1. Amor has finally locked the doors as per the very sad [Closing Announcement]. You should still be able to read threads and conversations (just in case you are late to getting things saved) up until AUGUST 1st. All subscriptions have also been cancelled so no one is donation billed for a dead site!

HELP RESOLVED Question about Age!

Discussion in 'Assistance' started by MusicalT, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Hi! So in the PM I received upon joining, I read that this is an 18+ site, and anyone under will be banned. My question is: am I allowed here if I am eighteen on the dot? (I didn't just turn eighteen, but there's always that underlying fear I'm not permitted here because I'm not above 18, but not under.)

    Either way, thanks!
  2. Yes you are fine. If you are 18 or OLDER. You're allowed to be on Amor. If you are still worried you can also go through our age verification process. You can learn more about that here Link.
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