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WRITING My Little Corner

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    The year was 2077; a nuclear holocaust was just unleashed subjecting the world to dystopia. A war over natural resources left the world in mass destruction, and now living above ground was hopeless. As the residents of Ivybourne received their warnings, all of the chosen residents fled to their new home.

    Vault-Tec was a word unknown to many of the residents before they were chosen to live in Vault 110. These vaults, depending on size, could hold up to a thousand residents. Ivybourne Vault 110 was created to hold 250 people. The residents have no idea how or why they were chosen, they all had randomly received a letter one day in the mail that encouraged them to use the vault for safety in case of a nuclear holocaust, it was imminent.

    The residents were in awe when they first stepped into the Vault. They were ecstatic, they were alive, and they had safety. Vault 110 was completely prepared for their arrival. There was electricity, running water, stocked resources and they had planned to thrive far into the future. There was a cafeteria, security office, overseer’s office, school, bar and best of all places to sleep. Every resident 15 or older was assigned to their own bunker, a small room just large enough for a bed, dresser, desk and a bathroom. Families were paired together in larger units.

    The residents of Vault 110 created their own new world. The people worked together to choose staff for their various stations. People were mostly chosen based on experience and knowledge. Upon that they studied books provided by Vault-Tec and taught each other skills. The overseer had already been chosen by the Vault-Tec board before the residents began life in Vault 110. Everyone lived in complete and utter peace, satisfied with their new lives.

    Samantha Summers was a young girl of 15 when she was brought into Vault 110. She had been a bright student who studied hard and excelled. She had dreams to become a world known surgeon, her dream was to save people. Samantha was a sweet, intelligent girl. She loved to read, study, and learn. She was an only child and her parents, both doctors, fell victim to the chaos that was the nuclear holocaust. Samantha had made it to the Vault, keeping mainly to herself, healing from the trauma of losing her parents.

    Samantha was a curious girl. She loved to know the reasons that things went certain ways as well as why things worked the way that they worked. She always had questions and found herself on adventures throughout the vault, trying to learn its secrets. The medical sector was a place she constantly found herself. She frequently found herself helping out the doctors, nurses and staff in any way possible to learn, even if she just helped with cleaning or clerical work.

    In 2080; things begin to change inside Vault 110. The residents begin getting antsy and there are more fights, less involvement. Residents are coming down with depression, anxiety and the vault is slowly losing their residents. The residents are hopeful that this is only a phase and things will soon be better again.

    Samantha finds herself in complete shock as she received the news that she had been chosen to start training to work in the medical sector. She cannot stop smiling and she is ordered to see the overseer. He is someone that she has only heard about but rarely seen. He was a mystery to most residents of the vault. Staying in his office and attached quarters is what everyone assumed. Only certain staff was permitted inside the office unless otherwise authorized.

    Wearing a thigh length lacy white dress, short denim jacket, and pastel pink heels, Samantha climbed the loud metal stairs to the overseer’s office. This side of the Vault was more elegant than where she was housed at. Her heart was racing in her chest, and she was completely nervous about meeting the overseer. The tall security man assigned to the outside of the office stared her down as she approached.

    “The overseer is expecting me.” She said softly as he simply nodded, grunted and pressed the button to open the door to the office. The door hissed loudly as it opened, they always did. Samantha stepped through the doorway and into the office. The office definitely smelled like the classy smell of a man, expensive cologne. Once she was fully inside the office, the door began to close leaving her alone with the overseer.

    “My name is Samantha Summers. You requested to see me.” Her voice shook with nervousness as she slowly approached his desk.

    The year is 3032. Up in the realms of the expansive unknown universe lived a colony of extraterrestrials who called themselves Spaickru. On the Moon, amongst the barren wasteland, lay a vaste dwelling made up of about 1,500 residents. From the exterior, Terraformia, seemed to be a large white structure that stretched out over the land. The interior however was updated with advanced technology, apartments, and a kind of living you would associate with the future. The place was the size of a large city and it never seemed to end. They had literally everything imaginable.

    Spaickru’s goals were to be able to cohabitate with humans from Earth. They wanted to be able to bring humans to their world and create a new species. Spaickru were unable to live on Earth due to low oxygen levels and the few that had tempted to go to Earth quickly suffocated on the planet.

    Although Spaickru could not live on Earth, Humans could live in Terraformia. The two colonies made a treaty to work together and advance both places. They sent materials and supplies back and forth through space pods and human deliverers. Humans could thrive in Terraformia because the place offered more oxygen, cleaner oxygen, than Earth provided.

    Their first order of business was sending their first set of humans to live in Terraformia. This would be the first step in advancing the races. The two could work together in the same environment.

    Due to the size of Terraformia however only a certain number of humans were allowed to come to Terraformia and the ones that were chosen were only chosen under very special circumstances. The idea came up to bring humans up to Terraformia to teach them advanced technology, others were sent up to be paired up with Spaickru people for breeding, to create the new species, and some were brought up just because of their skills. They could be useful to the future of Terraformia.


    The Spaickru knew that the first shipment of humans were coming today. The colony as a group were mostly excited about the humans coming. They had made many preparations in the last few months. They had a small apartment set up for each human. The humans would be given a career, job tasks, and possibly a Spaickru partner.

    Some of the Spaickru were not looking forward to the humans coming. The new ideas made them uncomfortable and they were not willing to make changes. The men didn’t like their women being paired up with humans for mating. Concerned citizens feared the humans would try to take them over. Like any change it came with pros and cons.


    Callisto had moved quickly through the medical sector. A large smile was splashed across her red lips as she made her way down the aisle, patient beds placed on both sides of her as she moved towards some of her employees. She had came a long way. She was a known name. And she walked with importance. The latest success of a new drug was cause for celebration and she was out to announce the victory.

    Callisto had been born and raised in Terraformia. A child of two retired surgeons, they taught her everything they knew. She was smart and intelligent. They wanted her to be great. She had exceeded their expectations. It was important for her to know things. Callisto worked mostly with paperwork but once in a while she enjoyed helping the patients and performing surgery.

    "Great report, George." Her long thin fingers took the folder from him. The drug had been through a trial of their voluntary patients. George had studied the patients are reported on the side effects and other issues with the drugs. George nodded at her. He was an older man who loved what he did. He was proud of the test trials. “I think that this is finally ready for finishing touches before it hits the market.”

    George simply nodded, happily in aggreance with Callisto as she continued towards her office. She didn’t have much time to stop and chat. The day was finally ending and that meant a new adventure for Callisto. She was one of the women that would receive a human mate from Earth. It was something that caused her a great deal of anxiety. It wasn’t her choice, the human males got to pick their mates. She was used to being independent and she had no idea what a mate would mean for her.

    Callisto finished paperwork in her office as she kept her eye on the clock. The humans would be arriving soon and once they finished with their orientation and training they would be free to begin their lives in Terraformia. Callisto would be sharing her small one bedroom unit with her human. She wasn’t looking forward to it.

    She sulked as she headed towards where the humans currently were. This had been planned for months and the humans chosen were carefully picked. If this operation was successful it would later be expanded. But for the time it was one step at a time. Callisto kept her long dirty blonde hair in waves around her and she wore a clingy red dress which exposed her tanned legs. Black heels adorned her feet and she wore a cherry red lipstick.

    Joining the line of other Spaickru people awaiting their mate, Callisto noticed her best friend Aeryn, who was also getting a human mate. The two simply waved in response as they stood quietly listening to the men announce names for them to meet up with their mates.

    The large atrium was a perfect spot to host this ceremony and the Spaickru people watched as the humans came through the doorway and stood in the front of the room ready to be paired off or sent on their way alone. The large man read off names from the list and watched Spickru head towards the stage for their new mate.

    “Soldaire, Callisto.” The booming voice called out making her heart drop into her stomach. This was it. She couldn’t run from it. Her green eyes glanced over at Aeryn one more time before she headed up to the stage. The entire room watched her as she climbed the stairs and looked for the first time into the face of the human who had picked her.

