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ARRIVAL *insert generic title cause i suck at making titles*

Discussion in 'Orientation' started by vide, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. H i !

    So, one thing's established - I suck at naming stuff. Second, I don't know how to read the room and flawlessly socially inept. Also, I'm looking forward to discovering the site and the people in it. And the role-plays, the role-plays!

    I'm thinking of putting up an RP set in one of the territories on a WIP RP I'm developing. There are five territories all in all, but a friend suggested that limiting it in one would be good as a start, so as to not make it die quickly and actually have interaction with the PC's.

    I like making new content i.e.: subverted cliches and twisted stuff and I do LGBT stuff. I'm fine with having straight romance and all that jazz but I'm not keen on doing that myself, maybe due to me being partial to MxM pairings.

    I'm not good with fandom stuff - too much info to learn. The themes I dabble in tend to go down the dark abyss of darkness? so it's good to know that. Light-hearted stuff is good too, but it seldom finds its way near me.

    Sex scenes are A-OK. You can write anything you want provided they're not breaking rules and laws. Breaking bones? Fine, as long has it has a point although gratuitous sex scenes seem to be fine? to me? HAHA. Anyway, yes, I'm joining and I hope I'll get to do what I'm planning to do. If not, lurking is always an option.

    I'm nit-picky. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling is a must but not too strict on it. It just bothers me. Please don't be too quick to respond IC? My broken mind can't keep up >_<
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  2. Welcome! I am sorta newish myself. To this site of course. I have been role playing for a couple of years. You should be able to find what you are looking for to write.
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  3. Welcome!
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  4. Welcome to AMOR. I hope you find partners for all your interests, and if you have already, give the Connect forums a peek to see who else is looking.
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