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ARRIVAL Howdy gang

Discussion in 'Orientation' started by L'AngeDeBisexualitie, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Long time writer, long time role player, looking for a place to rest my head and cut my teeth a bit more while I am in the works on something else. I hope to have a lot of fun and get along with everyone, maybe even wind up here for some time. The community I am sort of fleeing from had huge issues with doxxing, threats, godmodding, and other such vicious internet things so I do apologize if at any time I seem overly suspicious or distant!
  2. Hi and welcome to AMOR!!

    It sounds like you came from a toxic place ... you will find AMOR a refreshing change. The community is superb, and the staff quite vigilant. I hope in time you come to enjoy your stay here.

    Best of luck finding awesome partners and writing!
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  3. Welcome! I'm glad you decided to join AMOR - we're a very welcoming and kind community. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me or any other staffer on here. <3
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  4. A kind and welcoming community is exactly what I was hoping for!
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  5. Welcome to AMOR. I don't think we have too many of the aforementioned issues here, but if we do, please let staff know. o:
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  6. Hey, taking responsibility for issues before they even happen? Y'all keep being that awesome and you might just have a permanent resident! I have even been an admin for RP sites and had started to hate it because so few staff care, y'all are dog piling me with caring!
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