  3. Alice's Adventures in Old Wonder Wasteland - ORIGINAL - WRITTEN BY ME.

    Sin and Sorrow are but words to Alice Liddel, empty words signifying nothing. She believed in neither, until she met Kingdom Heart. It was ironic that she lived in a place called Wonderland, the darkness had consumed most of her world known simply as the Old Wonder Wasteland. In the Wasteland, people were at war with each other and supplies were very limited. In Wonderland, people lived like there was no Wasteland. The people continued on as if life were perfect, growing their own food, providing their own needs, and taking care of their own people. Although not everyone in Wonderland was happy, it did have a dark side. Alice was a young girl of nineteen who had nothing better to do with her miserable life than become addicted to everything possible. Alice snorted the white euphoria powder, ate the shrooms of imagination and drank the calming potion know as alcohol. She came from a powerful family in Wonderland who casted her out onto the streets for her destructive lifestyle. Alice is known for being naive, imaginative, and cruel at times. She challenges authority and her social upbringing shows in her lack of sensitivity and impolite replies. One night Alice finds herself desperate for a high and is out and about in Wonderland figuring out a solution to her problem. Feeling curious, she follows a wealthy looking man in white. She doesn't really consider why she follows him, it doesn't matter to her. She ends up following him most of the night unaware that she had stepped foot into The Underground. The Underground is the worst place in the Old Wonder Wasteland. The hellish place was known to everyone as a hostile, unpredictable environment, with it's ruler known as Kingdom Heart, otherwise known as King. People of The Underground caused havoc and ran amok, only the most ruthless people could survive residing there. Kingdom Heart, only enforced rules as he seen fit and determining on the circumstance. Kingdom enjoyed his tyranny as Old Wonder Wasteland's most feared leader. That was his motivation in life, when he felt bored, he sought out a plan to create havoc, torturing, killing, or just scaring innocent people. His guards patrolled the streets, performing most of the punishments. Most people who were sent to Heart Castle, were never seen again, and if you did survive the trip, it forever changed you. Kingdom was the creator of all of the euphoria powder, imagination shrooms, and calming potion. He had a crew who worked under him in the confines of the castle, making, distributing, and selling these addictions. People outside of The Underground, would purchase through money or trade, his products through Kingdom's traders who roamed the Old Wonder Wasteland. Sometimes, Kingdom's customers would trade their most worldly possessions, including their daughters to him, just to get their fix, never seeing their daughters again. Kingdom Heart is aware the moment Alice steps foot into his territory, after all he sent his main advisor to lure her back to his land. Once she is in The Underworld, she is unable to leave, him keeping her there for his amusement. She is very heavily in debt to him, for drugs, and stealing from his distributors. Will she be able to save herself from The Underworld? Or will Kingdom Heart keep her trapped in his hell forever?
  4. Here is some of my dominate female against submissive male

    Watching the man begin to stir made Francesca's heart rate jump. The ill attempts to get out of the binding that he couldn't even see would be totally unhelpful to him. A smirk crossed her cherry red lips. He couldn't see anything. It made it all the more fun. She didn't gag him yet. She wanted a little bit of a conversation before she began the real fun.

    "I hope that you are comfortable, my friend." A light chuckle left her as she circled where he was located, her long black fingernails skimming over his clothes as she walked. "Do not get too comfortable though because you will be losing those nice warm clothes soon enough." Now standing near his face she grabbed a nearby knife running it across her fingers, testing the sharpness. "I will quite enjoy putting this large sharp knife against your skin."

    She left the hood on him, keeping him from seeing who she was as she looked him over clothed once more. She put the knife down, the sound of metal on metal echoing through the room. "My my my. Your chest is rising and falling so severely." She picked up the hard leather riding crop next to the knife. The thing wouldn't hurt that badly through his clothes but she wanted to give him a taste of what was to come. The crop made a noise as she flung it through the air, letting it strike him roughly on the chest, right over his heart.

    "I bet you are wondering why you are here." She tilted her head as she ran the crop down lightly down his body. "It seems that your sad attempt to kill someone very close to me has failed miserably and now....." She stopped the crop right over the crotch of his pants. "Well. Let's just say now you will pay. In the worst way possible." She flung the riding crop up once more letting it hit in dick over the material of his pants.

    "I will make you my bitch." She flung the riding crop up once again and hit him even harder in the same spot. She moved around heading back towards his head. "Speak now if you wish. You will not get the opportunity once I place this large round red gag in your mouth." She looked over at the gag upon her table of goodies. Another chuckle left her as she brought the riding crop down harshly across his face. The leather probably making the impact hurt much worse than it normally would. "Speak...." She hit him in the face again. "Now." She hit him again. "Even if you only scream." She bit her lower cherry red lip. "I want to hear you."


    An evil smile stretched across her face as she heard him speak. "That's no way to talk to a woman Oscar." Taking the crop away she slapped him across the face with her hand. "You shouldn't curse in a woman's prescence. Hasn't anyone ever taught you any manners? If I don't kill you tonight. You will at least walk away with some fucking manners." She slapped him with her bare hand one more time.

    "I'll bet that you want to know who I am?" Francesca picked up the sharp knife once more before stepping next to Oscars face once again. "I'll bet that your wondering where you went wrong?" She ran the dull cold side of the knife against Oscar's face as she spoke. "I'll admit you're good. So good infact I wish you worked for me... Maybe we can arrange that." She stopped the knife at his neck letting the sharp point dig into his skin enough to draw a little blood.

    "I'll admit Oscar. I'm finding this kinda hot. It's making my pussy very wet" Watching his chest rise and fall she smirked. "However I'm sad that you don't have anything else to say." She brought the knife down too the collar of his shirt slowly slicing the fabric down the middle. "I think you would be begging me to stop... Or keep going.. whatever your preference is." The shirt was open to his naval now. "We both know that you like this as much as I do." She finished cutting the shirt letting it fall to both sides of him.

    She dropped the knife loudly on the table. Letting the metal clink against metal once again. Oscars chest now exposed to the cooler room. She walked away from him quiet in the corner for a brief second as she removed her red dress. Letting the silence fill his ears. Seeing the panic in him wondering what she was going to do next.

    She kept the heels on. She wasnt wearing a bra and her large tits were on display for Oscar. If only he could see. She wore black lace underwear and she smiled as she made her way back over to him. She pushed the table of toys next to him. Next she climbed on top of him, her knees straddling his sides.

    She bit her teeth into his chest just above his nipple sucking harshly before she pulled away. Immediately she slapped him with her hand in the same spot. She slowly moved her hand up his chest softly to his neck and to his face. Grabbing the mask she ripped it off in one easy movement. Letting his eyes adjust to the light and seeing her for the first time.

    "Hi Oscar." Francesca smirked slapping him across his bare face. She was in his face, her naked tits heavy against his chest. She let her lips tenderly meet his for just a brief second before pulling away and slapping him across the face again.

    You've made me so fucking wet Oscar." She moved her hand down to her underwear pushing the material aside and sticking her index and middle fingers deep inside her vagina. She removed the fingers from her moving them up to Oscars face as she got her face close to his again. The two wet fingers made their way inside her own mouth and she sucked on them right in front of Oscar. "Mmmmmm. Tasty." She popped the fingers from her mouth dipping them into her pussy once more. This time shoving them into Oscars mouth. "Now tell me you fucking like it and I'll sit on your face and let you eat my pussy." With that she pulled the fingers from his mouth and slapped him across the face again.


    A smirk crossed Francesca's face as she stared down at the enemy. Tsk Tsk Tsk. The noise came from her mouth as both arms straddled his face and she glared down at him, face to face. "When you learn how to talk to a lady. Then I will quit hitting you." She quickly pulled away, flinging her long brown locks down before slapping him again. "Besides I kinda like the color that your face is turning." She leaned down to his face again running her tongue along the side of his face, across the warm flesh.

