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LINKING BACK Iskander [Nuclear Testing Grounds]

Discussion in 'Laboratory' started by Iskander, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. 1-800-HUNTERS

    Dialing sounds heard in the background

    "Good Evening. Thank you for calling OmegaTek Industry. How may we serve you?"​

    "My boyfriend broke up! I need someone to make him pay in the worst way possible!" *sobs*​

    "Sounds about right our alley! I will transfer you shortly,"​

    (▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)•︻̷̿┻̿┻═━━ ε=ε=┏( >_<)┛

    Glimmering lights, the smell of sex, gunpowder, mutants, and whats not.

    Welcome to the new world,
    Welcome to New Delhi.

    it's by far the most powerful city under human-manage. This town represents the cultural pinnacle of the human way of life, civilization, and technology. It's home to the inter-galactical port of the Milky way and multiple other important trading stations put up stationed in New Delhi. The city consists of the whole thing, from warehouse to red-light districts, and skyscrapers to slums. you could discover all likes of people right here. Even the alien races from surrounding planets have come to make an earning in New Delhi. The city had its first leap forward when the massive company, Hyden Cybernetics set up its headquarters within the city. The organization became based on the aim of making the human race more potent, more powerful, and wealthier. Their improvements in cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and synthetics pushed New Delhi to its glorious top. eventually, extra businesses moved into the metropolis. those included manufacturers, medical researchers, and client goods sources. Soon enough, New Delhi was considered one of the biggest cities ever.

    Everything sounds almost too perfect for this city.

    Other than the fact that the city is managed by the authorities, which unsurprisingly, are pawns of mega-transgalactic corporations. Wealth is what fuels the veins of this town, vacuuming all that Gaea can provide into its core rules. There may be an ever growing decrease elegance, the slums are getting poorer and the wealthy are becoming richer. A few can not even accumulate transit passes.

    Unfortunately, with the wealth diaspora ever developing, it comes to no wonder that crime is at the upward thrust and peeking at the outskirts of New Delhi. The underground scene is striving with pills, crimes, and money laundering. the everyday New Delhi citizen hardly ever notices any of those issues. A great deal would rather spend their days shopping and enjoyable in place of managing problems and politics. However a few face the problems immediately. Some human beings are robbed, abducted, even killed. Crook businesses are forming in abandoned metro stations underground. The underground is turning into a chain of abandoned stations and ravines united under one flag. those small towns are home to the poorest of the bad and the lowest of the low. To the regular citizen, they're holes of dirt and crime, however to the ones less lucky they're a home. Despite all of these defects within the device of the town, it's miles still the top of the civilized world.

    What can I say? it's the brand new no longer-so-new international order.

    This is where omegaTek comes alongside. Is it sided with the best men? not exactly. Are they sided with the bad guys? Most probably. Though one thing distinguishes it from other business enterprises, it does good to the people. Imparting justice to whoever got screwed over by the corrupted justice system and serving the district it resides in. Afterall, OmegaTek was founded on the broken backs of District 3. The real slums of New Delhi. Despite the fact that it is covered with shiny hues and this fake facet of festivities, it is no amusing dwelling there without precaution.

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  2. History of Gaea

    The history of Gaea covers approximately 4 billion years, from Gaea's formation out of the solar nebula to the present. Gaea, historically known as Earth, formed as part of the birth of the solar system. It grew from a cloud of dust and rocks surround a young star named the Sun. The collision and massive attraction known as gravitational force vacuumed up all the neraby junk, forming what is now known as Gaea.

    Without going into too much details, after half a billion years, the first organisms surfaced. It was the origin of life. It was a turning point in Gaea's history. A few billion years later, more specifically 2 billion years later, those weird living organism stopped simply dividing in two and started the messy business of sex.

    Oh sex... the gloriouos doom of us humans.

    From there, big organisms formed and a snowball effect occured. And yes I am talking about how earth froze. Why do I bring it up, well, thanks to that it triggered the evolution of the first complex animals. They actually looked like weird tubes and were called Ediacarans but they were still complex apparently.

    And then a few million years after the first complex organism appeared, a major growth spurted. An evolutionary leap occured and animals finally developed hard shells. Plants started colonizing the land permanently. Animals found shelter in predator free lands and laid there eggs. Life started taking shape into what we perceive as life.

    Sex, territory, colonization, etc.

