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RESOLVED Old Alerts?

Discussion in 'Assistance' started by Here ... We ... Go!, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. So, I made the mistake of not watching a lot of the game threads I happened to be in, and was wondering, is there a way to see older threads or do I get to dig through all the game pages? Thanks!
  2. What do you mean by older threads? You could also go to your profile page, and then postings. You can see all your posts and which thread they were in. :)

    Is that what you mean?
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  3. Yeah, that covers it... and now I feel the idiot for not realizing that...

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  4. I must admit that I did see that... Just figured I'd get it pretty simply... So much for that XP
    Thanks Again!
    [Wanders off to go read]