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DISCUSSION If you could choose your age to stay at forever...

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by Shitsuren, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. What age do you prefer to be eternally frozen in?
  2. Physically? Give me a few more years. Like 25-28.

    In regards to history? 19 or 20. Feel like I had things the most figured out then.
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  3. About 18 or 19. I could still run like a wild gazelle back then.
  4. Oddly enough, 23 seems like the perfect age for me right now. I'm currently 24 and turning 24 made me realize my early 20s were already gone and I hadn't done much besides school and work. I'm only going to keep getting older too. Next thing I'll know I'm 30, then 50 then most likely dying. So 23 seems like a cool age to chill at.
  5. I think I'd be comfy with 22-24. Lose a couple years from where I am, but not be back into the young adult rut. 18-20 was better in theory than in concept - For me, anyway.
  6. I think I'd choose 24. Well over the angst of being a teenager with all dem problems and feels, but also young enough to be able to pull all nighters and do crazy shit all the time without feeling like a 90 year old the day after.
  7. In theory, 18 or 19 is a good age to stay frozen at, but I'd give myself a few more years. Probably 22-24, like most others here, since I still do have time to develop, and get over the teenage angst and emotions left over. And I do want to look old enough to not make other people uncomfortable around me. Also, being able to drink is a good reason.
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  8. It doesn't matter because I could probably be 45 years old and people would still think I'm 12 at first sight.
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  9. I'll get back to you when I find an age I like. Gimme a few years.
  10. 25. Eeeeeasily. Last year was /awesome/. So in terms of history, and in terms of a general age I'd be. Hell, that age.
  11. Honestly? I'd love to stop aging once my hair became fully grey. So probably 35.
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  12. Why do you want Grey hair?
  13. It's inevitable, that's why. My hair is already greying, I want it over with. And because I hate being in my twenties, and typically people my own age, my community is normally people who are much older than myself.

    That's why.
  14. Ah, makes sense.
  15. Currently I am thirty and I would not mind staying at this age. I still look young enough to be in my mid-twenties, but old enough for bars and not constantly being mistaken for a kid. It was annoying being in my twenties and being hit on by high school kids who thought i was a senior or junior.
  16. Early adolescence felt like a height for me, if it weren't for the lack of personal freedom. So if we're really talking just aging and not lifestyle, gimme that forever.
  17. Current age or more, judging from how things are looking.

    Every year I have more and more stuff figured out, and more peace of mind gained. I care less about the external factors, and focus more on what I want and need in my life in regards of many different aspects. I lacked that as a teenager and even in my early twenties.
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  18. Probably 13.
  19. You won't have much freedom to do what you want at that age. Why choose it?
  20. That's assuming my brain'll grow, plus I like being young again. It's also when I started to make some pretty big decisions.

    And also prior to my weight gains that I am trying to lose.

    But if we're under the assumption that I'll spend an infinite loop of the year i.e. attend the same year of school and such, 17 or 18's good.
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