1. A letter from the Sovereign

    I enjoy writing about sex. Sometimes just to enhance a story with a single scene and sometimes just because I want to write pages worth of pointless smut. An interest like this comes with a few issues. If you want to avoid playing with underage people, you have to go to 18+ adult sites. But on many sex-focused adult sites, it's ONLY about the sex and not about the stories you want to tell. Sometimes they make you uncomfortable and feel like all they want is hot cyber lovin'. They hit on you and make inappropriate sexual comments. You have to deal with players who blur the line between writer and character without respecting personal space.

    I just want to play and giggle about butts without feeling uncomfortable!

    I know there are a lot of writers out there just like me. Amor was created for us!

    So if you LOVE:
    • Playing. Just plain old having fun playing.

    • Creating worlds, stories, plots and more.

    • Living in the shoes of your characters.

    • Having the freedom to write about anything you want to write.

    • Sex scenes, be it in brief encounters or pages and pages of smut.

    • Making real friendships and connections with people.

    But you HATE:
    • Getting shamed for your sexy or kinky interests.

    • Players who blur the line between writer and character by treating partners like lovers or property.

    • Feeling uncomfortable because your partner keeps making sexual passes at YOU the writer without consent.

    • Being asked personal questions about the real you, that are unnecessary to your ability to roleplay.

    • Being judged by your word count, amount of paragraphs, and writing style.

    Amor wants to be that place for you. Help us create a safe adult roleplay community so we can all enjoy butts.

    P.S. Are you a teenager considering lying about your age to get in? Don't. Please don't. Some of us are old enough to be your Mom or Dad. This is SUPER GROSS for us. Not to mention could get us in serious trouble. You ARE mature enough to write about sex, we know this. But WE need to feel safe too. Take yourself to Iwaku, where you CAN write. Come back to us when you're old enough, we'll still be here. Promise! Consider our feelings and respect that. Because if we catch you lying, our trust is broken and you will be banned for life. Even if we loved you.

Quiet Storm~

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  1. Terror's Dump!
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  3. inevitable.
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    name ▐▐▐ Jaysume Ki Yusi

    nickname(s) ▐▐▐  Jay; Zero

    age ▐▐▐ 27

    gender ▐▐▐ Male

    position ▐▐▐ Superbia

    affiliation ▐▐▐ Vanguard

    occupation ▐▐▐ Inventory || Vanguard Leader

    trivia ▐▐▐ He adores cats and has two Bengal cats and one Bengal tiger|| His mother thought he would be a girl, so he has a pink music box that when opened there's a twirling ballerina and music.
    height ▐▐▐ 6'11

    weight ▐▐▐ 235

    eye color ▐▐▐ Dark Brown

    hair color ▐▐▐ Black; sometimes dyed

    tattoos ▐▐▐ All over (arms, chest, neck, legs)


    Persuasive || Determine || Intelligent || Critical Thinker || Mysterious || Anger Issues​

    Persuasive and determine kind of go together when considering Jaysume. He likes to get what he wants and if he is refused it then he will make sure that he won't quit until he does. This doesn't mean he will keep chasing something for an extended amount of time, because he won't. He doesn't play games, so if you're considering playing the cat and mouse game with him then you might as well forget about it.

    He is intelligent and critical. He likes to analyze every aspect of a situation before he decides to take action. When he has to quickly think it may leave him vulnerable at times. He is learning to do as such, but it is a slow process. It isn't too bad simply because if he decides on what to do then from there he is quick to complete the very task he was suppose to do. When it comes to anything that has to do with money you better believe that Jay will take into consideration any and everything that could possibly happen. He knows there are traitors, blackmailers, etc. out there and he'd much rather not ever meet face to face with one. Despite it, if he does then he will be ready to.

    Jay doesn't let anyone in on any secrets he might have. Sure, there was one male who he loved, but a member of a different gang decided to torture and kill him whether Jay decided to give them what they wanted or not. Since then he is a closed book and does everything that doesn't concern anyone else to himself.