    Then, the first massive extinction. Yup, a massive one. You know? The type where we put a wall around our country, claim climate change is hoax and bam. Your country is flooded with bullshit. Only, this massive extinction literally was a flooded. You know what we call Noah's flood, probably this messy world cooldown that wiped out 85% of marine species and tons on land.

    But hey, it was actually really important cause from there fins turne to legs. The fish started walking on land (I've been smoking too much I think). Thanks to that flood, I guess, fishes evolved into walking beasts. Yeah, you heard me, they evolved to have four limbs and give rise to amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Thank god for that or else we would have to fish terrifying-looking armoured fish.

    Than shit hit the storm, we had a reptilian evolution (did you see Queen Elizabeth?), then the supercontinent formed only to start tearing itself apart over tens of millions of years, the a massive extinction occured AGAIN. Only this time, it was caused by massive volcanic eruptions and obliterated up to 96% of marine species and similar numbers of land animals. But hey, this gave birth to the first dinosaurs.

    Funny how extinctions gives birth to something. Sounds STRANGELY familiar to where I am getting.

    While those dinosaurs evolved, hairy beasts known as mammals also evolved. And no I am not talking about the evolution of papa bears on PornHub, but very well much about the ancestors of the Best Friend of men... The dog.

    BUT GUESSS WHAT! Another extinction... Dinosaurs are unleashed and 80% of species died. Dinosaurs became dominant land animals and reached titanic sizes. And yes, the T-Rex finally appears. The velociraptors started having beaks and wings instead of arms... Now we got feathered flight. You got it mates, the first birds appeared and that's only 150 million years ago.

    As strange as it sounds, I most excited about the family of plants cause it revolutionized. Flowers finally bloomed. Flowers only appeared in the middle of the dinosaur era. Grass came a bit earlier as well.

    Now, think about this. So far we had four massive extinction mostly caused by nature and all that randomness (or God?). That extinction started in mexico. Yup, Trump told you so (or did he?). A chunk of rock smashed into earth, explosions, dust covering sunlight and ensuining cold and darkness... Earth suffered greatly and the dinosaurs were whiped out along with a few others giant marine reptiles.

    Thanks to this massive rock, dinosaurs are no longer there and mammals could finally prime! Yeah, that's when we started nourishing our younglings inside the wombs using a placenta. Asia being humid and hot rainforests was the little incubator to human evolution (or was it?). Yup bishes, I am talking about the middle east honey.

    Talking bout honey, plants finally harnessed sunlight making sugar, photosunthesis became a thing AND WE JUST CARVED THE PATH TO HUMANITY!

    The first hominins appeared somewhere around Northern/Eastern Africa and the middle east. Were those hominins adam and eve? Maybe... Maybe they were apes and humans/giants existed before? I don't know.

    So now, we, humans can finally think. Gues what? We couldn't think right cause thanks to our activities, we precipitated the sixth mass extinction and unleashed the fastest episode of climate change in Gaea's history. Not only that but... We kind of hate each other?

    Fast forward a few milleniums and it's year 3000. We managed to explode the Earth with radiation.

    War over sex, race, territory, religion, and all that goody stuff that made us... us. Thankfully, humans due to pure luck or coincidence finally got to gtfo of Earth. 85% of the overpopulated Earth vanished. Oblireated by the ten of thousands Nuclear bomb realeased between neighboring countries and opposing nations. Radiation strangled earths core and it kind of looks a bit different now.

    Fast forward a 1000 years from then and, finally, the evolved human who colonized other planets with neighboring aliens kind of remembered that they also had a homeland named Earth or Gaea. So, the first expeditions started around that time and thanks to all that Inter-galatical exchange, humans finally recolonized dear ol'Gaea.

    It's fucked...Again.
    New Delhi

    Starting City
    omegaTek Industrial Corporation

    Your Character


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    Name: Yaşar Doğu
    Pronounciation: (youtube)
    Age 34 Years Old

    DOB Spring of XXX (TBD with the GM)
    POB On the silk road, near Khazak (Canyon of thieves)

    Race: Human
    Tribe: Yasar is part of the tribe of Mutayr

    Affiliations: The Ivory Devils & The Alchemist Brotherhood.

    The Ivory Devils: A group of thieves that hangs on the main silk road of Acamar, not very well known, but possible if you had direct contact with them. They usually hang around in groups of 7-12, but the group is composed of over 30 young males predominantly.

    The Alchemist Brotherhood: an association promoting the benefits of alchemy in the society, but often regarded as crazies or blasphemers depending on their view. They bore a symbol of affiliation through a medallion.








    Name: Shaheem Doğu