badly.
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  10. I don't feel like have a routine, but I suppose it is one. I simply go to bed around 1:00 am and usually, wake up at 8:30 am for work. This has improved my quality of sleep tremendously. Of course, I'll have some bad days, but that's usually because I mess up by going to bed later than planned or drinking caffeine.
  11. I don't necessarily have a routine. I wait till all the thoughts in my head run dry and I can't think straight, right at the point of passing out. Else I cannot sleep. And it's not just anxious thoughts that worm their way into my head, it's creative, it's voices. It's all of these things, my mind just too active to sleep at a certain time. I have to wait for my brain to quiet down.
  12. *Check through usual sites and discord rooms*
    *Check a second time in case a new notification popped up*
    *Check again in case a new notification popped up*
    *Finally go to sleep*
    *Get's a PM from someone asking for help with something*

    If it's the summer months, window is open.
    If it's the winter months, window is closed.

    There is no set eating ritual, but I will find I sleep somewhat easier if I have eaten beforehand. I also avoid any source of caffeine during an hour before going to bed.

    Also my alarm is not next to my bed, but on the other side of my room. That way I can't just snooze it. It forces me to get out of the bed and start the day.
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  13. I pop a Unisom and read for a bit before me and my SOs spoon.
    Sometimes, I count sheep if the sleep aid doesn't help. My mind is restless and overactive so there are nights I lay awake waaaay too long before actually managing to fall asleep. @.@
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  14. With a glass of warm milk.
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  15. If I am with a guy or my hubby, loads of sex, then sleep. If alone, phone sex or Watsapp chat while fingering or dildoing.
  16. I lie down and close my eyes and hope it isn't hard to fall asleep. I have trouble falling asleep and I'm a light sleeper so often I don't get much sleep l.
  17. I like to wait till the point of exhaustion and crash, otherwise my brain keeps going. I also pop a few sleeping pills and if I'm feeling 'feisty' maybe a xanax. I wish I had some magical schedule worked better. Maybe I should start making sacrifices to the dark gods again. Hmm.
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  18. On my stomach or side, with as many blankets as comfortable pulled up over my shoulders. Needless to say, summer nights are hellish. 'Specially when I have a fan on to make it cold enough to sleep under a sheet, and I wake up too cold.

    I have meds that typically knock me out within a few hours, if I don't fight them. I attempt to sleep before midnight, but it's not always the case.
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  19. I wait until I'm practically falling asleep on the couch. I then get up, drink some water, take a quick shower and head to bed. I'll look at my phone for about two minutes then wrap myself in my quilt (always a quilt-winter or summer) and close my eyes. I usually fall right asleep.
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  20. Face washing, and teeth brushing aside, before bed I always crack open a window.
    If I don't I will undoubtedly wake up at some point during the night from a coughing fit due to my room being too warm from the heater. The 13 degree winter conditions outside effectively keeping me asleep, and cough free.

    From there I nestle beneath four cozy blankets, and get myself comfortable. Usually the last things that tend to fill my thoughts before actual sleep are various rp scenarios involving characters of mine. None of which scenes will ever come to fruition, but.....oh well, I suppose.
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