    Jay also has anger issues, but he bottles it up a lot and puts on a sarcastic smile so that people won't know what is going on in his head. As you will read in the biography, Jay's anger leads to him being ruthless when it comes to harming people. He never blew a fuse on his mother before, popped out veins and all. He still refusing to get any help for it.


    "So there I was, hanging off a huge ass cliff in the middle of no where!" Ok Jay, tell them the real story please... " Oh alright... C'mon you bastards, time for Jay to sit you down and tell you a little story..."

    ~First Person~​

    I was born around October.. I think it was the 31st, Halloween and all that... Anyways, my mother and father were both very poor individuals until Yumso, my dad, invented this crazy piece of work. It was the worlds first hover board that was fully operational. It took years for him to finally get every aspect on it correct so people won't fling off or weigh it down so much that it exploded, but he had finally done it. Once word got out about his crazy, yet extremely valuable invention, people around the world wanted their hands on one for themselves. I was around four years of age when we, well I should say he, struck it rich and became million-... no billionaires right on the spot. I hadn't seen my father extremely happy like that since I learned how to walk for the first time. I didn't understand everything that was going on around be, but somehow I knew that whatever it was it made my dad smile much more than he did before we he though his ideas wouldn't work at all.

    But money almost always leads down a dark path, doesn't it? Of course it does, how do you explain those crazy ass celebrities out there? Ha.

    Going back to my story now.. Yumso began to change a lot because of all the money and fame that was pouring in. he grew further away from me and my mother; seeing us less and indulging in nightlife and in front of cameras more wasn't something that my mother exactly agreed on. After all, she was the one who helped him gather most of the parts my father needed to complete the hover board. He didn't really know what he was doing at first, or at least that was all my mother told me at the age of six. I remembered her telling me excuses like "He'll be back in the morning, don't worry." or "It's alright honey, dad will go to your next baseball game ok?", which only fueled a tiny bit of anger inside of me. Though true, it was always hidden behind the huge wall of disappointment and depression that I carried at a young age.

    Years went on and he got anything, but better than the past years before. He was aggressive whenever mother asked him when he would own up to the position of a father again and when I asked him simple curious questions, he would slap me and tell me that it was none of my business. One time he got so angered and furious that he threw a glass bottle straight at my head that shattered and gave me a concussion for an entire week. He had threatened my mother that if she ever told someone that he caused me to be in the hospital then he would surely see to it that death would be nearer for her than she thought.

    When I woke up and was able to go home, I was a completely different person. My views on everything changed and the shit I use to take from my dad wasn't taken anymore. I remembered the first I called him a backstabbing asshole who only thought about himself he tried to slap me again and I took his hand and twisted it until I heard the bones crack. As soon as he retracted his hand back towards his chest, I swiftly kicked him hard in the back of his leg to make him drop to the ground. After I spit in his face and walked away, Yumso pulled out his gun and shoot at me, but mother quickly jumped in front of me and took the bullet instead. I saw her drop to the floor trying to gasps for air as much as she could, but instead of going towards her I grabbed the gun out of my father's hand with a glove (Well duh, I don't want my fingerprints on that shit..) and shoot him in his neck and forehead.
    "Welp, that's it... Jay's story is over.."

    Wait a minute Jay, you gotta tell them how it ends...

    "Oh... My mother took the blame for the killing of my father and told me to call the police and sound distressed with it... I gained all of my fathers riches and credits for whatever inventions he was doing.. Didn't tell you I was quite the inventor myself did I?"

    But isn't there anything else you want to tell them?

    "C'mon now, I can't tell you everything... You'll just have to figure that out yourself..."

    Alright Jay, you win.​



  5. "I'm not mean, you're just sensitive."