    She picked up the knife once more letting the sharp blade glide lightly across his chest, leaving the lightest scratches. "You are really not in the position for threatening me. Right now..." She moved the blade over the sensitive skin of his nipple, letting it rest there for a moment. "You are only alive because I want you to be." She dug the knife in a little deeper before going back to the soft glide. "You're my bitch. Remember?"

    Francesca moved the knife from his chest to trailing it up her stomach. She tilted her head as she watched his reaction. "You are not going to get the opportunity to talk much longer." The knife left a scratch across her stomach, that matched his, as she trailed it between her breasts and up her neck. "Your words they are boring to me. And useless." She ran the knife to her mouth licking the edge of it, with her tongue, after she was done speaking.

    Once the knife exited her mouth she gripped the handle with both hands. Bringing it down. Stabbing it hard into the wooden horse right next to Oscars face. "Why the fuck did you try to kill my brother!?" The knife stuck from the table by its sharp point. "Give me anything other than a fucking answer and you will not like my response." She hissed the threat at him. Getting in his face once more.
  5. Dominant Male against Submissive Female

    Adriano flung the solid oak door open to the small restaurant. The bell in the door rang fiercely noting his arrival to the waitstaff. The hostess, a young woman, began to speak to him. He simply held up his large hand and continued walking. He was a man on a mission. The mission was getting some money out of Mr. Green. The restaurant owner had owed his father some money. Adriano's father could no longer collect from his place in Hell and Adriano wanted the money.

    Some would say that Adriano wasn't ready to take over the family business. He was still too young at 24 and hadn't learned the full trade yet. Some would say it was dangerous for Adriano to be in charge. He was impulsive. It was risky to the business. If there was one good thing that Adriano was good at it was roughing people up. It was his favorite part of the job.

    "Umm Sir, you can't go back there." She shouted louder as Adriano made his way through the metal two way kitchen doors. The kitchen was extremely busy. Everyone was running a mile a minute probably because lunch hour was quickly arriving. There was a lot going on with the scene but Adriano didn't stop as he searched for the man he was looking for. The first person he made eye contact with was a young girl who couldn't have been 18. The girl had beautiful dark skin and innocent brown eyes but his stare was more focused on the intricate freckles that littered her face. The look on her face appeared to be shock but Adriano was tall, large and very intimidating. No words were exchanged between them as he took the brief moment to look at her before continuing on.

    The staff in the kitchen continued to run circles around him, making no effort to stop him. It was almost as if he was invisible. His large black boot came up and made contact with the wooden door, kicking in the office door. Mr. Green, who was at his desk on a phone call, stood instantly, dropping the phone from his large hand. His brown eyes widened when he took note of who had just barged in. "Oh Mr. Guiseppi..." He began as Adriano made no effort to stop in his tracks.

    Adriano's tanned hand clung to Mr. Green's throat pinning him against the ugly wall paper of his office. A grunt left the terrified man once he realized that he had no options of escaping Adriano's clutches. "Where's my money?" Adriano growled hoping not to hear any excuses from his debtor. The hustle and bustle of the kitchen could be heard from their location but not one person stopped to intervene.

    "I uhhhh don't have it." Mr Green spoke almost trembling with fear. "I will get it though soon." He nodded his head hoping it was enough to please Adriano.

    A smirk left Adriano's perfect lips, leaving a smug look on his face. He chuckled slightly at Mr. Green's words. "You see...." He began still holding Mr. Green against the wall and off the floor a couple of inches. "That's not good enough."

    Adriano used his free hand and swiped it across Mr.Greens desk, letting everything fall to the floor, computer included. "I want it soon. I will be charging double interest until payment is made in full." His free fist came up and pounded the wall right next to Mr. Green's head with enough force to crumble the dry wall. "My next option is to burn this fucking dump down." He growled again making sure that Mr. Green got the message. "You understand I hope?"

    He didn't wait for Mr. Green to respond before he let him drop to the floor. Adriano turned around and left the room, making brief eye contact with the girl once again, a smirk left his lips as he stared at her. The kitchen continuing to move around them as if nothing had happened. The girl seemed to be the only one that remotely took attention to what had went down in there. She seemed to be an interested party.

    Adriano moved quickly through the dining area and out of the building. He rubbed his throbbing head as he got into his black Lexus SUV and drove off. It was still early which meant it was going to be a long day.



    It had been a really long day. Adriano sat at his desk in the night club basement drinking a glass of whiskey and working on paperwork. The music could be heard blasting from upstairs. Paperwork was the worst but he couldn't trust anyone else to do it. He took a drink of his whiskey and rubbed his throbbing head when in walked Antonio the head of security.

    "There's a girl here asking about you." Antonio was tall with dark skin and muscles, more muscles than most people. As Adriano's head of security. Antonio got paid to work out and he got paid good money to do it.

    "Yeah well get rid of her." Adriano shouted back at him. " Tell her no interviews during the weekend." Waving him out of the room Adriano returned his attention to the pile of papers on his desk. "I fucking hate accounting." He mumbled to himself. Finishing off the glass of whiskey that had warmed up to almost room temperature which caused the liquor to become more intolerant to drink.

    Antonio came back through the door without so much as a knock. " Uhh boss.... She's not taking no for an answer." He spoke quickly as the girl followed him into the room.

    It caused Adriano to quickly scoot out his chair and stand on his feet. At 6'7” he was tall enough that his head came close to the ceiling light. "What the fuck Antonio?!" He yelled causing Antonio to quickly leave the room. Adriano picked up the whiskey glass and threw it at the door barely missing the girl. The glass shattered the minute it made impact with the solid door.

    It was at that moment he finally turned his attention to the strong willed girl who wouldn't take no for an answer. He recognized her immediately. Even though the girl had grown, she still had those innocent brown eyes and those freckles that seemed to dance across her beautiful dark skin.

    Curiosity peaked his interest suddenly. He wondered what the girl was doing there. How she had the guts to show her face with all the money her father owed him. "I assume your here about daddies debt." Of course she was a daddies girl, she looked about as innocent as they come.

    "Unless you can pay it in full there's nothing you can do." Adriano sat down in his solid oak chair, not even bothering to offer the girl a seat. He'd been through this time and time again with women who came in here and tried to charm him or fuck him in order to pay their dad's debt. "Nice try though."

    Adriano's dark eyes looked up at the girl as she stood there awkwardly as if she had something to say. He couldn't help but take in the beauty she offered. Adriano found her more beautiful than the countless other girls that came through the door. But beautiful women came with a price. They risked his business. He looked down at his papers for a moment as if he was carefully inspecting them. He moved his eyes up to look at her. " You can go now." And with a wave of his arm he looked back down at his work.


    Looking up from his papers, Adriano's dark eyes drifted over the woman. A chuckle left his mouth. "You could work here for me forever and still not pay that debt off." It was the truth a nightclub job wouldn't pay much. And the girl wouldn't be any good for security she was about as scary as a baby deer.

    Adriano slid out his chair and stood again. He had a desire to be closer to the woman. He moved towards her slowly as she continued rambling on. His boots cracking against the concrete floor as he reached her. Adriano stood next to her towering over her as her surveyed her closely.

    She was beautiful, so young and naive in her ways, he had a certain attraction to her. He couldn't really describe it because it wasn't a feeling he was used to. "You're certainly adorable. I'll give you that. And you've got a certain fire in your eyes. I like that." He walked a half circle around her checking out the curves she obviously wanted to highlight in that dress.

    "But there is really nothing in the form of positions where I could put you to work to pay off the debt. You would be working for me for the rest of your life.... And that's not any way to live is it? Having nothing? Being no one? It would be a long miserable existence for you...." He let his large hand snap out cracking her on her bubbly ass with extreme force. "Wouldn't it?"

    Adriano made his way back around to the front of the girl slowly, still surveying every inch of her body. "It would indeed..." He began answering his own question. "Be such a waste of such a beautiful girl who has so much potential and so much to offer." He found himself staring down at her cleavage so ample and perfect. He let out a slight groan, an idea forming in his head.

