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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Ravens_God, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Before I begin PLEASE pm me instead of posting here.
    Thank you
    Hey everyone! I've been roleplaying for about 4 years now, I'm very energetic and I believe I can answer back rather quickly with some lengthy replies. I can write between 1-5 paragraphs. It just depends on what you give me and sometimes I can write 5 paragraphs from 2 paragraph. It’s all in the detail, quality over quantity. I currently live alone with my cat and two turtles, I'm online quiet frequently and if we are role playing and I haven’t answered in 2-3 days don’t be afraid to message me :3 Anyways! Here are some rules, characters and a couple roleplay ideas I've had.

    Interests (open)
    I am looking for long term roleplays, with a partner that can write at least 1 paragraph and reply at least 1 a day to every other day. This is flexible just let me know how your schedule is. I don't bite hard I promise. ;3 I love my smut like any other but I do love plot too so I prefer 60:40 or 50:50. I'm up for anything I love to try new things, so if you have something you'd like to try feel completely free to pm me I'd love to hear it!

    Neko (open)
    Nickname: Nek
    Ht; 6'5"
    About: tends to be shy and secluded, amazing artist, does go into a painful heat every year the only way to stop it is to deal with it or someone must mate with them.
    Abilities; amazing balance, hearing, and especially smell, they can even sense the emotions people feel by the pheromones they give off
    Rouge (open)
    Race: wolf shifter
    Gender: male
    Human form:[​IMG]
    Wolf form:*eyes are the same color as in human form but not shown in this picture* [​IMG]
    About; playful but shy and very energetic. Loves new people and very protective over what he sees as his, likes to sleep in his wolf form. Very cuddly
    Abilities: all the same abilities as a wolf, and the transfer over in his human form as well, he can see perfectly in the dark, extremely fast and athletic. Has exceptional strength in human form.
    Nicholas the Assassin (open)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Ht: 6'1"
    Personality: keeps to himself, likes cute faces, can be cuddly and cute but have a straight face the whole damn time. Won't kill animals
    Abilities: agile, silent, extremely skilled with throwing knifes and stars
    Extra’s: he can be played as a normal person as well, normal being he’s not an assassin. I feel saying this will open him up for more roleplays
    Raven the Gifted Demon (open)

    Ht: 5’8”
    Age: Between 20-23
    Gender: Male
    His look (open)
    His look (open)
    His look (open)
    His look (open)
    His look (open)

    so this was the closest picture I could find for him, so their are some adjustments. One of his eyes are white instead of red, no bandage on his face, he has a black bar bell tongue piercing and two stud lip piercings and a tattoo of black angel wings covering his whole back

    Personality: Darker like other demons but kinder than most, doesn’t like destruction or taking lives as much as others, likes dark colors, gifted and quiet a romantic when it comes to relationships, very creative and loves to draw constantly
    Bio: Raven has always been a bit different from the other born demons. He was kinder, more creative and had aspects like romance that he liked which made him almost a freak among demons, the only thing that kept him from being outcasted was he was one of the few gifted, the ones given special abilities besides teleportation and simple shadow manipulation. Raven had the ability to take life and give it this shown by the distinct eyes he had, he had the makings of an amazing angel of death mastering his powers at a very young age but he gave it up becoming a true outcast but was and always will be welcomed because he was high class as a gifted. He spent his days traveling where he could seeing what he could have become demons with black wings. Instead he got a tattoo of the very things he could have had on his back and pierced his lip and eye brow. He had no regrets about his life he just felt as if something he was missing in his life, he searched for it. Raven was just a demon seeking some kind of peace.
    To know about his world please check out the “World of Demons and Angels” it does not have to be used for our setting but just know my thoughts on where he came from
    Lucka the Forbidden Hybrid (open)

    Lucka Kaiden
    Age: 24,019 yrs; looks 27
    Ht: 6’1”
    Species: Angel-Demon Hybrid
    His Look (open)
    [​IMG] His eyes are piercing green color. Because both his parents had wings he was born with four wings, his top set were white while his bottom two are black