    The Blue Eyed Princess ☠ Mean Boy ☠ The Lie Detector

    N A M E
    Mecai A. Reverrett

    A G E

    H E I G H T

    W E I G H T

    E T H N I C I T Y
    African American; Puerto Rican

    Z O D I A C

    O C C U P A T I O N

    S E X U A L I T Y / A L I G N M E N T

    F E A T U R E S
    Considerate; Aware; Protective; Funny; Encouraging

    F L A W S
    Possessive; Filter (No Filter); Bossy; Judgmental (to mean people); Arrogant ( at times)

    I N T E R E S T S / H O B B I E S
    Water skiing; Cooking; Putting cosmetics on others; Writing & reading; Traveling; Decorating; Singing; Hanging out

    K I N K S
    Mecai is very picky with kinks if someone asked his randomly. He doesn't like to feel like he's being forced unless it's playfully and even then he is very iffy about it. He doesn't sleep around with anyone either, so before anything would happen he'd have to know that there is some passion and genuine love behind it all. As long as there's that, then he could go along with it unless it's something very disgusting ( Hint? Keep all your shit in the bathroom and in the toilet. Only exception is if it's actual H2O and he is in the shower or tub with you.. But only H2O.. don't be disgusting...). He doesn't mind if a female flirts with him, but he wouldn't go anywhere far with you..so in the end just don't attempt. Also, anything rough Mecai can go along with, but don't turn it into non-sexual pain. He will gladly break your nose and throw you out of the door without clothes on, on purpose. If he tells you no then please, please don't do it. He is not playing with you when he says no, so take precautions. Like I said, don't force him into anything. Don't play games with him, cheating and "playing hard to get" is not a turn on.

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S
    Montei Reverrett (Father)
    Donna'Joe Reverrett (Mother)
    Acaiyah Reverrett (Sister-Twin)
    Eddie Reverrett (Brother)

    Bambi Hemlock (Best Friend & Partner) ♥

    C R U S H
    "He'd hate me forever if I had one other than him."
    He does have a crush on his favorite singer Justin Timberlake

    B I O G R A P H Y
    trigger worthy
    (abuse; homophobia; rape; suicidal)​
    Mecai was born in January to Montei and Donna'Joe Reverrett. They were two individuals who worked very hard and was gifted with he benefits of going through life without any problems. As soon as Mecai came into their lives, they showered him with affection and care. He wasn't alone though; Mecai was accompanied by his twin sister, Acaiyah, also who looked just like him. After a while, the attention they both equally got started to only shift towards Acai and his older brother who also didn't seem to like him very much. There were times when he would pitch or drop him on purpose just to hear him cry out until he couldn't anymore. It wasn't like he was completely neglected though, his parents were still feeding him enough and getting him things that he needed. Yet when it came to things that he might have wanted or might have liked, they quickly decided to ignore him and give Acai whatever she would ask for.

    As he grew up, his abusive brother moved out of the house and on to somewhere else in life, which would have relieved him if his parents weren't treating him worse. It was around that time where he decided to let his parents know about his true sexuality and instead of them being supportive, they quickly scolded at him and slapped him several times when he tried to speak and stand his ground. Mecai was forced into churches and forced to listen while his mother shouted out loud that her son was poisoned and that he needed all the prays that he could get. They forced him to wear shirts that said he would never be homosexual and that it wasn't the right way to be whiles having all of his colorful and stylish clothing taken away from him. To be even more cruel, they shaved his hair completely to humiliate him in front of everybody to the point where he felt like ending his life right there on the spot. The only reason why he didn't go off the deep end was because of his best friend who never failed to comfort him through everything.

    As if matters weren't worse already, his father turned into an alcoholic and decided he would be his sex target every night he got drunk. His mother and sisters would hear his cries, but never budged even a little bit to help him out. Every single week he would just lay there in tears while bleeding from the impact.