    "You're certainly not made to be a killer. I doubt you've ever been rude to anyone let alone killed anyone." He moved his hand to her face. She had a face like no other. A face he never forgot in those five years. Gently touching her chin, moving it to look up at him. Those brown eyes still filled with innocence. He ran his thumb along her enthralling face. Across the freckles that adorned her.

    His hand continued to move up her face and into her hair. The unruly mane was attractive to him and he couldn't wait to sink his hands into it. He thought about the girl often in the years. There was just something about her. Grabbing a harsh hold of her hair he forced her head to the side running his tongue up the side of her face.

    The softest scent of strawberries expelled from her skin and her hair. The girl even smelled innocent. He let go of her just then stepping back. He needed to gain control of himself. The bulge in his pants needed tamed. Self control was something he was never good at.

    Yes. He decided on how she could pay back the debt. "If you want to pay back the debt. I'll give you two choices. One is to sell yourself to me for a month. To do whatever I wish with you. You will not leave my home unless I say. Two I can throw you in one of my strip clubs to dance and you can work there for the rest of your life. Otherwise I'll go through with plans of burning that fucking dump of a restaurant down and send my boys after your dad."

    "Your 24 hours to decide begins...." He moved back to his desk sitting down and looking at his watch."Now." Adrian looked up at the girl for a brief second then returned his attention to his papers where he began writing numbers on a sheet.


    "You'll be back!" He shouted cockily as he watched the frightened girl shuffle out the door. The cute girl caused him to chuckle. It was merely a game to him. It didn't matter which path she chose. It didn't affect him. But to the girl it was her life. Mentally roughing someone up was just as fun as physically roughing someone up.

    "Antonio!" He wasn't asking for the man. He was demanding his presence. It didn't take long before Antonio came into the room. The man was more than likely curious about what had went down between the two. Adriano didn't even wait for Antonio to speak. The minute he seen his big bald head he began his lecture. " What the fuck Antonio?!" He shouted but before Antonio could get a word in he continued.

    "What the hell am I paying you for if you can't even keep a small fragile woman out of my office!? Are you getting weak? I think your getting weak." Adriano had a tendency to answer his own questions. It was a trait of his proud self absorbed personality. He didn't even look at Antonio as he lectured him. He continued writing numbers in the log he had been working on.

    "Sorry about that boss. She just kinda slipped past me." Antonio stood there not much interested in the conversation himself. His phone vibrated in his pants and he fished it out to read the text as Adriano grilled him.

    "Yeah well don't let it happen again." Adriano looked up at Antonio who was still playing on his phone. "I want her followed for the next 24 hours. Put our best man on it."

    "I'll put John on it right away." Antonio began texting John who was working outside club detail with Matthew. "Done. That it, boss?" Antonio focused his attention on Adriano.

    " Yes. Oh and get me another fucking drink." Adriano shouted as he watched Antonio leave his office.


    John had been watching the girl every since she left the club. She was not a very interesting person to track. It was almost too easy. He quickly realized she lived a pretty boring life. The assignment had come straight from the boss. Adriano has some interest in the pathetic woman and John had no idea what it was. He did what he was paid for and that was to simply follow the girl.

    Adriano didn't want her leaving town. He didn't want her warning her parents of what was to come. They could all disappear and it work take a shit ton of work to track them down. A shit ton of work that he didn't want to do. If they left town, things could get messy fast, it left room for error.

    John drove the black Cadillac down the dark street slowly following the girl. Sprinkles of rain had just started hitting John's windshield which would soon be a downpour. He had followed her from the apartment building. The shabby suitcase that she carried couldn't have contained much but it was a sign that she was going through with Adriano's sinister plan. Whatever Adriano had planned for the girl couldn't be good. He wasn't exactly a wine and roses romance type.

    Light classical music played in the car as John crept up to the curb near the girl. He watched her for a moment, clearly sulking over her decision, as he rolled the darkened window down. The rough voice boomed out the open window. "Get in."

    The girl looked surprised that he had approached. It wasn't complete shock. She most likely already had suspicions that she had been being watched. There was no need to make it a secret. So he didn't try too hard to blend in naturally. The girl seemed to hesitate for a few moments as if contemplating her decision.

    "I work for Adriano. I was instructed to pick you up." He spoke again clearly uninterested in the task at hand. His dark watched the girl stand under the street light as sprinkles hit her body. "Come on. It is going to rain any second."

    She didn't say a word as she moved to get into the vehicle. There wasn't any need for them to speak to each other. John was simply doing a job. Transferring the girl from Point A to Point B. Otherwise he was uninterested in the reason why. He just knew they were on their way to Adriano's house.

    The black Cadillac pulled up to a large set of wrought iron gates. John looked back at the quiet girl as he pressed the button above his head to open the gates. Creeping through the gates as they opened would give the girl a first look at Adriano's fortress. The large home sitting in the rich quiet section of the city on top of a hill.

    The lavish home was all lit up signifying that someone was home. John pulled the car up to the front of the home, before stepping out to open Audrianna's door. When the girl stepped out, he closed the car door, and led her up the sidewalk to the large wooden double doors. He opened the door letting the girl in then closed it behind her, as he headed back to the car, leaving her in the foyer alone.

    The foyer was tall, two stories tall and the tan walls were noticeable from the large light in the room. A double staircase came down each side of the small room. Adriano, who John notified of the girls arrival, walked into the room. He was dressed more casual in black slacks and a maroon long sleeved button up shirt. A smirk crossed his lips as he laid his eyes on the girl once more. Two glasses of red wine in his hands.

    He stepped towards the girl, asserting authority as he moved, handing her the wine glass. He kept the same cocky look on his face. He had won after all and he was the image of arrogance. "Welcome. I can't say that you are going to enjoy the time that you are here but I will make sure that I enjoy it to the fullest." An evil chuckle slipped past his lips as he took a sip of wine.


    Adriano turned sharply around his tall dark presence making itself known. His dark eyes glared down on the girl across the room. "No. You can not call her." It was a simple request that he should have granted her, but there were reasons not to. He wanted the girl to feel alone and vulnerable. He wanted her to create a dependency on him. He wanted to keep her to himself. " If your parents cared enough about you, then they would have made sure to keep current on their debts. But they didn't, did they?" He said it carelessly. A jab to upset the girl. "Maybe think about that.... The fact that they didn't care enough about protecting their family by paying an easy debt." He said it ruthlessly. He didn't need family and neither did she. All family did was fuck you over. He wanted her against them. He wanted her to hate them as much as she hated him right now. He wanted to be the one to pick up the pieces of the broken girl. He wanted to be the one that saved her.

    Adriano took a few steps towards the girl. His shirt was ruffled and a few buttons were unfastened from the long day. "Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe they didn't pay the debt because they secretly hoped you would deal with the problem?" His priority was to mentally fuck up the girl so he continued. A harsh thought in his head that he shouldn't say out loud. A sinister look across his face as he made the decision to say it. "Maybe...." He looked her up and down. He was in her face now. The cute dark freckled face that was hard to resist. "They didn't want you at all." He wanted to comfort her, to make her feel protected, but he needed her broken before he did.

    Without another word. Adriano walked out of the girls bedroom. Giving her no time to speak. No time to slap him in the face like he so thoroughly deserved. He slammed the door behind him, causing the sound to echo throughout the house. He wanted her completely alone with her thoughts.

    Adriano's long legged stride made it to the staircase before he retreated back to Audrianna's door. He leaned his muscled figure against it, listening in on the room. A heavy sigh left him. He wanted to know how she would react. A small fucked up part of him wanted to hear her cry, scream, break shit. Anything to tell him that she was thinking about what he said. He didn't stand there long. His goal was to be unnoticed. He wanted her to think he didn't care at all, when for some reason he did care.

    A few moments later Adriano retreated from the spot in front of Audrianna's door. He moved down the stairs and out the door without so much as stopping. There was too much other shit to do than to tend to the girl.