    Bio: Lucka is the product of a demon and and angel falling in love and having a child. His mother was a demon and his father an angel, he grew up without either on of them for they were punished for their crimes. Both sides how ever thought it unfair to punish the shield for the parents wrong doings, so for many days Lucifer and God fought over who would take the child till finally one day God agreed to take him, not out of goodness but so he could use the child as a weapon against the war he knew was brewing between the two worlds. As the child grew he was taught in the ways of Heaven, he knew only the purity and beliefs of it. But as he grew he became curious he knew of his parents and what they had done, it was obvious he was different because of his large feathery black and white wings. Two sets each very much Heaven and Hell, his large too pure white wings were the exact opposite of his slightly smaller pitch black wings. He started to go down to earth learning from demons about his darker heritage, learning his mother born shadow magic to a tee. Along with his father born spirit magic all without God ever knowing. He mastered both rather quickly becoming even more dangerous with the growing days. He started to resent Angels, letting his demonic side in and a ring of black surrounded his eyes as he let his demonic side in, his blood turning a silvery grey as he defied God casting aside everything he learned in Heaven but not embracing everything from his demonic side either. He chose to Fall and when he did Lucifer accepted him in, he became a prince in hell keeping his halo which dimmed but stayed gold he grew more powerful becoming close to Lucifer, becoming his right hand man for everything. He was smart and strong, stronger than any normal demon or angel which included his power. Lucifer didn’t use him as God had he let him be and gave him his own area of hell to control as he wished. This he loved being treated as more of an equal and person than a tool. He stayed in hell since he was 19,000, things became so much better many loved him and his idea of hell was chnaged everything he was ever told was wrong and he realized why so many fell, he felt pity for his parents but promised he’d never let anyone be treated as such again. His life was better but it felt empty, like he was missing something or a certain someone


    World of Demons and Angels (open)

    A world of Angels and Demons but the human world was inbetween and clueless no one could see them unless they wanted to be seen.

    Demons are either born or created. The ones that are created are usually used as servants or for born demons to mate with and have children. Born demons are the only ones able to obtain abilities beside teleportation and shadow manipulation, but only a select few even given higher abilities. They are usually destructive and enjoy chaos and death. They cause mischief where they can and they do have tiers, Lucifer, who does treat his people with respect but it still a demon lord, then the gifted who form councils and do the jobs of Angels of Death then going down all the way to the ones who cause misfortune then the created or the basic slaves. Any form of romance, kindness things of that nature are seen as weakness and very abnormal. They can fight each other and it gives them ranks and can be seen and respected by higher ups (Ex. If let’s say a created defeats a middle class demon he is repsected and usually released from servitude to be free).
    A demons eyes hold all their powers, blind them and they are powerless.

    As for angels, they are born into the world, they act as a family, like brothers and sisters except for when that bond grows stronger thus becoming lovers and having children. There is usually no fighting between them but when there is no one get majorly hurt but their are rare cases where an angel has killed another. There are sadistic angel whom act as demons. If they are caught the are usually sentenced to become ‘fallen’. Some get stuck in the human world below them if they become injured until they heal they are stuck if they are without help for their wings hold all their powers.

    The two species don’t like each otherbut they are not at war, they just do their best to ignore each other and avoid them but fights between the two aren’t uncommon. Some so what to try and get along bug it usually doesn’t last. It’s also not uncommon to see men with men and women with women within both kinds but it’s more seen with the demons.
    Becoming an Angel of Death (open)

    To become an AoD you must first train with the ability of taking and giving life which you are known to have by your eyes (Sclera is black while pupil of one eye is red while the other is white) once these abilities are mastered the demon goes through a ritual where they get their wings. Now this ceremony is a very big deal because very few demons become AoD’s. In order to complete this ceremony the demon put a few drops of his own blood into a bowl, then Lucifer himself adds a few drops of his own. This is done because during the ritual that will give the demon his wings a normals demons, even a gifted ones, blood is not strong enough to give them wings so mixing it with his blood makes it strong enough to preform the ritual smoothly. Once the ritual has been done with the blood, the demon forms wings on his back and another takes the now ‘cursed’ blood and paints it onto where the base of the shadow wings meets the demons back (usually at the shoulders blades or near there) it is painful as the bones form and grow but it does not take long for the shadows to solidify and create pitch black feathered wings. After this they become something different, their personality changes, this happens because of the potency of Lucifer’s blood. They usually don’t have family’s but they still can and they have.

