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ARRIVAL Shylo looking to say hi

Discussion in 'Orientation' started by shylo430, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. I rather timid looking fellow comes walking in slowly and quietly saids "Hello I am Shylo I haven't been active in a while, and despite how it may make me nervous. I am very lonesome and can use the company" then looks down at my glass of water shyly as sit down at a table.
  2. Well aren't you adorbs. Oh yeah, welcome and shit!
  3. As Rasputin, the gay bartender told me every time I entered Applebee's, O'Charley's, or Longhorn (depending on where he worked), "Hey there, Big Dick! Hey there, Fat Nuts!" B.D.F.N.!

    *giggling with glee,* Ah, p'shah! You are cute! *dancies and prancies with him,*

    There, now do you feel better about this place? You are welcomed, and seriously: everyone here would love to have you, so do not feel like you do not belong. Everyone welcomed ME here, and I am much more weird than you. I am a bisexual, Libertarian, politically-active, Latter-day Saint, neo-Confederate, neo-Secessionist, retired Air Force Captain currently getting another Master's in Communications at the Citadel (Military College of South Carolina).

    After all that shit, and these guys and gals still accept me? Do not be shy. I think we can all relax and enjoy each other's company. I think you shall do well here.

    Enjoy the festivities! Revel in your weirdness! XD
  4. Hello and welcome to amor! :D <3
    If you need anything, just yell!