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MxF OCCASIONAL SEX SCENES HEAVY SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS Specific craving: young, smart but naive cop x older, wiser and sarcastic cop/conman

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Snufkin, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Merry Christmas, everyone!

    As it happens, whenever I am the busiest (though that is bound to change once Christmas finally rolls in, and I am facing a week+ of free time!), cravings come knocking. This time, it isn't much different.

    However, this time I have a very specific idea in mind that I would love to see being brought to life.

    I am craving a story about a dynamic duo of a young, smart (though naive) cop and a slightly older, wiser (and perhaps full of sarcastic wit) cop/conman.

    In general, I am looking for something along the lines of the following: the female character has just finished her training and is now paired with a senior cop to begin her service... Or, as some may see it, her actual training. Where she is excited about patrolling the streets and believes in making the world a better place by even the smallest things (like issuing parking tickets or helping elders cross the street), her partner is rather gruff about the whole ordeal, meeting her enthusiasm with sarcastic wit and painful realism.

    That does not mean the male main character is to be a downer - but in order to create the dynamic between them, a certain juxtaposition needs to be created! You are free to play the male character however you want, and I am dying to hear your ideas. Perhaps he was once as enthusiastic as she is now, but then something happened that changed it?

    Alternatively, the male main character can be played as a witty, sarcastic conman, who happens to come across the young policewoman. How they meet and why they keep meeting is up for discussion, but ideally, I would like them both to be a part of something larger.

    I am happy to be in touch with you all - feel free to hit me up via PMs here or on the AMOR's Discord. Please do not respond to the thread as I might miss your post!

    And finally, below you can find some basic information about what I like and dislike in my roleplays as a reference.

    • public and semi-public situations
    • clothed sex
    • biting, scratching, marking in general
    • cum galore
    • messy sex overall
    • bad-guys-who-care
    • gruff-guys-who-care
    • hatefucks
    • anal sex
    • heavy sexual tension
    • foreplay
    • interruption
    • anything furry-centered
    • no excessive gore and torture
    • no snuff
    • no excessive humiliation
    • cheating - just no
    Thank you all for checking in!
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  2. Still very much interested.
  3. Thank you all - craving most likely filled!
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