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RESOLVED ? of the Day.. Can I edit conversation subject lines?

Discussion in 'Assistance' started by ClassicAlpha, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Hi Brilliance,

    Thanks in advance for your insight.
  2. Hmm I think you should.

    I say should because I may have more permissions, but in your inbox, if you select a message and then go 'edit conversation' you should be able to highlight the title and rename it!
  3. Hmm . . .

    Please point me to the "Edit Convo" button? Maybe that's a whole feature a noob like me doesn't have?
  4. Hmmm. It could be a staff permission. Let me call in a more knowledgeable staff member! xD
    I know you can't edit the actual messages, but I've never been asked about the title. Good thing you brought it up, once I know for certain I can update my guide!
    @Touch of Insanity
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  5. Woot, we'll learn together!
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  6. Yes!

    It's good when people ask things I don't usually see, really helps so I can keep track of all the features. <3
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  7. Well first of all are we talking threads or PM'S. Because you can't edit a text book after a set amount of time in PMs.
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  8. Yeah PMs! :) I thought that was plain messages?
  9. Well I know you can edit the thread titles for threads. But I'm pretty sure editing a conversation title is only something a staffer can do. Because I see that edit conversation button in my inbox as well. I've been on staff so long I forget sometimes what other members can do when they aren't on staff. It'd be best to ask @Divinatas
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  10. When you say Inbox, do you mean Conversations? Within mine, I can check a box next to a chat to get some additional features. They include marking, starring, sticking(?), and leave.. And the opposing options for each, e.g., unstick.

    I also have a My Account feature at the top of my Conversations but it is all account options; nothing related to the convos beneath.
  11. In the conversation :) So click a conversation and check on the top right hand side
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  12. With the help of Turtle, to see if it is a staff thing. She can also see it and do it. You have to be IN your conversation.
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  13. Ahh you all are awesome.
  14. Ah perfect. I hoped it was there. :D <3
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