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ART Only serious artist wanted for my A.F.B.F.'s tattoo.

Discussion in 'Galleria' started by Silver Soldier Charlotte, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. I want to pay someone for a shoulder-upper chest tattoo that is patriotic for the United States on the left and the Confederate States on the right. I can give you his measurements. Because he is currently in the Air Force, it cannot go to his neck.

    To make it simpler, he wants the thirteen-star U.S. flag and the Last National C.S.A. flag. I have them below. If you have seen the Team U.S.A. women's ice hockey goalie helmet, you might get inspiration from it. (We love ice hockey.) The Liberty Bell, a photo-realistic eagle's head, stars, fireworks, "We The People...", stuff like that. There is text on his right bicep, but I can give you measurements in inches how high it goes.

    Tattoos are pretty permanent, so he wanted me to find a really good artist who knows their way around Photoshop or another programme even better, and he is giving me money from his Federal income tax refund to get it done.

    For the Confederate States side, he wanted a cotton boll, the Third National flag, "States' Rights!", a bugle, a grey Kepi (service cap), a bayonetted rifle, a sabre, a cannon, and you know what? If any of you are looking to make some money ... get original and look shit up and get creative!

    We will start at $30.00 minimum we want to pay for finished work, and that is VERY negotiable! Only serious artists need apply! Tattoos are very permanent, and he only wants the best. And if you create something and are afraid to show me ... I will NOT criticise! I will laugh and cheer you on to do what he is looking for. So if there are a few people looking to make some cash, I can at least pay a service charge to those who put work into designing the two tattoos, if we do not choose your design, for why should you work on something for free? You put work into something, my Boyfriend will show his appreciation.

    He will look at your work, and if you think you deserve some recognition, he shall donate about five dollars for your designs if you put honest effort into it if we do not choose your design.

    So, there is a chance he could be spending about fifty dollars just for designs, and he is okay with that.

    Cheers, all! *^.^*

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