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Son of Molag-bal: the Dragonborn comes

Discussion in 'Transfer' started by Daemonazrael320, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. He let out a laugh when she retorted and stuck her tongue out at him. He kept pushing with a genuine smile on his face. She asked if he was going to push the lumber the whole way. “I don’t see you offering to push” he joked, “I plan to do the job I told Gerdur I was gonna do. I’m not one to break my word and besides I figure I have hell to pay if I didn’t keep my word. I could use the coin.... after that night with my Uncle Sam.... let’s just say my pockets are light. Sam’s probably one of the few Family members I actually admire. Nocturnal and Azura too... and aunt Meridia.” He smiled a little more. “Would you believe Aunt nocturnal use to let me play with her ravens and crows? Even gave me a rare chick to raise.... a white raven, pure as snow from the throat of the world.”

    (Its called Dream realms, it a good place with lots of friendly people. http://www.dreamrealmsroleplaying.com/ )
  2. Aine felt a smile lift her cheeks in reaction to Azrael's own smile--not a smirk this time, but a real, honest smile. Her eyebrows rose as Azrael talked about his aunts and uncles, daedra she either knew or served, and the moment felt surreal.

    "Nocturnal did...?" she murmured in surprise, the imposing, sexy image of the dark goddess doting on a younger Azrael a fascinating scene in her mind. She giggled a bit at the image, and her smile turned to a grin. Weird that she'd start to feel... relaxed around him.

    "Where is that raven now?" Aine asked curiously, suddenly wanting tangible proof of his claims, not so much because she doubted him, but because she wanted something vivid to tie to the image her mind painted. His words about needing money tugged at her, but for now she was focused on the bit of Azrael she hadn't thought she'd be privy to.

    (I'll look into it! Thanks! And sorry about going dark again. Life happened again -.-)
  3. (Its Alright I understand. Life is a crual battle we must all face. But so let me know if you join up. My user there is just Azrael)

    He stopped pushing the cart for a moment. He made sure the cart wouldn’t roll away before pulling a spell into his hand. “Odyn!” A conjuration spell shot opening the gate. The white raven flying through and into the sky before swooping down and landing on his arm. True to his claim he was white as the snow near high Hrothgar. “His name is Odyn. His name means scion of Wisedom to those in oblivion....” he smiled as the bird to hopped to his shoulder whispering in his ear. “I’ll have to stop by the Twilight seplecur and visit her.... she’s been worried since I left oblivion”

    He looked to the raven petting it gently. “I’ve missed you too buddy.” He looked back to Aine. “And this is our new companion. Aine, Dragonborn, Nightingale for aunt Nocturnal.” The bird looked to her with a curiosity flying to her shoulder cooing a little as it nuzzled into her. “Aw he likes you”
  4. Stopping with Azrael, Aine flinched as he cast a spell, belatedly worried for her safety. When it was just a conjuration spell opening a gate for the white raven, Aine felt a light flush of embarrassment warm her cheeks. Feeling bad that she'd still expected the worst of the man she was beginning to understand better, Aine gave him an abashed smile in case he'd noticed her reaction.

    "Odyn...?" Aine repeated, a curious smile taking the place of her embarrassment. The raven perched on her shoulder, and nuzzled her cheek, and she laughed, lifting a finger to lightly pet his silky feathers. "I like him, too," she replied, giving Azrael a delighted smile. "Tell me, Odyn, do you think I can trust Azrael?" she asked teasingly, though a part of her was serious in the question. She nuzzled the raven's beak with her nose, a gentle smile softening her warrior's eyes.

    (Thank you for understanding~ I just now joined as Ciel!)
  5. The raven spoke in a language not known to her but she could feel the familiar Dragonspeak that made up the words. “My master and friend sees beauty in this world... sees you as his flower... harm he may cause you but none that you won’t enjoy.” The bird spoke but his owner didn’t seem to understand. “Nocturnal guide you... he will save you from a second crisis.... Lady Luck is in your favor”

    The Daedra looked between them as the raven spoke. “I really should have took time to learn dragon....” he said shaking his head as he pushed he cart. Dragon was the one language he never learned... when he was young he feared blowing his own head off.... but it would have come in handy subduing a dragon like Aine or any other dragon in Skyrim.
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