    "Don't make me fuck you up!" Adriano had walked through the nightclub at the right time. Johnny one of the bouncers was pushing a young punk club goer up against the wall. The fast paced tempo was still blaring over the speakers and through many people were still dancing, many people had also stopped and watched the confrontation. It was as if they were hoping for a fight.

    "Whoa Whoa Whoa." Adriano stepped between the two shorter men, towering over them both. "Nobody is fuckin' up no one." He pushed the two men as the continued to swing at each other. "If you plan on fuckin' each other up. Take it outside. What happens on the street is none of my business." He looked at Johnny as one of the other bouncers led the club goer out the door. "Johnny you want to fuckin' lose your job? I know you can't afford to. So get the fuck back to work. I don't have time for this shit." Adriano walked away leaving Johnny to go back to his post.

    It was the truth. Adriano did not have time for this shit. He was already in a pissy mood. His mind kept going back to Audrianna. He had no idea what to do with the girl. He didn't even know why he decided to have her come to the house. Now it was his problem and he needed to figure it out. He flung the black metal door open to the hallway, sending a text on his phone, and descended down the stairs to his office. The sight he found when entering the office would just make his night worse.

    There sat Sophia his ex wife, his bitch of an ex wife, in his chair, arms crossed, legs crossed, like she fucking owned the place. God Damnit. He rubbed his forehead with his hand at the sight of her. She always gave him a fucking headache and he wasn't near drunk enough to deal with her right now.

    A smirk crossed her face the moment she seen him. It was like she knew the exact mood he was in. The bitch knew the exact time to show up. When he wasn't in the mood to deal with her which was always. "Adriano honey." Sophia stood fixing her black dress as she strutted over to Adriano in that sexy way she did.

    She began fixing his shirt, smoothing it out, and buttoning the buttons as she stood too close. "Stop, stop, stop." Adriano muttered not wanting her to touch him. But she continued to look up at him with those beautiful brown eyes. He ruffled the shirt back up just to spite her. "Why the hell are you here? What the hell do you want?"


    Shawn had watched Adriano bring the young girl home. He had left her alone and didn't disturb her. But his mind couldn't help but wonder who she was and why Adriano had brought her home. He didn't think it was someone Adriano was seeing but It wasn't his place to ask questions. It was all a part of his job.

    The text that came from Adriano asked him to check on her. Adriano had wanted to make sure she didn't flee after their exchange of words or rather what he had to say to her. He didn't know why he cared so much. There were a million other things on his plate. But making sure the girl stayed was important to him.

    Shawn slowly went up the stairs, in his blue jeans, white t shirt and leather jacket to check on the girl. He didn't know what he would say to her. But he thought about it as much as he could. He knocked softly before slowly opening the door not wanting to walk in on anything but also wanting to make sure she hadn't escaped because they would be on his ass.

    "Uhhhhh Adriano wanted me to check on you..." He said as he opened the door to get the first look at the girl. She was young, probably about his age, and way younger than Adriano. She was beautiful and he knew right away that Adriano had some interest in her in more ways than one. "I'm supposed to check on you. You doing okay? You need anythin?"


    Sophia's big brown eyes looked lovingly at Adriano as she continued to touch his chest. "Baby. I miss you." Her bottom lip began to pout as she tried to persuade him that she missed him. "I need you." Sophia purred as she softly moved her arms onto Adriano's shoulders.

    Adriano moved away from her touch. "You don't miss me. You miss my fucking money. The lifestyle that you were able to have when you were with me." He walked away from her as he spoke. "What happened to that guy....." Uhh what the fuck was his name? Oh yeah."Steve." He turned back towards her as he was near his desk."You know the one you were fuckin' behind my back." He stood there with a fire in his dark eyes. "You finally find out about his drug addiction or did he fuck someone behind your back?" He was back in her face now.

    Sophia let out a couple of light sobs hoping they would help convince him. "Ohhh Adriano. He was a mistake." She wouldn't indulge him with the truth. It was too terrible. " The important thing is baby I am right back where I belong." She moved her hand up to softly brush his stubbled jaw. "I am back with you." She smiled as she continued to touch him. "Please forgive me baby. I need you."

    The scowl that presented on Adriano's face meant that he wasn't buying the act in the least. "I'll assume all of the above then." He smirked. It was humorous. After what she did to him she deserved every negative thing that came her way. Karma kept receipts and it was collecting on Sophia. Adriano moved towards the door holding it open. "Leave now. We are not up for discussion. We are over."

    "But baby....." Sophia purred one last time before turning around to face him, clearly looking upset.

    "No buts." Adriano's voice boomed causing her not to speak any further. "Get the fuck outta here. The way that you betrayed me... is unforgivable." He looked down at the floor at his boots. The heartbreak still fresh in his mind. "You are lucky I didn't fucking have you killed." It was the honest truth. "You know too much shit Sophia. You are a huge liability to me. Take the fucking alimony that I pay you and be happy on it. It is plenty. I never want to see your face again." He finally looked back up at her seeing the tears begin to flow from her eyes. This time they were real tears. Something about it was hot. Adriano closed his dark eyes, biting his lip, trying to control the urge to fuck her.

    "If I see you again. You are as good as dead." He didn't want her dead. He still cared too much. Even saying it made his stomach churn in rebellion. His eyes opened back up as he stood there holding the door signaling her to leave. Watching Sophia lick her lips, before hearing the click of her heels as she moved towards the door. Adriano could make out the tears on her face, the obvious look of being upset in her eyes as she simply touched his hand before continuing out the door.

    Hopefully he would never see her again.


    Upon hearing the females voice Shawn decided it was safe enough to step into the room. Quickly noticing the upset look on the girls face. She hadn't thrown anything yet so he decided it was worth the risk. He tucked his hands into the pockets of the jeans he wore.

    A part of him wanted to ask her what was wrong. He imagined it had something to do with Adriano. The man was known to make women cry. Shawn wanted to follow in Adriano's footsteps and had worked hard to become Adriano's apprentice. But Adriano's attitude was something that Shawn couldn't compete with. He was more friendly and laid back but that didn't mean he couldn't fuck someone up. Just not women.

    "You mean he didn't feed you?" Adriano was forgetful of other peoples feelings but it wasn't something that Shawn mentioned outloud. "Well shit." He removed his hand from his pocket and ran it through his dark hair as he leaned against the wall. "Lets go get you something to eat then...." He removed his tall body from the support of the wall. "Your choice." He flashed her a smile as he dug his keys from his other pocket. "We can go anywhere. Even someplace nice. It will go on Adriano's tabs and he can buy us some drinks too." He chuckled before making the joke. "You look like you could use a few and besides it's always good to have a fun time on someone else's dime."


    Once Sophia was out the door, Adriano slammed it causing the loud echo to sound through the basement. He let out a loud groan as he rubbed his head and returned to his desk. It had been a year since he seen Sophia and with her she brought a lot of memories. He had loved her.... well as much as he could love a woman and she had betrayed him in the worst way. He should have killed Steve when he had the chance. God knows he was close. But he wanted Sophia to live with her choice. He wanted her to realize the choice she made. He wanted her to live with the misery of her choice. Now that she was. He was satisfied. Revenge was a beautiful thing.

    Pulling his phone from his pocket, he texted Antonio, there was still a job for them to do tonight. He wasn't looking forward to it and it wouldn't be pretty. Murder was always risky. No matter how many times you had done it, there was still that chance of being caught. The thrill of the kill quickly being replaced by the anxiety of what if? Putting his black boots on the desk he pulled out his desk drawer. Twisting off the lid of the half bottle of scotch before he downed a huge drink. The scotch burned as it made its way down his throat, but it was a good burn. He replaced the lid and placed it back in its home, safely in his desk.

    There was still too much to do. This was going to be a long night.


