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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Yolvan Caerwyn, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Hello, once more. I am once again in search of a roleplay and once more I have a specific plot in my mind.

    But first, lets delve into the technical side. It is a bit fluid on how much I can post, these last few days I don't have the most normal of schedules. I prefer to play male characters, as the prefix indicates and for my partner to play female. Third person is somewhat required, I don't actually like first person for roleplaying. I play both through forum and PMs. I don't have preference for that.

    I dislike furry content, I don't have a problem with you if you like it but it is not for me. And I drew the line at including fluids in sex that don't really have anything to do with sex.

    Also please only contact me through personal messaging.

    The plot will probably be MxFF. Also if the general idea seems interesting yet you want to do something a bit different also feel free to PM me.

    A) Unwanted passenger: Your character is a police officer investigating a string of bizzare incidents, men and women found mummified with expressions of ecstasy. Nothing in common except for a series of dark wooden boxes depicting carnal acts by hooved women with horns. Even more strange the fact being that the carvings of the victims resembled exactly the real life victim. While some victims were influential others seemed to be nothing more than homeless people or just blue collar workers. Nothing else seemed to tie them and their cause of death pinged down as exhaustion.

    One day your character gets a package through mail, nothing strange as she had ordered something, yet terror gripped her when she accidentaly touched the package and it ended up not being what she ordered but one of the boxes with the obscene carvings. Darkness came over her and she woke up hours later. Something had changed, the days after she starts exhibiting strange behaviour, she never told anyone about the box, she became more promiscuous. And weirdest of all sometimes she heard a phantom voice of a woman. And men suddenly became more susceptible to her will.

    While not interfering with her work that much the symptoms started becoming more potent as time passed, bordering on being frightening, yet it was impossible for her to be able to get help, as if she couldn't will her body to do it.

    During some time in the case they searched any meaning behind the boxes, it took a longer amount of time than it should have for the officers to think on consulting an expert. They ask for help from a University known for their research into the occult, having several first edition "grimoires". A younger researcher is sent, though he was still thought of as accomplished and of fast wit.

    My character will be the researcher and together they will tackle the mystery as well as her condition.

    *WARNING* I would like to point out that I would like for my character to have a prosthetic leg. From the knee and under. (He still has the knee.) Call me weird, what can I say?
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