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DISCUSSION Shows that made you take a minute

Discussion in 'Gabbing' started by jyncka, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. What are some shows that you made you sit and take a minute to process what you just watched? Not necessarily "that was so weird and goofy I don't know what I just happened" but "that was way too relevant to what I'm going through, how do they know my life?!"

    I think Rick and Morty has done this to me time and again. Some of the dialog is so spot on I found myself thinking about it days after. And anyone that's talked to me recently knows I've just caught up on Bojack Horseman which is made up of far-too-relevant-to-me moments.

    How about everyone else?
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  2. NANA the anime. That show fucking wrecked me. All the feels, all the emotions. I really should go rewatch that.
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  3. Sometimes Fullmetal Aclehmist is a light-hearted adventure with fun shenanigans.
    Sometimes it makes you question morality and cry.
    One of my favorite shows either way.
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  4. "Ed... ward..."
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  5. I HATE YOU.
  6. I was just telling Insanity the other day that one year at Otakon someone cosplayed Mays Hughes with a halo and angel wings handing out pictures of his daughter.

    What an awful person.
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  7. (Walking Dead Spoilers in my response, just a warning. Also, depressing response ahead)


    The Walking Dead at times. Like there's a scene shortly after Glenn and Abraham are beaten to death when you hear Negan's voice as they are carrying their bodies away. It reminded me of the time I lost my best friend; I remember thinking that I'd have him longer. Find a place to live that would be permanent, find a place that the both of us could retire and start to enjoy our lives. I remember vividly picturing a place, saving money up for it.

    I had enough just around the time I had to say goodbye to him, and used that money I had to put him down. I saw this video shortly after it and felt my heart tear itself out. But I can't stop watching it.

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  9. I'm on board with Bojack, in particular the last couple episodes of the most recent season. I went into that show apprehensive, expecting another gross-out throwaway cartoon and ended it sitting in the dark at three a.m. trying to act like I wasn't crying over a cartoon horse-man.

    Arrested Development is another one. Anyone who has seen both of these shows will have already caught the running theme, but Michael's entire experience through seasons 1-3 (not season 4, season 4 can eat my ass) struck a nerve with me, it's Python-esque in its approach but there's a kind of ouch with the whole dealing-with-narcissists thing.

    Both of them are shows you really don't want to relate to but if you do, it's kind of both 'yikes' and a relief.
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  10. I think Scrubs is another one that does a great job ripping your heart out. And you can't always see the really sad episodes coming, so you get blindsided.
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  11. Aw, christ, don't even get me started on 'My Lunch' and 'My Screw Up'. It was made infinitely worse by the fact I work medical.
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