    When he was finally old enough to move out, he quickly did and grabbed the suitcase of money he had saved up from YouTube and extra loose cash his family might have had lying around. Mecai was able to get into the college he wanted to and now, about four years later, his parents and the life he had in his past was only just that: the past.
    E X T R A
    ☠ His YouTube name is Sweet♥Tart
    ☠ He adores red velvet cake the most. If you give him vanilla cake he'll like it, but will not be happy..He completely hates chocolate cake.
    ☠ His favorite colors are lavender and green.
    ☠ He can watch Spongebob over and over again and still laugh like it was his first time.
    ☠ He enjoys watching Disney with Bambi, it's one of the things they bond over.
    ☠ He has a pet Chinchilla named Zoomy.
    ☠ He's allergic to peanuts.
    ☠ His favorite holidays are the 4th of July and Halloween.
    ☠ He loves to skateboard and roller blade a lot.
    ☠ He owns a motorcycle and a car.
    ☠ Much like most girls, he started to think about his future wedding when he was about 10 years old.
    ☠ He's lazy a lot, so sometimes Bambi would have to push him out of bed to get him up. If he isn't there, Mecai would have to set multiple alarms for him to actually budge.
    ☠ He likes blowing bubbles for some reason.
    ☠ He's quick to get pissed if someone talks about Bambi or touches him the wrong way. He doesn't care if the person whose doing it towers over him, he'll fight anyone.
    ☠ He loves fashion

    S O N G

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    Just My Imagination
    Lauriana Mae

  7. B A S I C S

    Name: Tobias Devon Calderon

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Ethnicity: Portuguese & German

    Blood: Pure

    Pack: Moon Runners

    A P P E A R A N C E

    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 160

    Eye Color: Sky Blue

    Piercings: Nose; Lip; Ears

    Tattoos: Spread all over from his neck on down.

    Usual Dress: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

    H I S T O R Y

    Tobias is basically a free-spirited type of person; he doesn't like to feel as if he's being chained down or forced to do certain things he much rather do away with. Though if something is needed and he has to do it whether he wants to or not, that doesn't mean he will be narrow minded and act as if his opinions on the matter, matter more than what the effect of him being that way will be to other people. He knows that things will have a negative effect before they will benefit him, so he isn't afraid to take that risk for the greater good in the long run. An example could simply be losing friends because of something he himself had to change in order for him to get better or to move away from that state of mind. Even though he might lose something, it wouldn't hinder him away from what is necessary.

    He can sometimes be seen as overly excited about events or seeing people in general. You can literally give this guy a quarter and he'll get all excited to buy that one can of soda he wanted for the longest time. It gets a little worse when he sees people, but he tries to calm himself since some usually get freaked out by his sudden excitement. This could also mean that he gets excited over small things, but still enjoys bigger values if you gift them to him.

    Tobias doesn't get angry easily, but when he does he is pretty brutal. He'll tell you like it is and if you want to provoke a fight, he'll gladly accept without hesitation unless he isn't in the mood to or if there is no point as to why he would be doing so or why the argument started in the first place. He isn't stupid, he knows what would happen if he fights someone who is much more skilled than him. Though this is true, he still tries his best to take down someone no matter what consequences he faces at the end. It doesn't take much to calm him down after a fight, so that's one of the good things that come out of it. If you can distract him with something happier or more cheerful then he just might forget why he was mad in the first place.

    He can get a little too rough when playing around with other werewolves, so he has to make sure that he doesn't take it over board. He had broken his brother's arm before because of him being entirely too rough when horse playing, so now he tries his best not to have that happen again.

    When it comes to his brother nothing, except for himsel on occasions, comes before him. Even through the many challenges they had throughout their lives, Tobias could honestly say that he had never thought about talking to anyone else about anything except for Tocuba. There were times when he even chose to talk it out with his brother rather than his own parents just because he felt like it was easier on him than talking to other people. If he isn't around, he seeks aid from close friends or just someone who knows what they're talking about. He doesn't like to be given advice that would only make the problem or dilemma worse.
    Tobias was the twin who always wanted to get into something that risked his life or was just plain disgusting. Since his parents owned a funeral home, Toby would always pick at the dead bodies or poke them with a stick just to see if they would come back to life. Even though he was just a small child, it was still strange for a child to wonder something like that. It wasn't the first odd thing that he did though and to be honest, even at his age now, it certainly wouldn't be the last.

