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ARRIVAL New Here - Not to Roleplay

Discussion in 'Orientation' started by Miss Mayhem, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Hello! I am just getting around to working on this introduction.

    About me:

    I ♥ dark descriptive roleplays filled with drama and chaos. I do not do romance. Dark twisted Disney Stories are a favorite of mine.

    I play as males and females - sample post of each gender to follow.

    I play as a Dom (Male and Female) and a Sub (Female Only) or also a Switch (Female)

    I do MxF - I will play male or female and FxF. I hope hoping to venture into the MxM waters someday.I do have a great idea for a mxm pairing if someone is interested.

    I love writing multiple characters, creating worlds, and settings. I am a very descriptive writer.

    I will only accept a couple roleplays at a time. I have a very busy personal life.

    Post Apocalypse, Dystopian, Supernatural, and Futuristic settings = LOVE

    Will also do modern (plot has to be really good)

    I do not do historical - I am horrible at them.

    I DO NOT OOC chat unless it is regarding plot or roleplay.

    Some of my favorite pairings are:
    Mafia Boss - Mafia Boss
    Mafia Boss - Citizen
    Celebrity - Body Guard
    Pirate - Pirate
    Mermaid - Human
    Alien (Human Looking) - Human
    Abusive boyfriend/ girlfriend
    Vampire - Human
    Raider - Raider
    Warrior - Warrior
    Criminal - Victim
    Detective - Criminal
    Superhero(ine) - Human

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    Adriano flung the solid oak door open to the small restaurant. The bell in the door rang fiercely noting his arrival to the waitstaff. The hostess, a young woman, began to speak to him. He simply held up his large hand and continued walking. He was a man on a mission. The mission was getting some money out of Mr. Green. The restaurant owner had owed his father some money. Adriano's father could no longer collect from his place in Hell and Adriano wanted the money.

    Some would say that Adriano wasn't ready to take over the family business. He was still too young at 24 and hadn't learned the full trade yet. Some would say it was dangerous for Adriano to be in charge. He was impulsive. It was risky to the business. If there was one good thing that Adriano was good at it was roughing people up. It was his favorite part of the job.

    "Umm Sir, you can't go back there." She shouted louder as Adriano made his way through the metal two way kitchen doors. The kitchen was extremely busy. Everyone was running a mile a minute probably because lunch hour was quickly arriving. There was a lot going on with the scene but Adriano didn't stop as he searched for the man he was looking for. The first person he made eye contact with was a young girl who couldn't have been 18. The girl had beautiful dark skin and innocent brown eyes but his stare was more focused on the intricate freckles that littered her face. The look on her face appeared to be shock but Adriano was tall, large and very intimidating. No words were exchanged between them as he took the brief moment to look at her before continuing on.

    The staff in the kitchen continued to run circles around him, making no effort to stop him. It was almost as if he was invisible. His large black boot came up and made contact with the wooden door, kicking in the office door. Mr. Green, who was at his desk on a phone call, stood instantly, dropping the phone from his large hand. His brown eyes widened when he took note of who had just barged in. "Oh Mr. Guiseppi..." He began as Adriano made no effort to stop in his tracks.

    Adriano's tanned hand clung to Mr. Green's throat pinning him against the ugly wall paper of his office. A grunt left the terrified man once he realized that he had no options of escaping Adriano's clutches. "Where's my money?" Adriano growled hoping not to hear any excuses from his debtor. The hustle and bustle of the kitchen could be heard from their location but not one person stopped to intervene.

    "I uhhhh don't have it." Mr Green spoke almost trembling with fear. "I will get it though soon." He nodded his head hoping it was enough to please Adriano.

    A smirk left Adriano's perfect lips, leaving a smug look on his face. He chuckled slightly at Mr. Green's words. "You see...." He began still holding Mr. Green against the wall and off the floor a couple of inches. "That's not good enough."

    Adriano used his free hand and swiped it across Mr.Greens desk, letting everything fall to the floor, computer included. "I want it soon. I will be charging double interest until payment is made in full." His free fist came up and pounded the wall right next to Mr. Green's head with enough force to crumble the dry wall. "My next option is to burn this fucking dump down." He growled again making sure that Mr. Green got the message. "You understand I hope?"