    "I'm Shawn by the way. I'll be downstairs waiting. No hurry, take your time." He could tell that the girl needed to get away. She was clearly upset. He had only hoped getting her out and about would help calm her down and make her happy. The reasoning behind her being there wasn't completely known by him. Adriano just wanted him to 'keep the girl comfortable'. He wasn't one to ask questions. He just did his job. Adriano was one mean motherfucker so getting on his bad side would not be wise. Shawn left the room without another word. He waited for the girl in the foyer.

    "Pizza it is then... Audrianna." He smiled at the girl as he opened the large doors leading them outside to his car. The brand new black mustang parked in the driveway. Shawn opened Audrianna's door letting her get in before closing it gently behind her.

    As they cruised down the highway, rock music played faintly on the radio. Luigi's Pizza was across town and it was a trip but it was the best place in town. Shawn looked over at Audrianna a few times noticing that she seemed to be a quiet girl. Not Adriano's type at all. He usually liked their personalities loud and dramatic. He could see Adriano's reason for interest in the girl, she was beautiful, even with the wild hair and plain clothes. This poor girl had no idea what was in store for her at the hands of Adriano.

    "I am taking you to the best pizza place in town." Shawn looked over at her briefly, while they sat at a stop light, hoping to make some conversation. She seemed like she needed a friend. She seemed lonely. "Luigi's Pizza. You ever been there?" The light turned green and he floored the accelerator causing the Mustang to roar to life on the highway.


    Adriano paced back and forth with utter frustration. This was not where he wanted to be right now. Dealing with meaningless underground gambling operations was a job for someone else. Someone that worked under him. Even though he loves this kinda work, hes too busy for it anymore.

    "I do not like the way you are running your operation." Adriano bellowed at the man. He had stormed in with Antonio and Greg. Together cleared out the small building. Planning to take care of it in a permanent way. "I hear that you are taking some of my money and pocketing it. I also hear that you have been in cahoots with competitors. Isn't that what you have found out Antonio?" Adriano turned his head to look over at Antonio as him and Greg held the traitor in place.

    "MMMMmmm sure is boss." Antonio talked low and quickly. He was ready to see Adriano unleash fury on this man. It was something he quite enjoyed. Antonio's large dark muscled body easily kept the man in his place as Adriano confronted him.

    "He's lying!" The underground gambling boss shouted as Antonio finished his sentence.

    Adriano exchanged a look with Adriano, of course believing him over this other non important man. "You know..." He roared before continuing "We see this as a form of treason." He pointed his small 9mm handgun at his face as Greg and Antonio held the man in place. The gun wasn't large or intimidating to Adriano but it would do the job he needed it to. "The punishment for treason is death." Adriano said it as it was nothing. To him it was nothing, something he dealt with everyday and he didn't mind getting people out of the way.

    "Please no!" He shouted loudly struggling without success to get out of the clutches of his two guards. Adriano chuckled at the mans sad attempt to plead for his miserable life. It thrilled him to see someone begging for their life. The power of a life in his hands was completely erotic. The man should have thought about his choices sooner. Adriano didn't tell him this. It would have been a waste of time and would not have changed the situation any. Even being here taking care of this was a complete waste of time and that pissed him off.

    Aiming his gun, without another word, Adriano fired. The bullet went into the man's knee causing him to yell out. The blood began instantly running down his leg. Adriano smiled and licked his lips contemplating his next move. The man was still being held up be Antonio and Carlos as he aimed the gun at him again only this time firing the bullet into his other knee. This caused the same reaction from him and Adriano laughed as the men let go of him and he fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood. The man couldn't move and he was screaming out in pain and trying to get out of there. He was just happy to be alive.

    "Shut this shit down..... Now!" Adriano yelled, not looking at the scene twice. "I want nothing left of this place." He yelled as he walked out the front door. Antonio and Greg knew what he meant. Adriano wanted no proof that he was there. He walked out the door letting it slam closed behind him as he hopped into his black Lexus and took off away from the scene. Soon flames would come erupting from the building and whether or not the man made it out alive, wasn't his concern. He most likely wouldn't but if he did then he would not cross his path again. It would be a smart choice.


    A smirk crossed Shawn's face as he watched Audrianna freak out over the speed at which he took off. "Wow." He started laughing slightly. Not at her but at the situation. " You ever done anything crazy?! We're all a little crazy." He continued driving looking over at her every so often.

    "You're cute." He said as he looked over at her again. Even in the night, the moonlight seemed to pick up the girls intricate features. The way her lips moved when she spoke. Her doe eyes. There wasn't an imperfect feature about her. They stopped at another stop light. "Let me tell you what. On the way back...." the light turned green and he floored it again. " You drive. You have got to live a little. Enjoy the thrill of the adrenaline rush."

    They pulled into the parking lot of Luigi's and after he put the car into park he turned to look at her once more. "Either you drive on the way home or you get totally shitfaced here. Pick one. Because I'll almost guarantee you haven't done either." He left her with that thought as he got out of the car and went around to her side and opened her door, letting her get out.

    Once she was standing next to him he spoke again, trying to calm the girls nerves a little bit. "It's time to live a little. I'm not sure the exact circumstances of why you're staying with Adriano but you should enjoy it." He was speaking the truth Adriano was tough but he protected his people. "He will keep you safe."


    Adriano slammed the side door to the house as he entered in through the kitchen. The day had been long and fucked up and he was in a terrible mood. His thoughts kept traveling to Sophia. He loved how perfect she looked tonight. The way she acted, the vulnerability. It turned him on. Had he done what he wanted, then he would have fucked her right there, bent over his desk, in his office. Just thinking about the act made his cock hard.

    "Fuck!" He growled outloud. His temper was at an all time high. He wanted to smash shit. There was also the situation which involved the girl upstairs. At least she was hopefully still up there. His men were supposed to keep an eye on her. That was their job after all, not his.

    He went into his office, where he kept his bar, all of his alcohol. His black booted feet stomped across the hardwood floor as he moved. Drinking seemed to be his solution for everything. No matter how much he drank. It never seemed to solve his problems. He had to get Sophia out of his mind. She was driving him wild. Not seeing her in months had almost wiped away her presence in his memory but seeing her had brought it all back.

    There was nothing hotter than a woman, an exotic woman, begging. Vulnerable, needy women who needed direction. Who needed Adriano. There was nothing hotter or more appealing to him. There was nothing hotter than saving a woman. One that needed him to live but still had that little fire inside of her. He loved a feisty attitude.

    It had taken him time but he had trained Sophia to be his perfect women. She hadn't even realized the changes in her personality that he had created. It was something that you couldn't create overnight. She had become more reliant on him to make decisions and to take care of her and her needs. But it was something that was taken away in one night. Steve had ruined everything in one fuck that Adriano had taken months to build.

    He leaned against the bar in his home office with a full glass of whiskey in his hand. The routine 2 ice cubes floating in the warm liquid keeping it just cool enough. Adriano never had revenge on Steve but maybe just maybe it was time to create a plan of action.


    Anyone else would have been insulted by the way she spoke. Audrianna was quite the little spitfire. The girl attempted so hard to be mean and scary but she was just too cute to even pull it off. Shawn laughed at her from his place across from her in the booth. Totally ignoring everything she said. "Well if I were you I would pick option 2. The drinking option. You need to relax a little. Alcohol will help." He looked across the menu before lowering it to look at her. "You need alcohol or sex." He said it seriously before putting the menu back up to his face, viewing the options that it held. He continued to speak as he read over the menu. "Something to calm you down a little. I can tell from looking at you that you are totally tense." The girl did need to relax. "I doubt you have ever even had sex." He chuckled again.

    The waitress came over to the table, interrupting the conversation, as the two scanned their menus. "What can I start you off with to drink?" She asked softly as the scent of pizza wafted from the kitchen.

    "I will have a Coke. The girl would like a glass of your finest wine." He made the decision for her deciding that she needed to live a little. If she didn't drink the wine that was her problem. He looked across the table at her taking in her cute face and wild hair. He gave her a look of confidence because he knew he was pushing her buttons. "You're not driving my car with that attitude."

