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Discussion in 'Laboratory' started by Kit Kat, Dec 19, 2017.

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    A fresh compilation of original characters for different stories.
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  2. Katherine Hayes

    Name: Katherine "Kate" Hayes
    Pronunciation: Kath-air-in "Kayt" Heyz
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Australian-American
    Accent: Standard
    Occupation: Socialite, Graduate Student

    Personality Traits:
    + Meticulous
    + Easygoing
    + Content
    + Reliable
    - Arrogant
    - Obnoxious
    - Extravagant
    - Restless

    Katherine grew up as the daughter of wealthy, upper class individuals alongside her older brother, Michael. Her mother was a fashion producer and her father was a business entrepreneur. She went to private schools and often participated in pageants, charity galas, and other events laid out for the upper class of New York City. Katherine's relationships were often inconsistent, due to her time consuming schedule as a child. She doubled up on college and high school when she was younger and got her first degree at eighteen years old. Now, she's a graduate student in the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York and ready to make a statement.

    Current Goal: Katherine Hayes is eager to start her own fashion business and graduate with a 4.0 in graduate school to please her Father.

    Current Motives: Be Respected & Achieve Perfection
  3. Claire Reynolds

    Name: Claire Reynolds
    Pronunciation: Clehr Reh-nolds
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Scottish-American
    Accent: Subtle
    Occupation: Unemployed

    Personality Traits:
    + Courageous
    + Persistent
    + Entertaining
    + Skilled
    - Brash
    - Judgemental
    - Rude
    - Impatient

    Claire Reynolds was taken away from her parents' home by Social Services when she was nine years old and her mother overdosed on drugs. Her father couldn't care for her while he was deployed, so Claire was temporarily placed in the foster care system until he returned. He didn't. Claire grew up in a group home the majority of her life, insecure. Eventually, she aged out of the system, and was left to trek the real world on her own with little to no social support. After four years on her own, she continues to struggle for safety and security.

    Current Goal: To lead a "normal" life like everyone else around her and be an inspiration for people like her.

    Current Motives: Validation & Assurance
  4. Ellen Reid

    Name: Ellen "Ellie" Reid
    Pronunciation: El-lenh "El-lee" Ree-dh
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: American
    Accent: Standard
    Occupation: Medical Research Assistant

    Personality Traits:
    + Spirited
    + Playful
    + Resilient
    + Loyal
    - Nosey
    - Cynical
    - Indiscreet
    - Self-Indulgent

    She's unsure who her father is, as her mother recounted the experience of being drunk before she had Ellen, but the absence of a father figure hasn't stopped her from shining. Her connection with her mother was strained at times, but overall, a beautiful, close relationship. Ellen had a couple best friends in school from start to finish, one moved away, but they kept in touch. She started out going to school for nursing, but ultimately decided that wasn't for her and aimed for a Life Science major instead. She's been a Medical Research Assistant at a hospital for almost a year now.

    Current Goal: To find stability and happiness in her life.

    Current Motives: Fear & Finding a Purpose
  5. Daniella McKinley

    Name: Daniella McKinley
    Pronunciation: Dan-yellah Mick-kin-lee
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Irish
    Accent: Subtle Lilting
    Occupation: Executive Assistant

    Personality Traits:
    + Adventurous
    + Quick-Learner
    + Brilliant
    + Good-natured
    - Suspicious
    - Complacent
    - Willful
    - Private

    Daniella grew up on a farm in Ireland. She grew up speaking Gaelic, working hard, and building herself as a woman. She saved every penny she made from a young age so she could study in the United States. Her parents helped her out and when Daniella was eighteen, she left home for college in the new world. Daniella obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Management and found a job opportunity as an executive assistant five years later. Daniella is still new to her job, yet enjoys every waking moment of it and continues to strive in achieving the best results she can for her boss.

    Current Goal: She's unsure where she'll see herself in the next five years. An actual house and better car would be nice though.

    Current Motives: Happiness & Duty
  6. Keeva Callaghan

    Name: Keeva Callaghan
    Pronunciation: Key-vah Cal-lah-han
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: American
    Accent: Standard
    Occupation: Bartender

    Personality Traits:
    + Captivating
    + Optimistic
    + Organized
    + Passionate
    - Absent-minded
    - Desperate
    - Clumsy
    - Well-Meaning

    The outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota was a keeper. Keeva and her family were close to the neighbors, so she became best friends with the neighbor's daughter and son, though Keeva and the daughter had a falling out later in middle school because of a boy they both had a crush on. Keeva attended high school with a carefree, yet strong approach towards her classes, and became more serious during her college years. She worked hard for herself and her family. She got a slightly better paying job as a bartender at 21 through her Father's connections to her uncle and has been working at a dive bar for three years now.

    Current Goal: She wants to help others and feel like she belongs in society.

    Current Motives: Facing Fear & Finding What Was Lost