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MxF [INACTIVE] Looking for a cam girl to flatter, manipulate, seduce

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Hungry Teddy, Dec 26, 2017.

  1. So I don't have a story that's sticking just now, with everyone busy for the holidays, and me doing more w the family so less sit-down time for long responses.

    So. Something a little more.... direct, a down to earth fantasy.

    Looking for multiple responses daily, a few sentences each.

    I'll admit I have a thing for online exhibitionists. Cam girls. The secretive exhibitionist and submissive element of it, the idea of reaching out and messaging them and them being eager to please. Reacting to a bit of humor and politeness, just out of recognition that intelligence and caring is in such short supply out on the internet. A few became friends for a short while, greased in some cases with a little money or presents for a short while. It kind of felt a little like having a little sister sometimes - possibly a kinky, flirtatious little sister, possibly the closest I'd ever imagine myself to an incest-adjacent kink.

    Something I no longer indulge in, real world. But have some fantasies about.

    So. Open for discussion. The key bit is simply that there's some sort of online exhibitionist vibe to it that gets slowly translated into something more.

    Your character - up for grabs
    * A student looking to make money?
    * A housewife, after her husband goes to bed?
    * A professional cam girl & twitch gamer?
    * Just a random bored chick?
    * Unsure of herself, perhaps looking for approval online?
    * "Too good" for this, just doing it on a dare?
    * Meet through Reddit, say /r/dirtypenpals or hell /r/tributeme?
    * An ardent combative internet feminist during the day, with a secret alter ego to tease out your submissive side?

    My character - what do you like? A fantasy of yours?
    * A middle aged daddy?
    * A busy professional? A manager?
    * Another student, with some loan money left over at the end of the semester? Christmas money to blow?
    * Someone who secretly knows you? A classmate? A coworker?