    "Good choices. I will be right back with those drinks and to take your order." The waitress looked over the two and left without another word.

    "Sooooo Audrianna." Shawn put the menu down staring at her across the table. "What would you like to eat? Pizza and a salad? Ladies choice." A smirk came across his face. He was enjoying playing with the girl. The anger she had expressed across her face was still lingering slightly from earlier. And he was enjoying every moment of this.


    The longer Adriano sat there. The longer he drank. The more furious he became. Steve made his brain boil. The fact that he totally fucked up Sophia who was the best thing that happened to him angered him to his core. He should have killed the bastard when he had the chance.

    There was still time. Sophia has admitted the mistake to him. There was no reason to keep the man alive any longer. Karma had been served. This needed to be carefully thought out. If he did it on feelings alone there was a high risk for a fuck up. There was also the issue of Sophia. He didn't want the bitch back. No matter how much he still loved her. She was damaged goods now.

    The girl upstairs came to mind. The sweet innocent naive girl. Sure she was a hellion but she also had this side that he couldn't ignore. The soft sweet side that normally showed. He loved her spunk, her loyalty and he couldn't get enough of her face. That wild hair. There was something special about the girl.

    Finishing his drink, he had lost count of the number that he had. He took off towards her bedroom. The two still had unfinished business. Adriano couldn't believe that she had not showed her face. He imagined that she was pretty pissed at him. But worry began to form that maybe she had snuck out.

    He reached her room. Only to invade the privacy by not knocking. He entered to find the room empty. "Fuck!" He stormed around the room before checking the bathroom. She. Was. No. Where. To be found. His first instinct was to text Shawn. He was responsible for watching the girl.


    The girl still caused Shawn to chuckle. "That's what all virgins say." He looked over at the look on her face. She was so cute especially when she was angry. "And when you take control like you did with that order." He leaned closer against the table. " It totally makes me hard." He chuckled again as he took a drink of his coke and waved the waitress over again putting his hand in the air.

    "The girl will take another glass of wine." He ordered even though the girl hadn't even touched the first one. When the waitress left he looked back across the table at Audrianna. "We can keep this up all night baby."

    He relaxed back in the booth. A cocky look on his face as he put this hands behind his head. "If you ever want to lose that virginity just let me know." It was too much fun messing with the girl but wow was she getting angry almost over nothing. He couldn't quite read her. He wasn't sure if she was being playful or serious.

    "Look Audrianna." He finally got a little more serious. "I'm just being playful. I want you to enjoy yourself." He moved back as they brought the dinner to the table. He waited until they left to continue. "I'm just trying to be your friend. I'm not the enemy here." He sat there for a second before taking a bite of his salad.

    Maya, who's father was a top scientist in the Vault, worked at Freddie's as the bartender. Maya was a girl who didn't have any ambitions for her life. She just lived day by day enjoying life in the vault and doing whatever was most fun at the moment. At this moment she was chatting to her friend Stacey, while a man at the other end was waving her down to bring him a drink. Maya just ignored the man and continued her conversation with Stacey when in walked Alexander.

    "OMG Stacey. Do not look now but Alexander totally just came in." Maya had her eyes set on Alexander for a long time. He never really noticed her but she always noticed him. Quickly, fixing her curly brown hair and making sure she looked as best as she could, Maya left Stacey's attention without even waiting for a response from her friend. She strolled right on over to serve Alexander in her black jeans and low cut white top, required uniform for Freddie's.

    "Hey Alexander." Maya spoke casually, before biting her lip, as she made his drink. Serving him ahead of the guy that had been waiting longer. Maya knew Alexander's drink perfectly because he was one man she would never forget. She stared dreamily at him as he took his drink and scanned the bar as if looking for someone. She figured he would ignore her because he normally did but she still wanted to put in the effort. Her hormones were going wild for some of Alexander.

    Maya focused her thoughts away from Alexander and onto her job even though it was hard. Walking down to the other end of the bar she helped the older grey haired man by providing him the drink he had been waiting so long for. He only wanted a beer which was a simple task. "About time." He sprouted off not leaving her a tip.

    Maya strolled back down to her friend Stacey where she watched Alexander closely and obsessed over how attractive he was to her friend.


    By her third drink of Alexander's supply, Betty was running out of time and patience. Fucking Alexander. Betty cursed to herself. She would never curse him to his face. He would not have that. She closed her eyes for a brief second, letting her blonde hair fall back as she began to let her thoughts drift to inappropriate thoughts.

    The thoughts that consumed her mind were those of Betty on her knee's serving Alexander with her mouth. She moaned loudly at the thought with her eyes still closed. She didn't want to lose the scene as it played in her mind. She found herself propping up her long slender tanned leg on the arm of the chair. Her legs spread and the lack of underwear gave her easy access to her perfectly groomed pussy.

    Betty's eyes remained closed as her hand skipped down her body and nestled into the moist spot between her legs. A loud moan escaped her lips and a smirk spread happily across her lips. She let her index finger comes out to play with her clit and the first graze causes her to inhale deeply. Betty licked her lips before moaning again needing more of the pleasure. She brought out her middle finger and let the two fingers rub her clit this time longer and in unison. The sensation caused her entire body to vibrate and more moans to continue to escape her lips.

    She brought those fingers down, plunging them deep into her vagina, while her other hand began exploring her breasts through her dress. She let her hand slip beneath the silk fabric of her red dress and grazed her nipple with her fingernail ever so slightly. It caused her nipples to immediately harden and she continued to rake her nail roughly across her nipple.

    Betty's moans continued to fill the room. At this point it wouldn't take her long to cum. The whiskey washed over her, helping her to relax and give in to her needs. One hand teased her nipples roughly while the other circulated between teasing her clit and plunging deeply into her vagina, hitting her g spot. The juices that came from Betty's vagina were quickly coating Alexander's chair, eyes still closed, as she imagined it was him fucking her from behind.

    "Fuck. I am going to cum." She moaned loudly even though she was in the room alone. It was Alexander who had her complete attention. Alexander who she wanted to bring her to orgasm and Alexander's cum that she wanted all over her naked body. Betty paced her breathing as the orgasm came closer. Her fingers were hitting just the right spots. She brought the hand that teased her nipples down to play with her clit while the other hand fucked her vagina wildly. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh." The moans couldn't be controlled and Betty finally came violently all over Alexanders chair. The orgasm causing her to squirt her juices all over the black material.

    Panting heavily Betty opened her eyes, satisfied with herself, she was flooded with relief. A smile plastered to her face quickly came to irritation that Alexander had still not returned to his office. She picked up the empty glass of whiskey and flung it at the wall with a scream. Letting the drops of liquid run down the wall and glass to shatter all over. Betty stood just then surveying the damage she had left in the office. The broken glass on the floor and the cum on the leather chair.

    Straightening her red dress, Betty smirked, for the time being she was satisfied with herself. She was doomed to be in trouble later with Alexander. That was if he ever came to find her. Right now she was annoyed and didn't care. She left the office and went home without so much as looking back.


    Samantha was back at Rusty's after last nights very eventful night. She was glad to be on the arm of a man like Shawn, who she was kinda hoping was the perfect mixture of Alexander and Kyle. Speaking of Kyle, she noticed his picture on the banned board which caused her to chuckle lightly. She had to find something humorous about yesterday because it had been one of the craziest days of her life.

    Maybe Shawn promised her normality. Kyle and Alexander were both demanding and Samantha was very independent so she tended to clash with both of the men. She let Shawn show her to the bar and order her a drink. A happy smile kept displayed across her young face as she enjoyed her company. But here they were talking about Kyle. He was the last person that she wanted to talk about especially with Shawn.