    There is a way for a AoD gifted demon to get his wings without changing as he would mixing his blood with such dark blood. If he did everything else the same but instead mixed his blood with pure blood, blood of an angel or of a mortal with pure body and mind then he may still grow his wings but they are different. He does not change in anyway but his wings are larger than normal and they are pitch black with pure white tips.
    It usually takes them up to 1-2 weeks to learn to fly, sometimes less.
    Vampire Lore (open)

    A world where Vampires exist and humans are clueless to them even being near them.
    Vampires can bleed, be in sunlight and have retractable fangs. While yes they are aloud in sunlight and it doesn’t effect them the same way their eyes reflect light as if they are glowing and are a bit more sensitive to the light, so they usually prefer to go out more at night. It is impossible for them to get drunk with any kind of alcohol but by drinking another vampires blood they do go into a drunk like state it’s like a drug to them. Even though they can bleed and have blood they have no heart beat making their skin paler than usual.

    In order to become a vampire a human must drink vampire blood and for the first six months of their life they are at their strongest and have the most blood lust of their life unless they are starved. When a vampire hunts where ever they drink from it must be healed by licking their wound clean and letting the healing agents in their saliva heal them before dropping them off somewhere either on a street or hospital.
    Vampires have strict mating rules, they don’t have a perfect set government but two things are for solid non-negotiable the first is vampires mate for life, they chose carefully and once they choose they mate, they don’t engage in sex unless it is with their life mate they take this very seriously and do not touch another persons mate without permission. Mates protect one another with their life, it is rare for a mates to no longer be compatible when which happens they leave a scar on one another before saying their goodbyes. The second one is that a vampire will not kill a human for any reason nor another vampire.

    The only way for a vampire to be killed is to either break their neck and burn the body or stake their heart with gold.
    Vampires have few weaknesses two very prominent one are the blood of a dead human, it it like poison to them. Another is a weakness to gold, it burns their skin and as said before stabbing pure gold through their heart can kill them.

    If you have any questions on my worlds/lore feel free to ask me questions I promise I don’t bite hard XD ;D

    Roleplay Ideas

    I am currently craving The Tutors Secret plot and the Protector plot. PM me if interested
    The Tutors Secret (open)

    When (mc)'s grades begin to drop and their parents hire a tutor for them at a very prestigious school. After (yc) seems to have a break through with (mc) and (mc) starts to have feelings for (yc), what happens when (mc)'s friends take them out to a strip club and finds the one and only (yc). What will happen when (mc) offers to much money for (yc) to turn down and (yc) doesn't realize it's (mc) till (yc) offers their body in more way than one
    Rouge x YC (open)
    At the moment I really want to do a rp with Rogue, So I was thinking this is how the plot would go
    YC finds rouge hurt in the woods and sinces he was friendly and looked at yc with pleading eyes, yc took him in little did Yc know they were taking in a wolf shifter, now being hurt and in someone's home safe rogue shifts back to his human self showing their savior a stranger in their home. Will they get along or will he be kicked out and called a freak? We can discuss how hurt he is and other things if you are interested :)
    Assassin X Target (open)
    When Nicholas is offered a huge payment for killing a rivals child, he jumps at the offer when told the kid is over 18 and technically an adult. But when Nicholas sees the kid, he can't bring himself to release the knife, and he starts to follow them a bit talking to them every once and a while till his client gets angry and hires another assassin and Nicholas must now protect the child or finish his job. What will he choose when this target has made their way into his dark heart
    The Protector (DemonxAngel) (open)
    I will be using Raven for this plot unless we discuss otherwise :) while traveling to the next town taking a short cut through the woods Raven happens upon an Angel, he looks hurt and broken. Being who he was the Angel was scared but he was kind and only wanted to help doing his best to show him that. Sure Angels and Demons didn’t get along that well but seeing him like that and finding out who had done this to him. He wanted to help more, so he stayed with the angel becoming his protector, keeping him safe, bringing him food and listening to him as he told him things and Raven did the same. But something changes in the demon and he starts to fall for the Angel, what will he do to tell him and will he even accept his feeling for him. Even if their polar opposites
    Mage X Servent
    Scientist X Creation or Experiment

    That's all for now, I'll try to update this weekly with new ideas and characters. Thank you all for visiting have a wonderful day!!
    If this seems a bit different from how other set stuff up it’s cause I just copied and pasted it from my other thread on a different site but I still like how it looks :3
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