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Discussion in 'Galleria' started by Sapphire, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. I don't have an etsy page yet, it's in progress, but I make wire wrapped pendants! The picture attached is wrapped in copper wire (meant to look like gold), but I have sterling silver wire as well. The second picture is the stones I currently have so you can pick out a specific one if you want a pendant!

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  2. These look mighty pretty. I've always liked jewelry where the stone/crystal plays the main role. Do you have any more sample pictures? Would be happy to see them (or visit your etsy page when it's up)!
  3. I have to agree, they are absolutely stunning. <3
    You should definitely post your etsy when it's done! :D
  4. Thank you both! <3

    Unfortunately no sample pictures right now, but I'm about to make three for a friend of mine over the next few days so I can upload those once they're done!
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  5. Here are the ones I made!

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  6. WOW, these are very pretty. You are very talented.