    "Kyle is not my boyfriend." Samantha took a drink of her beer, cringing slightly at the taste. "And before you get any ideas neither is Alexander." A quiet chuckle left her lips. "Kyle and I dated a long time ago and I left him. It didn't work out." She assumed Shawn missed the chaos in the cafeteria yesterday with her and Kyle. "I am just tired of men trying to tell me what I want." It was the first time she felt like she could talk to someone who would actually listen to her words. Comfortable with her environment, she took another drink. "So tell me about you." When she said you she put her hand lightly onto Shawn's chest for a brief moment before pulling away and letting it rest on the table. The moment she did it she couldn't believe that she had made the advance so she looked shyly away from him​
  7. This is a roleplay that I love and never get too far with.
    Mafia Boss - Debtors Wife (abduction, non-con)

    Celebrating a promotion one hot summer night James Ashford met the woman that would change his world. It was almost 3 years ago and still knew he would never forget the moment he first seen Alexa. He automatically knew she was the one. She had sun kissed skin, long blonde hair and danced in her red dress without a care in the world. She was beautiful and the smile on her face made her stand out from the crowd.

    Rolling Meadows was a small gated community that offered the finest amenities for it's citizens. Alexa loved their lavish home located on the top of the hill that over looked other homes in the area. Only the richest people lived in the community and James spared no money when it came to making sure Alexa was spoiled and happy.

    His life as a doctor was fast paced. He was always working and constantly away from home. He always made sure to buy his wife the finest things. They had several vacation homes around the world and the also drove the best vehicles. He was successful and he wanted people to know.

    Alexa was thrilled with her life. She didn't have to work but she modeled for fun and the lifestyle that it offered. It was more of a hobby. With her husband gone most of the time it gave her something to do. She enjoyed the night life and she was frequently out drinking and socializing with friends. You could say the Ashford's had it all. You could say their lives we're perfect....

    Of course there was no such thing as perfect. Everything had to have it's flaws. There was a dark side. More of a secret. One that not even Mrs Ashford was aware of. James dealt with a lot of stress. Keeping up with the life style and his career began to take it's toll on him. He kept this to himself and instead of dealing with his stressors in a healthy way, James developed some bad habits.

    First he began gambling. It wasn't much. A little here and there but it will became an obsession. One that soon consumed a lot of his time and money. The gambling debt just kept growing and James couldn't stop his addiction. It made him more unhappy and he turned to drugs. It was really easy to obtain. It was passed around in front of him when he was gambling in the bar. Easily accessible and James needed a pick me up.

    The drug addiction also quickly grew. Festering into it's own monster and creating a whole new James. A more wreckless James. He began with the weed but soon it wouldn't be enough and cocaine soon followed. He also found himself drinking more. He was consumed and he was out of control.

    It got so bad that it came to the point where he couldn't even look his wife in the face. He was ashamed. Poor Alexa. What would she do if she found out? He couldn't risk losing her. She was the only light left in his life. She was the only thing left that he was proud of. But still night after night he continued the addictions. Gambling and drugs, things didn't change even when he found out how broke he was, how much debt he was in. Truth is he was in way over his head.

    He couldn't face reality. He refused to. He just kept continuing the cycle. There was no way out. Until one night he was approached about his debts. Word was "the boss" needed money. Money that James owed him. A lot of money. Money that James didn't have. Wouldn't have for a long time especially if he kept up this lifestyle. Fuck. Reality was about to bite him in the ass.

    "The boss" was ready for his paycheck. James had been owing for a long time and it was time to pay up. The balance he owed was more than the vacation house he was selling but it would be a start. There was more though because everything James had to offer didn't impress "the boss". He already had it all. He wanted money. The other thing that he wanted was the one thing James didn't want to give up. The one thing in his life he couldn't replace.... Alexa.

    There were no other options and so it was planned Sergei would "collect" Alexa one night while James was "away on business". James gave him the gate codes, the keys, everything he needed. Alexa would only be collateral until the vacation home sold and he took care of a few other things which would give him the money to pay back the debts he owed. And hopefully in the end James wouldn't lose Alexa over this.


    It was a beautiful fall night. Alexa stood looking out their large bedroom window at the lighted houses below. The wind blew the trees causing leaves to drop. A sign that winter was just around the corner. Running her hand through her long blonde locks, Alexa made her way over to her nightstand. Her cell was buzzing with what she knew was a text message probably from James.

    He was away at a conference. It was one of many and she began to grow tired of him coming to bed when she was sleeping and leaving most of the time before she woke up. She knew he worked hard to provide so that was the only reason she put up with his career. She knew that he was totally devoted to her and she was the same to him but their relationship needed tlc.

    Alexa picked up her phone as it buzzed again. She sighed as she opened the text and read the words across the screen Will be another night. See you tomorrow. I love you always. The last line made her smile but she didn't text back. The silent treatment would let James know that she was upset about the situation. Him being gone yet another night. She hated being at home alone but it seemed to be happening a lot lately.

    Had he let her know this earlier she would have been out on the town. But here she was at 10 PM on a Saturday at home in her black silk nightgown waiting for a husband who wasn't coming home. She sighed in frustration as she wrapped the matching robe tighter around her body.

    She left the phone on the night stand and her bare feet took in the plush comfort of the carpet as she made her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs. She was headed towards the kitchen for a glass of wine. She could go out on the town but she could also drink at home. She kept the lights out there were enough night lights in the home to light her way.

    Opening the wine cooler she pulled out a bottle then strolled across the kitchen grabbing a glass from the cabinet. The red wine filled the glass quickly and instantly her mouth watered with need. She quickly chugged that glass and poured herself another. This one she drank slower as she leaned against the counter still upset over James's actions.
  8. Dominant Female me x submissive female.

    The group of people that surrounded Zenobia were high class people. Important people like politicians, CEO's, and attorneys. Most were wearing suits and ties. They were chatting about different equipment and telling stories about their experiences. The woman was schmoozing with the group, quite enjoying the conversation. Zenobia chuckled at a joke one of them had made when she noticed the girl, stumbling around, almost as if the girl was looking for her. "Excuse me." She mentioned to the group as she walked in her heeled feet over to Claire.

    The girl was a mess. Zenobia hadn't even given her that much to drink so she automatically knew that the girl wasn't much of a drinker. "Claire." The girls name was spoken seductively as Zenobia approached her with confidence. It was not much of a surprise that the girl was willing to take her up on the offer. Zenobia pulled her aside so that she could chat with her in a little more privacy. "I will assume that you are here to take me up on my offer?" A cocky smirk formed on Zenobia's lips as she continued, answering her own question. "Of course you are." It was an arrogant trait. To answer her own question. Was sign of a selfish proud woman.

    There was a moment where Zenobia almost considered the girl too intoxicated to go on with her plan. But there was something so hot about it. Taking advantage of the young, drunk naive woman. Zenobia's pussy quivered at the thought. There was an obsession with taking power over someone so naive, so vulnerable, unable to back away from the life that she signed up for. It was a thrill and Zenobia wanted complete ownership of the girl.

    Zenobia's dark shaded eyes glanced at the girl before quickly pulling her into a side room. Shutting the door behind them the two were alone for the first time. There was a plan formulating in her mind as she stopped in her foot steps. It was hot just thinking about it. Pushing the girl roughly against the wall, Zenobia locked her lips to Claire's. Taking the kiss, exploring Claire's mouth with her tongue. She ran her small hands along Claire's soft body, across her breasts over her dress, down her stomach and they still didn't stop. A moan escaped Zenobia as she ran her hands lower to her thighs before working them between Claire's legs. Her lips never left Claire's, her tongue never left Claire's mouth. Zenobia simply brushed her fingers against Claire's sex keeping the barrier of her panties between them. That was when she stopped. Completely stopped.

    Pulling away from Claire, Zenobia went to the file cabinet in the small office. She left Claire a messy panicked mess against the wall, more than likely soaking in her own juices. The poor girl. Pulling out the bundle of paper, Zenobia tossed it on the table in the middle of the room. "Read it. Sign it. Make sure you know what you are signing. Make sure that you know what you want, that you know what you are getting yourself into. Because there is no turning back." With the Zenobia simply leaned against the wall waiting for the girl to come out of her state of shock and look at the papers.