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ART InkAndBone's Adoptables

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by InkAndBone, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Currently: OPEN


    1. OPEN - Any Currency
    2. OPEN - Any Currency
    3. OPEN - DA Points Only
    4. OPEN - USD Only


    None Yet

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the bases here unless otherwise stated.
    I do have permission to use them for adoptables/commissions.


    1. Do not remove the signatures from the lineart. There will be two, the name of the person who did the lineart, and mine.
    2. While I prefer payment to be sent upon ordering, I am okay with waiting and showing you a watermarked & small version of the art to prove it is complete before I am paid. After I receive payment, I will send you the full sized, unwatermarked file.
    3. Full refunds will only be offered if work has not been completed. If there is an error/you don't like something, the design will be redone or edited, or a partial refund will be given.
    4. Be patient. Art will usually be done within a week, but sometimes real life/other commissions get in the way. If the art takes over 3 weeks, which I really don't see happening, you will receive a discount.

    Main Adoptables




    More Options
    • Accessories such as scarves, horns, earrings, glasses, and collars can be added. Large/complex accessories can not.
    • I am happy to do two sides of the bases nose to nose, as in the examples you'll see below. If the sides are different, there may be a small charge, but if they're exactly the same, it won't cost you anything.
    • I will make this into a profile for you, with a color palette, name, and information, for a small charge. Probably about 10-25kT depending on how much info you want.
    • I will work off of descriptions for an extra 25kT
    • I'm also happy to work off of a color palette, and have freedom to create the design myself. You'd just need to give me the palette and a few thoughts on the design and I'll go to work. Since this would allow me creative freedom, there would be no extra charge.

    Base price is $3 or 150 DA points.
    Base price gets you any combination of tails, ears, and add-ons seen above with flat coloring.

    • Shading is $1, or 50 DA points
    • Changes to lineart may add $1, or 50 DA points
    • Accessories can be added for between $0.50-$3, or 25-150 DA points, depending on complexity. I will likely not be able to do overly complex accessories.






    Order Form

    Character or Dragon:[/b] (Link references, or give description)
    [b]Ears:[/b] (Flop, lop, perk, or long)
    [b]Tail:[/b] (Long, deer, wolf, or fluffy)
    [b]Add-Ons:[/b] (Claws/Pawpads, lashes, eyebrows, floof, and/or mane. Any can be combined.)
    [b]Anything Else?:
    Payment Type:[/b] 

    More Lineart Options

    $2 / 100 DA Points

    Bundrop A (top) & Bundrop B (bottom)
    Bundrops for both (90 gems / $5 / 75 DA Points)




    $3 / 150 DA Points

    Curly Tail Dog


    Cutie Pup


    Laying Wolf

    $5 / 250 DA Points

    Maned Hound

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