    Tobias was born about ten seconds after his twin Tacuba, which he still teases him about since he technically is the oldest of the duo. Since he was a pure werewolf, he had to grow up a completely different way than that of his human brother. There were things that Toby could do that Tacuba couldn't and vise versa, but what was exceptionally different from the two was what their parents chose to give them to eat. Now grant it that Tobias could eat all of the things that Taco ate, Toby could digest raw meats while Tacuba had to have it cooked. It wasn't a thing of choice for him, he either had to eat the raw meats to be stronger or his parents would force him to. He didn't like to be forced, so he made sure that he at least ate what he could before pushing the rest away. It was just something about being different than his brother that made him feel weird and out of place. Tacuba would ask him why he felt such way, be honestly he himself couldn't get a good enough answer that he would understand.

    There was one day when they were around the age of six. Both of them were playing some sort of game with a kickball that ended up in his tackling his brother as they rolled around in the grass giving fake punches and kicks to each other. Though Taco didn't say anything at first, Toby was getting rougher and rougher by the minute until he heard a snap before Tacuba started to wail. He scared the hell out of Tobias so much that he wanted to run away from his brother and hide away; it gave him extreme trauma to the point where he literally needed therapy. He was scared to ever get close to his brother or even touch him because he was so frightened about hearing the cracking sound again and him being the reason for it. It wasn't like he could see Tacuba like he wanted to anymore anyway, his parents had locked him out and weren't changing their views on the situation at all. All connections with his brother, except for the usual family dinners and holidays, no longer existed. This sent Tobias into a world wind of depression and anxiety as he sat in his room for years and years unable to play or have friends like he use to. It was for their on safety, yes, so that's why he never put up a fight with his parents about it.

    He had never told Tacuba about the challenges he had inside of that room mostly because it would hurt him way too much and he didn't want Taco to worry about him. Tobias was dealing with a lot of emotional and physical struggles inside of his room, things that not even his parents knew about himself. Once he notice that Taco didn't come and visit him anymore, the problems got worse and Tobias had gotten sicker. He started to believe that his brother didn't want anything to do with him anymore nor did he ever want to see him again. His health dwindled down to the point where everything else was declining as well, which is why his parents started to feed him...more usually or exotic foods.

    The day that he found out his brother went missing, which was kept from him because his parents didn't want him to freak out, was the day he packed up and set out on a journey to find him again. Unfortunately, during that journey their parents had passed away due to illness and old age. He had read all of the letters his brother had written him because of their parents hiding them away so he wouldn't read it. They had their own ways of trying to find his brother, but he obviously didn't want to be found since after weeks and week they still couldn't come up with anything.

    There bond almost instantly rekindled once Tobias finally found him, mostly because of Tobias's over excitement that he hoped his brother had as well. He still keeps his challenges that happened there hidden away from his brother unless he asks or wants to know what went on behind closed doors.
    Likes: Horror movies; Painting; Socializing; Cooking; Extreme sports; Wrestling/Fighting; Challenges; Nachos; Relatable music; Jello; Creepy/terror stories; Grapes; Cuddles; Pampering

    Dislikes: Being forced; Losing voice; Controlling people; Stereotypes; Peanuts

    Relationships: Tacuba (Brother; Best Friend) ; (Pending.. Ask Me!♥)

  8. [​IMG]

    Louis Ferrario



    Bᴏᴅʏ Tʏᴘᴇ
    Lean, but semi-muscular

    Sᴇxᴜᴀʟ Oʀɪᴇɴᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    October 25th


    Switch (Dominate/Submissive)

    Medical Student & Life Guard

    Swimming; Photography; Basketball; Coding

    One of his greatest fears is either losing someone without saying the
    right words or dying/watching someone else die and not being
    able to say what he needed to say before it was too late.