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MxF OCCASIONAL SEX SCENES HEAVY SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS Slipping into the Deep End [Verified, PM Inquiries]

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Kit Kat, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Introduction

    Hello everyone, I’m Kat and I’m back again for three partners. My cravings are as follows: Dragon Age, Light Elf x Human set in Viking era, and Brother x Sister set in Modern times. If you’re not interested in any of those, don’t let that stop you from PMing me and inquiring about another pairing and/or fandom with your own ideas and thoughts. We can mix any pairing and/or fandom you’d like. For example, a brother who’s a pirate captain and a sister who’s an heiress set in the Game of Thrones universe. How’s that for drama? Anywho, read the rules and PM me, if you’re interested. I will check out your roleplay resume to see if we’re compatible. Thank you!

    • You must be verified; some of these roleplays, if not all, may contain sexual themes and I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with someone who isn't a verified adult.
    • Post at least every other week, if not once a week.
    • Post at least three paragraphs. Exceptions are made for sex scenes.
    • Don’t play only one gender. At least be comfortable playing male and female, with male as primary character.
    • Be willing to collaborate different scenarios.
    • Communicate. Be honest. Keep me informed of real life, should you be unable to post on time. I don’t have time for beating around the bush.
    • We’re roleplaying through threads only, not private messages. Don’t ask me where we’re roleplaying– that just tells me you didn’t read my thread. No exceptions.
    • Be an aggressive and proactive writer. Share ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Help the story flow together.
    • Be comfortable with writing sex scenes and explicit euphemisms.
    • I require a basic CS before we create the thread. This composes of name, age, gender, real life picture, and a brief personality and history combined, if not separate.
    • Real life face claims over anime and/or art. Exceptions for fantasy roleplay are made on a case by case basis.
    • Quality over quantity. I’d rather have practical detail than arbitrary detail.
    • Bold is who I prefer to play. No exceptions.
    • If you’re interested and have read my rules, PM me with a small introduction and what you’re interested in, two writing samples (one general, one sex scene), as well as any ideas, thoughts, or concerns you’d like to tack on.
    1. CEO x Executive Assistant
    2. Dark Faery x Human
    3. Light Elf x Human
    4. Tribal Person x Noble
    5. Stepsister x Stepbrother
    6. Brother x Sister
    7. Supernatural x Supernatural
    8. Blacksmith x Princess
    9. Gypsy x Knight
    10. Tribesman x Handmaiden
    11. Pirate Captain x Heiress
    12. Teacher x Student
    13. Pirate Captain x Civilian
    14. Demon x Human

    1. Game of Thrones [OC Variance, No RL FC from Show]
    2. Dragon Age [OC Variance]
    3. Vampire Knight [OC Variance, RL FC Only]
    4. X-Men [OC Variance, No RL FC from Movies and/or Shows]


    If you’re interested, re-read the rules a second time and PM me, as asked.
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  2. Updated to add some clarification to rule seven regarding the location of our rps.
  3. Still looking! Interested mostly in CEO x Executive Assistant, but willing to do others. ^_^
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  4. I’d love a partner for CEO x Executive Assistant! Willing to discuss another pairing listed if CEO x Executive Assistant isn’t your bread and butter. ^_^