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GUIDE R U Litrate? Why the Term "Literate Roleplayers" Isn't the Best

Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by Turtle, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. “Literate players only please”

    “Don’t reply if you aren’t a literate roleplayer”

    “Literate only”

    How many times have you seen this in interest checks or partner searches. So many times, am I right? Is it wrong? Well, no. Not exactly anyway.

    Dictionary.com defines literate as “(of a person) able to read and write.”

    We’re all here because we want to read and write. We want to tell stories; we want to get better. No matter the little reasons about why we joined this particular site, the fact of the matter is: We’re here to write. We’re a writing site. So, asking specifically for people who are able to do these things is redundant.

    For example: An illiterate person wouldn’t be able to read your request or respond, unless they had a Speech to Text program. And if they did would that be so bad? I mean, if they could tell a story would you even know the difference?

    The biggest problem with asking for literate players is that it’s too general of a request and you’re liable to get people who aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

    How do you get what you’re looking for? Well, I’m super glad you asked.

    First of all be specific about your abilities and expectations. Tell potential partners what you’re capable of and then let them know what you expect of them.

    Below is an example of how this can be done.

    See how much more information I gave. I’m not just looking for someone who can read and write; I’m looking for someone to help me tell a coherent story and build a believable world for our characters to create shenanigans in.

    Using the term literate roleplayers is ultimately your decision, but I hope that you’ll add more to your expectations than that. Remember: The more specific you are about what you expect, the more likely you are to find the perfect partner for you.

    Happy Roleplaying!
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  2. Well, in some fairness...

    In the Roleplaying lexicon, "Literate" has been used to denote a person who exceeds a certain capability in roleplaying, someone who can post and write consistently above basic expectations. The actual problem isn't necessarily the term, so much as it is the subjectivity of which people apply the label to themselves.

    For instance: I'm basically what you posted there in regards to how I post, and I'd call myself "Literate", but at the same time, I would have said the same thing 5 years ago, when I was... considerably less so. For all you know, I could still be the way I used to be and I just don't know it.

    'Dictionary Definition'ing' words used in common parlance is a poor way to make a point, though I find myself at odds with that very idea almost constantly. Dictionary definitions are a great way to figure out what people are saying, but when a word gets used in a specific connotation, its meaning changes. Sometimes, not for the better.

    I do agree that people ought to be specific about what they want.