    He didn't wait for Mr. Green to respond before he let him drop to the floor. Adriano turned around and left the room, making brief eye contact with the girl once again, a smirk left his lips as he stared at her. The kitchen continuing to move around them as if nothing had happened. The girl seemed to be the only one that remotely took attention to what had went down in there. She seemed to be an interested party.

    Adriano moved quickly through the dining area and out of the building. He rubbed his throbbing head as he got into his black Lexus SUV and drove off. It was still early which meant it was going to be a long day.

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    Rogue pulled her barbed baseball bat from the raider, skin sticking to the barbs on the bat, blood running down the wooden bat onto her pale fingers. "Got him." She slicked back her long blood red hair and turned her attention to her best friend Whisper. They had been best friends since they were little. They never left each others side. The girls were venturing into new territory, finding loot, killing, whatever made the day go by quicker and put them ahead of the rest of the game.

    "Dumbass." Whisper laughed causing Rogue to join in. Rogue was dressed in mostly black clothing, a shirt showing too much midriff covered in dust, dirt and blood. Her black pants looked about the same and her boots were worn completely down. Whisper's skin was as black as the night sky. It was a beautiful color that always looked clean no matter how dirty and bloody the girls got. It was something that Rogue had always been envious of.

    Rogue hunched over the raiders body inspecting him for anything that might have been useful. "You think those boots would fit me?" Rogue nodded in the direction of the raiders boots that were in pristine condition compared to her own.

    "If not we can surely sell them for a few caps." Whisper added watching Rogue sit down. It had always been the two girls and Whisper was worried she was going to lose her best friend when the agreement with the other clan took place. Now that Rogue had turned 18, it was time for her to be married off to a member of the Goddless clan. It would be up to the son and daughter of the two different leaders to make the 2 clans finally live in peace.

    Rogue knew by the look on her friends face that she was concerned about the upcoming changes to their lives. Rouge pulled off her weathered boot and began to fit the newer ones to her feet. "Don't dread on that shit now, Whisper." She passed a flask of whiskey from her rucksack over to her friend before deciding the new boots were a good fit. "I don't even want to think about it."

    Rogue wondered many times why it had to be her. Why she had to be the one to be married against her will to someone she had never met. She had no idea who he was and knew nothing about him. It was something she had been dreading for some time now. She didn't want to have the clans responsibilities all be on her. She wanted to run away with Whisper and cause complete and utter chaos to the world. The thought of being stuck with a husband forever caused her anxiety.

    "I'm sorry. Sorry that it has to be you." Whisper shrugged taking a swig from the flask before handing it back to Rogue. She grabbed some caps from the dead raiders pockets. Her and Rogue sat between the dead man as if he was alive. It made no difference to them. They had seen death everyday. It was kill or be killed. "It just sucks is all."

    "Yeah I know but someone has to do it and it is the only way to keep our clan safe and alive." There was the huge factor of a larger clan coming in and wiping the two smaller feuding clans out. It was only a matter of time. Apart they were weak but together they may stand a chance with the two younger leaders taking over. Rogue took a long swig from the flask before putting it back into her rucksack. "I think this is all were going to get outta him." She stood over the dead body and inspected her new boots. We better get on back home before dad thinks I have ran away for good." She laughed again pulling Whisper to her feet.

    Rogue ran her hand through her ratty red hair once more. Whisper wore her head shaved and had no problems worrying about managing it. Rogue could not pull off not having her hair. It was a sign of her fiery personality. "Maybe we should just run away for good." Whisper suggested picking up her bag from the dirty ground.

    "It would be risky and I couldn't do that to our people. There are people counting on this..... arrangement." Rouge stayed away from using the word marriage. It was something that she didn't want to think about. She refused to be a housewife. The term made her lip curl in disgust. "Come on. Let's go home."

    The sun was setting but Rogue wasn't worried about the night. It was people that feared them that worried about the dark. They didn't fear anything. The two girls walked out into the night ready to be at home with their days collecting.

    If you are interested in anything feel free to PM me.

    I have set up a request thread here!


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    If you need anything at all, just yell!
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